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Vision For Tomorrow

on July 28, 2010

This is a continuation from yesterday.  We are focusing on the future and the world we would like to live in.  This is my version; however, I am more than open to your version.  Of course you can live in any world you would like, it simply takes being open to the possibilities while focusing on your desires.  What I am attempting to do here is to present my version of a perfect society and get you to envision your perfect society as well, because what we focus on grows and the more you focus on your dreams the closer you are to experiencing them.  The future is in your hands!

First of all basic human needs and rights are to be considered in any discussion of a perfect society and include things as personal security, love, self-esteem, personal fulfillment, cultural security, and participation, plus a right to life, liberty, freedom of thought, expression and identity, and equal treatment before the law.  Each of these elements effects society on both an individual basis as well as on the organizational level. To me it is pretty straight forward and common sense. It is also something that deserves attention because what you focus on grows. We all desire a better world and my outlook is simple. The simpler we make our lives the easier it is to meet those above mentioned needs and rights. So here is my vision of a perfect society.

Society is based on unity in diversity, where individuals are as important as organizations and where everyone’s needs are met. We need not be so concerned with the how’s and why’s but on the what’s, when’s and where’s. What would a perfect society look like? When and where is this possible? 

War is obsolete in the perfect society because each person understands that no one individual or organization is better or above another. It is a world where we each as individuals respect and love one another seeing the oneness in each person they meet. Despite the apparent differences we all know that we are connected through the One. We are extensions of Great Spirit who is here to bring Peace and Love to every being, place and thing in our earthly world. 

Since we realize that thought creates, we use the power of imagination to teleport our bodies anywhere we want to go simply by thinking of the place and giving it a Loving Thought. Everyone who lives here is healthy and productive each playing an important role in the operation and events of life here. The environment is a comfortable temperature at all times and if one desires something different, then there are different climates all around the world to teleport to and enjoy. 

We all realize that there is infinite abundance, so no one wants or has more than they need at that time. If something is desired it is easily available thru the object library replicator.  Material “things” are no longer valued because each person has whatever it is they desire in that moment…. The story continues tomorrow and in the meantime consider the life you would like to live. 

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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