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on February 21, 2011

A little known fact is that your brain is wired from birth with gender identity and sexual orientation, among many other traits.  Just as a computer is programmed to operate in a certain way, so are you.  The operating system works right out of the box, just as your human traits are pre-programmed.  Just because these things are pre-programmed does not mean they are set in stone.  The program is changeable!

What is not discussed or taught in schools today is that you programmed yourself before you were born.  The reason this is not taught is because it is not provable, but then many aspects of life are taken on faith, so I am not asking you to believe this, just consider the possibility and do your research.   (I have found many sources to confirm this wisdom)

Everything happens for a reason, even chaos!  Random events are an illusion much like a slight of hand trick done by a magician.  Consider the possibility that your gender identity and sexual orientation where chosen before you were born when you made certain agreements with other souls such as your parents, partner, and siblings.  Each person will have different agreements and it is not important to know what exactly they are till the moment you honor them. 

By listening to your inner voice these agreements are honored often without your conscious knowledge.  I don’t buy the story offered by the Buddhists that transgender is the result of past transgressions, in the form of Karma, although if that works for you then it can be one explanation. 

I believe we choose to be transgender so that we can experience both worlds and possibly transcend gender all together.  Our souls are genderless and sexless just as Prime Creator.  This is the reason that many Native tribal cultures honor transgender or two-spirits as Shaman and esteemed members of the tribe.  They have a close connection to spirit!  Each person is growing Spiritually through the events of their lives here in the 3rd dimension.  The challenges we choose before birth are the stairs so to speak that raise us to the next level!   

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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