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Healing Occurs in the Mind plus How Medicine Works

on October 27, 2014

Healing illness involves healing the mind. A simple statement to be sure, however the power it offers is certainly not simple.  It is a profound statement, Healing occurs in the mind!  How can this be?  It simply means the body or physical form is an extension of the mind or thoughts of the individual.  Remember you are a Spiritual Being, having a human experience.  The physical form is dense and dark at times and nothing heals like Light and Love!  Here are some guidelines to keep in mind as you heal.

(1) All illness begins in the mind and is triggered by the emotions.  We experience it as feelings both emotional and physical.   To heal anything then we must find the root cause.  This is usually a very personal thing and only you will really know what it is.  It is not usually what it appears to be.

(2) It is scary sometimes to face our challenges and fully feel our emotions.  Know that no matter what you do, you have help in the form of unseen helpers, angels and the like.  The best advice I can offer is to go within to explore your inner feelings accepting them as you forgive yourself for having and creating them.  See the higher purpose for these feelings.  Once you have fully experienced these feelings release them to Allah, Great Spirit, or God.  The emotions which no longer serve you are easy to release.

(3) Most doctors treat the symptoms, i.e. headaches, dizziness, etc.  It is really up to each of us to heal ourselves by choosing wisely our treatment.  This is where we must follow our intuition or gut feelings.  Listen to your inner voice as it knows what you need, although you may not be willing to admit it.  It may take doing research or asking questions, but if you are sincerely seeking you will find.  Ask how is this illness serving me?  Most illnesses serve an ulterior motive, such as keeping you from facing a fear or shame.

(4) Illness is simply a thought or idea which is shared via mass media and the power of suggestion.  Well-meaning friends often share how they felt last week or some article they read about some ‘outbreak’ of dis-ease and in doing so plant the idea in your mind which then goes on to create the symptoms.  The idea gets in to the mind in so many ways, often you are not conscious of the route.  For instance, doctors now blame viruses or bacteria for your “illness” so you will go visit them (which requires money). They give you a pill or medicine and your mind now has external permission to heal so you do.  Of course everything happens for a reason so it is up to you to figure this out.  The truth of the matter is you are a perfect whole healthy person, always… and all ways!

A suggested resource to assist your healing journey is Louise L. Hay’s “Heal Your Body, The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the way to overcome them”.  The book is just a guide, so remember to trust your gut first.  The course of healing is first to identify the symptoms, there is no need to give the illness a name per se.  If you have cold like symptoms do the affirmations for a cold without stating “it is or I have”.  Look deep and see if you can find the emotions behind the symptoms.  Do so without judgment or blame, simply accept the situation and be grateful it will all be over soon.  Focus on how you desire to feel, see it in your mind, imagine your life as if all is healed.  Give the illness to a Higher Power (Allah, Great Spirit, or God) and go on with your life.  Get rest if you need it, drink plenty of water, and think positive, loving thoughts.  A quick review – Identify, Accept, Forgive, Gratitude, and Release. 

I am combining two blogs I wrote before because they go so well together.  Trust in life and over time with persistence Goodness is the result.

The purpose of medicine is to help you shift your consciousness from unhealthy to healthy thoughts, to shift dis-ease to ease.   Illness arises from an imbalance in the body’s energy.  The creative process works in this order: thought, word, action/experience.  So if you can choose your thoughts carefully and support them in word, good health will be the result/experience.  Of course this is a cycle, so the action/experience then leads to further thought and the cycle repeats.  At least two in the cycle must be changed in order for shift to occur.  For instance, “Wow, this medicine works great” (whether it actually works or not) and focus on how healthy vibrancy feels.  As long as thought is aligned with the words, the results will be positive.

Medicine in our modern allopathic system treats the symptoms and not the dis-ease, but it does work especially if you believe that it does.  However the process involved in the medicine working is much like a filter on a movie projector lens.  The source of the illness stays the same (thought combined with emotion), but your view of it changes and thus as you believe you are well, the symptoms are gone; your thoughts then shift the source to align with healing as your emotions shift.  Just as a filter on a movie projector alters the image on the screen, medicine alters your perception of reality.  Medicine need not be prescription to work, however the stronger the belief it works (most people give more power to prescription meds), the better the result and this goes for mass consciousness too.  Meaning the more people believe a certain drug works, the more powerful the effect.

Your relationship with your doctor is vital to your recovery. (not the doctor her/himself)  Why? because your thoughts about any situation determine the outcome.  Positive loving thoughts aid the situation and negative or doubtful thoughts hinder the healing process.  So if you like your doctor and think he/she is the greatest and/or the most capable, your healing experience will reflect this in the positive.  Most people who go to the doctor give their healing powers over to the doctor so they can then do what is necessary to heal you.  There is an energy exchange that goes on unconsciously so I am suggesting you keep it positive as best you can.  Remember the mind is creating the ‘reality’ of your experience. 

Now sometimes higher powers are at work and no matter what you do the outcome has been decided.  This is often the case when a person is set to leave this world.  Your method and time of death has already been chosen.  So some things are not up to you!  What is up to you always is how you handle it, so having a positive loving outlook produces less pain and more benefits for everyone involved.  There is nothing more inspiring than to watch a loved one handle a dire situation with poise, courage, and dignity.

I trust you now know the importance of the saying “Attitude is everything” and why we take medicine, even if it is only a sugar pill (healing goes way beyond the placebo effect).  By the way, surgery works in much the same way.  Like rearranging the items in a room for a different Fung Shui surgery shifts the effects or removes symptoms to allow the mind to balance the thoughts to healthy!  So stay focused on being healthy even if the evidence seems contrary.  “I think, therefore I am”  René Descartes.

😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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