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Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Destiny!  This is what life is all about, so what does this mean?  Are you fulfilling your destiny?  How can you not?  Stop for a minute and look at your life.  Are you doing what you have always wanted to do, been where you dreamed of going, known those you desire to know, Loved and Lost?

No matter what your answer to the above questions consider the answer is YES!  It is as simple as “ask and you shall receive”.  There is one caveat to this whole process though and this is your Highest and Best Good.  It is also a function of what you believe deep down and what is supported by others.  How deep is your conviction to fulfill these dreams?  Who is to say that you have not already done so?  Reality is created in your dreams!  And it is done in your Highest and Best Good.

I would like you, my friend, to consider your journey carefully.  A river is used to symbolize life.  You are given a raft (body) when born and your journey begins.  The river may be calm and smooth or rough rapids and it will surely change from moment to moment.  The journey will take you through jungles, deserts, plains, and mountains.  Those you meet along the way will guide your path as well as provide both challenge and support.

The premise of Transgender is that you were given the wrong raft on this journey, however if God makes no mistakes, then how can this be?  Maybe the mistake is in your perception of the raft.  Maybe you desired to show the world that a kayak is the way to make it down the river of life?  Then again maybe you desired to take your raft and convert it into a houseboat.

The point being you make of your gifts what you will!  And I mean ‘will power’ here.  There are no limits till you place them there and often times the limits are there for your benefit and protection.  Limits guide your path just as a large boulder will do in a river, the water flows around the boulder and so will your raft!  The important thing is to learn Love – Love for your raft and the rafts of others regardless of who you think they are.

So embrace your raft and enjoy the journey!  Look ahead as far as you can while also noticing how the raft is supporting and serving your experience.  Are you using all the features your raft offers, by making the most of what you have?   Remember there is a reason for everything and Universal Intelligence (God) gave you that particular raft for a purpose!  Are you grateful or are you biting the hand that feeds you?

Row, Row, Row Your Boat – gently down the stream…

😀 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Destiny Fulfilled

This blog is a continuation of the previous blog titled Destiny.  Gender transition is not a conscious choice like most people think of it and neither is homosexuality, pedophilia, autism or any other condition.  These are choices made before birth that must manifest and be worked through.  It takes your entire life to fully experience these gifts and they affect everyone you meet, even if only for a few minutes.  The affect can be positive or negative, that is up to the individual you meet.  If you are positive and giving of your talents, then the meeting will be positive.  All Universal Laws apply! 

The message I wish to convey in this blog is a continuation of the previous blog and it is very simple.  Even though transgender is a choice before birth, it is not something that can be ignored.  It cannot be made to “go away”, it is not something to “cure” and it is not a disease!  Gender Identity is what it is and the hard part is that it is not listed on your birth certificate or in any way known to anyone at birth. 

Gender identity must be discovered over time and with introspection.  The child of 3-6 years old can usually tell others what it is, and sometimes if ignored must be rediscovered later in life, usually at puberty or much later in life.  Most children have a gender identity that matches their physical sex, so gender is often over looked or just assumed.  However in about 3% of the population the gender identity and physical sex do not match as in my case. 

I was too scared and confused to know what was going on, so the issue was not addressed.  My life was in full swing by the time I figured it out as a senior in high school, so I ignored the feelings and sometimes overwhelming urge to express my feminine nature.  To release this energy I crossdressed for 30 years and finally I faced the feelings I was having and transitioned.  It was not something that I could ignore.  It is not a choice, because the choice was made long before birth.  Please understand this when you are dealing with anyone who is coping with this condition.

Transgender, and any other condition as mentioned above affect the whole family and each person involved in this person’s life.  So the one’s closest to this individual must transition along with the transgender individual.  This is often a soul agreement made before birth as mentioned in the last blog.  The opportunity for growth here is phenomenal and must not be ignored.  This is a divine gift!  Embrace it and work it out with everyone you love.  Be not afraid to be yourself!  As hard as it may seem the rewards are worth every effort filled, painful and joyful moment.  Remember one thing above all else, Love is the way…

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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A little known fact is that your brain is wired from birth with gender identity and sexual orientation, among many other traits.  Just as a computer is programmed to operate in a certain way, so are you.  The operating system works right out of the box, just as your human traits are pre-programmed.  Just because these things are pre-programmed does not mean they are set in stone.  The program is changeable!

What is not discussed or taught in schools today is that you programmed yourself before you were born.  The reason this is not taught is because it is not provable, but then many aspects of life are taken on faith, so I am not asking you to believe this, just consider the possibility and do your research.   (I have found many sources to confirm this wisdom)

Everything happens for a reason, even chaos!  Random events are an illusion much like a slight of hand trick done by a magician.  Consider the possibility that your gender identity and sexual orientation where chosen before you were born when you made certain agreements with other souls such as your parents, partner, and siblings.  Each person will have different agreements and it is not important to know what exactly they are till the moment you honor them. 

By listening to your inner voice these agreements are honored often without your conscious knowledge.  I don’t buy the story offered by the Buddhists that transgender is the result of past transgressions, in the form of Karma, although if that works for you then it can be one explanation. 

I believe we choose to be transgender so that we can experience both worlds and possibly transcend gender all together.  Our souls are genderless and sexless just as Prime Creator.  This is the reason that many Native tribal cultures honor transgender or two-spirits as Shaman and esteemed members of the tribe.  They have a close connection to spirit!  Each person is growing Spiritually through the events of their lives here in the 3rd dimension.  The challenges we choose before birth are the stairs so to speak that raise us to the next level!   

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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