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Vision For Tomorrow Cont.

on July 29, 2010

This is a continuation from yesterday and the day before.  In the perfect society all land is community land so we can live and work any place we choose.  Ownership is a concept that is no longer necessary since we all realize that we are One and that which benefit’s the One benefits all.  In this state of oneness we realize that another’s discomfort is the same as our own so we happily share all our resources with anyone who asks.  Meaning that if you need shelter you stay where ever you are with whomever you desire in whatever accommodation there is.  No one questions another’s actions because they share the same mind and we all get along perfectly because Love is who we are and everyone knows this and expresses this. 

Communication is easy too, since we all understand universal language and our thoughts are shared through a mental web that covers the whole world, much like the web of satellites that orbited earth in the past. Telepathy is common place and is encouraged.  There is no need for privacy since we are of one mind.  Our mind is much more capable of handling all the communications we receive now, because our DNA has evolved to 12 strands and our brains have developed millions more neural fiber connections which we fully utilize. 

Since we all have infinite abundance, as mentioned yesterday, we only work when we choose to and it is doing that which we enjoy making all work voluntary. There are no requirements, laws or limitations in a perfect society because we all realize and respect that we are each a part of the whole and to harm another is to harm the self.  Personal style, piercings, tattoos, gender, sexual orientation and race are seen as enhancing diversity. 

Sickness and dis-ease are unheard of.  Every person is healthy and would not consider being otherwise since there simply is no reason to be unhealthy.  Plus since we all have everything we could desire there is nothing to fight over and no need to take things that are being used by another.  Synchronicity is the rule here and as we move about and interact events occur in a convenient manner for all concerned.  If you have the thought to visit your friend across town your thoughts connect and you instantly know if it is a good time, what to wear, if you need to bring anything, and any pertinent information.  As the Joy between you grows you are teleported there.

Many would consider this place Heaven and it is where we all can live right now if we so choose.  What you see around you is what you have chosen in this moment of now for whatever reasons.  As our thoughts change so does our experience.  As our experience changes so does awareness.  Enlightenment is simply awareness of our oneness of being.  It is a shift in consciousness!  Not only is a perfect society possible it is inevitable as each person on earth realizes that they are the perfection they seek.  It is simply a matter of choosing to see the perfection that already exists. 

 I challenge you to be creative and follow your heart.  Let your mind go, move beyond any limits you perceive, and see the perfection.  As we learn to accept the world as it is, then our awareness will grow to the point where our desires are met instantly.  Share your vision of a perfect society with everyone.  Talk about it like it is already true, it is!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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