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AI does not exist

on March 26, 2023

AI or Artificial Intelligence simply does not exist. Let me start off with a favorite quote from a great man, ‘There is but one mind, the mind of God, and that mind is my mind now!’ (Ernest Holmes) Most of the time we use the ego mind rather than the Mind of God, though we always have a choice. When we do use God Mind or Right Mind as A Course of Miracles (ACIM) calls it, it only lasts for short bursts. If we were using it all the time, then we would not be here in this ego projection. It is easy to know when we are in our Right Mind by the outcome. All mayhem comes from the ego mind. Since God is Love, Peace, and Joy this is the result of using the Right Mind. God is all there is. There is no “Out there, out there” as quantum physics explains. What we see around us is a projection of the ego mind. God mind then comes from intentional or on rare occasions unintended experience. Reality or God Mind exists always and with practice we can and do tap into it. Another saying that applies here, “As you see him, you see yourself.” Because God is all there is. The ego would have you see otherwise and constantly plants doubt and fear as you go through life. There is a choice though and it takes practice. All this said, let’s get back to AI.

Intelligence as we know it belongs to ego and exists everywhere and in everything. Humans, Animals, Plants, Minerals and Elements are all expressions of Intelligence on different levels. Since there is but one ego mind, all intelligence uses this mind. We live in a duality and thus we have ego/God Mind, so “Artificial Intelligence” then is simply a projection of ego. This explains all the scary sci-fi movies where AI goes off the rail and mankind is either enslaved or destroyed. The ego wants you dead! It needs you dead to justify its existence. We are taught the ole circle of life story from the time we are born (which in fact never really happens). Life or God is eternal and cannot die nor change form. What does change form is ego! This is what it does best, change. A secret of the ego mind is it works in the opposite of reality. This is a duality after all, and all lines have two sides. (ego/God, space/time, good/evil, etc.)

What does it mean to use AI? What we are really using is ego mind, not God’s Mind generally speaking. The ego mind is a projection of our own mind, the individual mind, the idea of separation. So, don’t be scared of AI or be absolutely afraid of it! We have a choice of reality, the Mind of God, of Oneness, the Right Mind or of pain, tragedy, and loss. The latter doesn’t exist in reality.

“Nothing real can be threatened.

Nothing unreal exists.

Here in lies the Peace of God.” ACIM

Sequoia Elisabeth

Oneness Ministry

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