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Musing on the Unreal

on April 8, 2023

Duality, the nature of our Universe, consider this carefully. For every up there is a down. Every in has an out. Each male contains a female. This is the essence of our world. Consider this thoroughly, if you can be a man, you can also be a woman, and vice versa. This goes for everyone. We are like coins with two sides.

So, what else is inherent in our Universe? Expansion. Everything here is expanding. Consider systems like religion or science. At first you have the core teaching and over time they have expanded to many branches. And continue to do so. This applies to every organization and system. This applies to human identity also. At first, we had Adam and Eve, male/female, man/woman and now we have a rainbow of identity. There are as many identities as there are people on earth! Being a social animal, we like to group up so identity is like a tree with branches. We like to be with those we believe are like us in some way, especially when it comes to appearance. This includes identity, religion/beliefs (this includes science), sport, hobby, race, cast, and the list goes on. I am like you, so we can be friends. This is the essence of duality!

Oddly enough, family brings in a love/hate dynamic, which is the ultimate duality. “I am not you, because I hate myself.” (fear=false evidence appearing real) This explains why family feuds are so popular. What works for me is the premise, ‘just because I love you doesn’t mean I have to live with you.’ It is hard to live with those who are like you, namely family. We choose our partners with the subconscious reason of filling what we perceive as lacking. This is where the opposites attract idea comes from. I see in you what I wish to be. Over time Love takes hold and the couple become one, two halves of a whole. I have seen it multiple times. If this does not happen, divorce is the result.

The true insanity taking place today is the individuals desire to be unique and special. It has taken so many forms it boggles the mind. The idea of “shades of gray” or more accurately “rays of the rainbow” has infiltrated into people’s identity. We have radical notions of imitation like people mutilating their body to appear more as they see themselves, animal, opposite sex, mood, etc. I am sure you understand what I speak of, just look around. I am as guilty of this as anyone, being transgender myself. I know the truth, yet I cannot help but be as I perceive myself to be. Projection makes perception though so where does this leave us? We are back to the innate desire to be special. We all do this to some degree and in some way. It’s ego separation at its pinnacle. All this duality and perception of even more is the essence of the unreal, ego mind, or the false self. We hide here from the truth, from God or ultimate reality. Are we really succeeding? Don’t we all know the truth already? The irony is we are all unique and special in our own way by definition of individuality! It is the underlying truth and our desire to run from it that drive our behavior and perceptions. As the saying goes, “You can run, but you cannot hide.” Eventually we all return to reality, and I don’t mean this duality we see around us. I mean we are always at home with God, whether we realize it or not.

Sequoia Elisabeth

Footnote: “projection makes perception”

The Course’s (A Course In Miracles) theory of perception, which is a reversal of the common sense belief that our perception is caused from without. External objects seem to be sending information through our senses to our brains, seemingly causing our perception of them. Yet our perceptions are caused internally. Over time we build up beliefs about reality. These beliefs guide our attention, causing our eyes to search for those things that fit our pre-existing categories (M-8.4). Once we find these things, our beliefs guide our interpretation of them, and these interpretations are our perceptions (see T-11.VI.1-3). Our perceptions are thus projections of our beliefs, through the means of selective attention and subjective interpretation. As a result, what we see is simply a mirror, a reflection of our state of mind. See T-13.V.3:5, T-21.In.1:1. (“projection makes perception” • Circle of Atonement)

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