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Each Day is a Lifetime

on December 11, 2013

Each day is a Lifetime.  In the morning you are born anew and each night as you sleep you die.  Perhaps this is why children are so reluctant to sleep.  Of course sleeping is nothing to be afraid of as we return home each night within our dreams.  It does however; end the life expressions of that day.

To more fully understand what I speak of a few things must be understood.  The first and most important is this world you experience is not “real” as most understand real.  It is not an independent reality separate and self-sustaining.  It is instead a dream world much like what is described in the movie, “The Matrix”.  It is real in your mind, but not in reality.  You are the architect!  When you sleep and dream the next day is created!  Yes, you do dream, whether you remember it or not!  The translation from dream world to waking world is not literal either, unless it is.  Most of the time our dreams are in code, and to confirm you are on the right track we sometimes experience “déjà vu”.  Or sometimes it is merely a feeling of synchronicity.  Pay attention to the details!  Those little intuitions, gut feelings, and/or warm sensations are guidance within the waking dream.

Getting back to our focus here, life is relative… everything is relative to time and space.  What I offer here is perspective!  It can wake you to new possibilities and new enriching experiences.  Go to this calculator to find the numbers of days since you were born.  This is the number of lifetimes you have experienced in this cycle (incarnation).  Remember, life is eternal, no one ever dies, they just change form… exit stage left… move on to their next incarnation.

How you proceed from here is up to you.  This info could simply be a fun fact to forget or it could be a tool to expand your experience of this world we experience as “terrains/ humans/ earthlings”.   Consider the gift life is and remain curious by exploring the world around you, but do not get too attached… it will soon be over and the next adventure will be upon you!

The question of cycles may have arisen in your mind.  Yes, life does move in cycles and each day/lifetime creates a polarity which attracts the next day… an object in motion tends to stay in motion!  Changing course requires great effort and intention.  The time it takes depends on your understanding of the process.  The bigger the relative change the more time required, but I digress.

Perhaps you have further questions which were stirred up here in this blog, I am happy to answer as best I can, or you can simply ask Holy Spirit directly.  The answers to all your questions are just a whisper away!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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