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I never ask of others what I am not willing to do.  So here we go…How do you see yourself living in 15 yrs?  I mean the day to day routine, where you live, the car you drive, the technology surrounding you, etc., etc.

OK, so if I am still around, the world I live in totally supports me.  The place I live is alive with Nature, surrounding all the homes and businesses too.   Grass grows on roof tops, trees line the streets, and parks are in walking distance from every home including mine.  Water elements, either natural or man-made grace every community in some way.  The tall buildings downtown have plants either on top or on the sides to bring precious oxygen to our cities and help cool the hot surfaces while tempering the temps inside the buildings.  Solar windows collect precious sunlight to power all needed operations of the buildings downtown and for those of smaller scale like our homes solar panels are installed on roofs, or if on the grid the grid itself is powered by a collection of renewable energies, solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, and hydrogen fuel cell.

Technology is now embedded in all the things we use every day to make them more responsive to our needs and more useful.  Recyclable materials are used in every device available now, so there is no more trash, only recycling.  The need for mining has been reduced by half and fossil fuel is no longer used except in manufacturing and a few hold out devices, nostalgic cars, and old ships.  Cars now use hybrid electric/hydrogen systems which recharge themselves, never needing to be plugged in and only yearly maintenance.  Some people own their cars, but many use car sharing or public transport.  The suburbs are no longer what they used to be and have been converted to small towns and centralized communities grouped around the larger city with open agricultural space still in use outside these areas, although many of the veggies are grown in high rise greenhouses right in the city.

Computers are integrated and connecting all aspects of life.  Cellphones now come in two types, the smart phone/mini-computer or the tiny phone which plugs into your ear and works by voice activation.  The cell tower system is now integrated into one big network with the banning of corporate profiteering so reception is no longer an issue, no matter where you live or travel.

Travel is now much easier as border restrictions are no longer in place and passports are a means of tracking a person’s travel and not as a means of restriction.  Visas are no longer required for any country because the United Nations now runs governing operations for the entire world.  Cooperation between regional areas has taken precedence as the border definitions between nations blur.

Oneness as a concept and philosophy has now become reality and happened quite rapidly once the power elite came to realize the benefit it offered everyone.  It was in fact the “everyone” who made it all possible.  The commoner realized there was no difference between the leaders, the workers, and everyone in between.  They demanded and supported the union of world leadership.  The era of “us vs. them” ended with little fanfare.

😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Ps. I trust you get the idea and for more please read “a Love Based Society” available free at the link above.  Now it is your turn, please share your comments.

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Vision For Tomorrow Cont.

This is a continuation from yesterday and the day before.  In the perfect society all land is community land so we can live and work any place we choose.  Ownership is a concept that is no longer necessary since we all realize that we are One and that which benefit’s the One benefits all.  In this state of oneness we realize that another’s discomfort is the same as our own so we happily share all our resources with anyone who asks.  Meaning that if you need shelter you stay where ever you are with whomever you desire in whatever accommodation there is.  No one questions another’s actions because they share the same mind and we all get along perfectly because Love is who we are and everyone knows this and expresses this. 

Communication is easy too, since we all understand universal language and our thoughts are shared through a mental web that covers the whole world, much like the web of satellites that orbited earth in the past. Telepathy is common place and is encouraged.  There is no need for privacy since we are of one mind.  Our mind is much more capable of handling all the communications we receive now, because our DNA has evolved to 12 strands and our brains have developed millions more neural fiber connections which we fully utilize. 

Since we all have infinite abundance, as mentioned yesterday, we only work when we choose to and it is doing that which we enjoy making all work voluntary. There are no requirements, laws or limitations in a perfect society because we all realize and respect that we are each a part of the whole and to harm another is to harm the self.  Personal style, piercings, tattoos, gender, sexual orientation and race are seen as enhancing diversity. 

Sickness and dis-ease are unheard of.  Every person is healthy and would not consider being otherwise since there simply is no reason to be unhealthy.  Plus since we all have everything we could desire there is nothing to fight over and no need to take things that are being used by another.  Synchronicity is the rule here and as we move about and interact events occur in a convenient manner for all concerned.  If you have the thought to visit your friend across town your thoughts connect and you instantly know if it is a good time, what to wear, if you need to bring anything, and any pertinent information.  As the Joy between you grows you are teleported there.

Many would consider this place Heaven and it is where we all can live right now if we so choose.  What you see around you is what you have chosen in this moment of now for whatever reasons.  As our thoughts change so does our experience.  As our experience changes so does awareness.  Enlightenment is simply awareness of our oneness of being.  It is a shift in consciousness!  Not only is a perfect society possible it is inevitable as each person on earth realizes that they are the perfection they seek.  It is simply a matter of choosing to see the perfection that already exists. 

 I challenge you to be creative and follow your heart.  Let your mind go, move beyond any limits you perceive, and see the perfection.  As we learn to accept the world as it is, then our awareness will grow to the point where our desires are met instantly.  Share your vision of a perfect society with everyone.  Talk about it like it is already true, it is!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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Vision For Tomorrow

This is a continuation from yesterday.  We are focusing on the future and the world we would like to live in.  This is my version; however, I am more than open to your version.  Of course you can live in any world you would like, it simply takes being open to the possibilities while focusing on your desires.  What I am attempting to do here is to present my version of a perfect society and get you to envision your perfect society as well, because what we focus on grows and the more you focus on your dreams the closer you are to experiencing them.  The future is in your hands!

First of all basic human needs and rights are to be considered in any discussion of a perfect society and include things as personal security, love, self-esteem, personal fulfillment, cultural security, and participation, plus a right to life, liberty, freedom of thought, expression and identity, and equal treatment before the law.  Each of these elements effects society on both an individual basis as well as on the organizational level. To me it is pretty straight forward and common sense. It is also something that deserves attention because what you focus on grows. We all desire a better world and my outlook is simple. The simpler we make our lives the easier it is to meet those above mentioned needs and rights. So here is my vision of a perfect society.

Society is based on unity in diversity, where individuals are as important as organizations and where everyone’s needs are met. We need not be so concerned with the how’s and why’s but on the what’s, when’s and where’s. What would a perfect society look like? When and where is this possible? 

War is obsolete in the perfect society because each person understands that no one individual or organization is better or above another. It is a world where we each as individuals respect and love one another seeing the oneness in each person they meet. Despite the apparent differences we all know that we are connected through the One. We are extensions of Great Spirit who is here to bring Peace and Love to every being, place and thing in our earthly world. 

Since we realize that thought creates, we use the power of imagination to teleport our bodies anywhere we want to go simply by thinking of the place and giving it a Loving Thought. Everyone who lives here is healthy and productive each playing an important role in the operation and events of life here. The environment is a comfortable temperature at all times and if one desires something different, then there are different climates all around the world to teleport to and enjoy. 

We all realize that there is infinite abundance, so no one wants or has more than they need at that time. If something is desired it is easily available thru the object library replicator.  Material “things” are no longer valued because each person has whatever it is they desire in that moment…. The story continues tomorrow and in the meantime consider the life you would like to live. 

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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Dream within A Dream

What is your vision?  I listened to a great talk last night by Jean Houston and what I learned is that it is our myth that creates our future.  Without a creative vision for how life can be more enjoyable for all then nothing changes or more accurately our past becomes our future because without new material the movie just repeats! 

This is the power of the movies, they provide us with a visual of a possible future or past.  Of course you know the past is no more permanent than the future, right?  Let’s save the time discussion for later.  All movies started as a written story first even if it was just the director doing a story board.  And of course the written story was only an idea to start with.  The process of creation is thoughts, words and action and this is how we get movies and our very lives! 

We see movies as fiction and our lives as reality which works for now, but someday this could be a way of creating reality.  We have seen this in the Sci-Fi movies like “Total Recall”, “The 6th Day” and “Star Trek”, I just love the holodeck!  There is a program online now called SecondLife and basically the user constructs their own version of reality and then lives within this reality chatting with friends all over the world, making things, sharing things, flying, teleporting, and all sorts of awesome and fun things.

Does this reality affect our physical reality?  From my experience it most certainly does.  I find it amazing how our worlds are interconnected and by using my imagination in SecondLife gives fuel to changes in my “first” life.  I hesitate to use the word “real” life here since I am not so sure that one life is any more real than the next. 

You may have heard the phrase, a dream within a dream, which is the title for a great Edgar Alan Poe poem, but this does describe life pretty well I think.  “The Matrix” movie illustrates this dream within a dream concept nicely too.  So how do we create our lives or is the question, “who is driving this bus?” more appropriate?  Remember that we each create our lives with thought, words and action, so Yes we are driving our own buses!  Another movie that illustrates this nicely is “What Dreams May Come”.  Where we get a glimpse of Heaven and what that is all about.  What would your Heaven look like?  The possibilities are infinite so let go today and dream a little dream within a dream, lol.

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Spiritually Evolved Beings

Transitions come in many forms and take us in many directions.  Ultimately transitions are about growth; Spiritual Growth.   Each of us is on a journey here on earth to experience this Spiritual Growth in myriad ways.  Our gifts are in that we each have our own view point or perspective on this journey.  Some people are taking the scenic view so to speak and others are on the fast track! 

Personally I feel like the Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, or Transgender person is taking the fast track and let me share with you why I feel that way.  Our physical body is simply an expression of our Spirit self and our Spirit has no gender or sex, so as we evolve toward our true being the sexual self or gender expression is moving beyond any limits we have set for ourselves.   The message in this is one of great joy since we are growing as a race of humans into Spiritually Evolved Beings.  As we let go of any limitations we may have surrounding how we can act, what we can do, or where we can express ourselves the Spirit is freed to reveal its true nature. 

As a Spiritual leader I feel it is my responsibility to share with you where we are headed and to share my vision of that journey.  It is up to you whether you are willing to walk the path to enlightenment.  I am not saying that I am enlightened, only that I see a path and I am willing to walk it.  This path involves letting go of any stereotypes, prejudices, or habits you may have and allowing your Spirit to completely express through you.  The specifics do not matter to anyone but yourself, so enjoy them and be not concerned with what others might say, think or do. 

I am seeing a world of infinite possibilities where we each live in our own personal paradise, while sharing with others and in others personal paradises at the same time.  Call it duplicity, parallel universes or whatever you may wish to call it, but with no limits or time anything truly is possible. 

Are you living in a loving world or a hostile one?  Be careful what you say, as each word is a prayer which is being created as you speak.  Take a minute to relax, don’t be in such a hurry to finish reading this so you can blast on to the next blog or get to work or whatever it is that you feel is so important.  Nothing is more important than this! 

Now, hold a vision of your perfect world in your mind’s eye.  Feel the Joy of living in this world and being your true self whatever that may be.  We have had many television programs and movies to offer visions, so if one of them suits you then think about that.  Often these futuristic programs were merely mechanism to show us what is lacking in our own world, so let go of any judgment you may hold about any particular aspect and simply focus on the parts you desire to experience.  Piece the picture together using elements of many different visions or images you have come across that resonate with you. 

Sit with this image now and burn this into your memory.  Think about it often, write about it, speak about it, share it with your friends over and over till they tire of it.  Do not give it away, but share it and do not allow anyone to make judgments about it either.  If someone says something in an effort to step on your dreams simply smile and say “you live your dreams and I will live mine”!   

 😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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