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What do you value the most?

on December 10, 2022

What do you value the most? I doubt anyone will get the answer I wish to share today. We just don’t think this way about life. Perhaps you do know what I speak of, if you skipped persons, places, or things. Now, I ask you to really think about this. Since value is relative, think valuable to you. What is most valuable to you that you hardly ever even think about? The answer is Identity. Who you believe yourself to be. As adults, we have all latched onto an identity, created in adolescence and usually based in family. Even those who have “lost everything” retain their identity. Perhaps they identify with being homeless, poor, or powerless. Your I.D. does not count as an identity. What I speak of is self-concept. Who you are as a person and who you present to the world.

This is a complex topic and one I have been working on all my life. I suspect you too have ventured down the road of doubt as well. It is a favorite topic of philosophers. Who am I and why am I here? The answer is rather simple, yet nebulous. You are who you believe yourself to be and your purpose for being is also up to you. Frankly, you have made all these choices, more than once and most before you were born. Call it fate if you like. We are who we are, because we chose a role and are now playing that role. This does not mean things are fixed, far from it. We constantly have choice thrust upon us, day after day. Most decisions are made based on past experience or the past experience of others. This explains why things rarely ever change. You’ve probably heard the expression, “as much as things change, they stay the same.” There ya go. Even when we decide to change and they appear to have done so, at the core they are the same.

A case in point, I transitioned 15 years ago from man to woman (physical sex cannot be changed, despite what some would have you believe). I am happier as a woman, because my nature is more aligned now. This said, my core nature is the same. I am the same person; I just appear different. A tiger doesn’t change its stripes. Understand, I am not saying this is bad or good. I simply am pointing out it’s best to accept who you are and get on with life. Judgments just cloud the water. This is me speaking from experience. Gender transition is really for others and as a means to better “fit” into society. Few ever really achieve this goal. The very nature of ego is to be discontent! Don’t listen to these voices telling you that you are one way or the other. Make the choice plainly and proactively. I am a good (God) person. I choose to be loving (accepting) in every way. My purpose is to give as I receive. The question to ask is, what do I have to offer the world. For me, it is understanding and inspiration. My goal with this blog!

For those who say they value their child or other person more, I say they are your identity. You identify through them and thus why you value them so highly. All persons, places, and things are in effect, your identity. Your identity both relates to them and to your self-concepts. It’s a feedback loop. Have you ever said to yourself, “I am not that”? Or “I am that”? The world is a house of mirrors! To be honest, you are none of it and all of it. In reality, God is all there is. Identity belongs to the ego, so don’t allow this distraction to rule your life.

Sequoia Elisabeth

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