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on July 17, 2013

We each have our own learning methods and depending on how long your journey has been thus far and how much you have focused on conscious learning you may or may not have advance learning abilities.

Our modern day society has labels for degrees of learning such as Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees.  All journeys begin with one step, and there are no right or wrong paths.  Even a disjointed schizophrenic path will eventually lead home and/or sometimes taking a break is what is needed to recharge and ground in the journey.  So knowing this, are you aware of how you learn?

If you wish to discover your learning methods simply look at your habits.  Do you enjoy reading, watching TV Documentaries, playing games, or solving mysteries?  When surfing the internet do you prefer YouTube, News articles, or Social Media?  Noticing these things helps you get to know yourself better which in turn allows you to better meet your own needs and those of others.  If you are aware of your talents and preferences then you can better share yourself with the world.

I love to learn and share with others, most people do, however some hate these things and prefer instead to simply engage the world, to explore, and play.  It is all Good!  It serves you in some way which feeds the soul.  Curiosity has been a wonderful tool in my life and it can be developed to serve your needs, just as intuition can. (please see my previous blogs on the 6 senses of the mind)  Knowing your talents comes from testing yourself and simply sampling various activities, subjects, and/or theories.  Since I love to learn so much you would think I would make a great teacher.  This has not been my experience.  The reason I choose Adult Education is because I just don’t get the whole drill sergeant educational system, pedagogy.  So when it comes to facilitation I am right there and totally harmonize with andragogy (adult education).  If you don’t know these terms please look them up.  One habit which has served me well is looking things up that I don’t understand.  And now we have the Internet to make this easy and enjoyable.  Used to, a trip the library was required along with much time looking through reference books till the answer was found.  Here, test it out… what does “innocuous” mean?  How long did it take to look it up?  Took me less than 30 seconds.

Hopefully I have rattled your cage a little and sparked some inner curiosity to know yourself better.  It is my desire to inspire and encourage others to expand their knowledge and skills base – to basically expand their “beingness or state of being”.  Transitions Blog continues to explore the transition from one state of being to another and I thank you for joining with me on this journey!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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