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on September 20, 2012

I never ask of others what I am not willing to do.  So here we go…How do you see yourself living in 15 yrs?  I mean the day to day routine, where you live, the car you drive, the technology surrounding you, etc., etc.

OK, so if I am still around, the world I live in totally supports me.  The place I live is alive with Nature, surrounding all the homes and businesses too.   Grass grows on roof tops, trees line the streets, and parks are in walking distance from every home including mine.  Water elements, either natural or man-made grace every community in some way.  The tall buildings downtown have plants either on top or on the sides to bring precious oxygen to our cities and help cool the hot surfaces while tempering the temps inside the buildings.  Solar windows collect precious sunlight to power all needed operations of the buildings downtown and for those of smaller scale like our homes solar panels are installed on roofs, or if on the grid the grid itself is powered by a collection of renewable energies, solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, and hydrogen fuel cell.

Technology is now embedded in all the things we use every day to make them more responsive to our needs and more useful.  Recyclable materials are used in every device available now, so there is no more trash, only recycling.  The need for mining has been reduced by half and fossil fuel is no longer used except in manufacturing and a few hold out devices, nostalgic cars, and old ships.  Cars now use hybrid electric/hydrogen systems which recharge themselves, never needing to be plugged in and only yearly maintenance.  Some people own their cars, but many use car sharing or public transport.  The suburbs are no longer what they used to be and have been converted to small towns and centralized communities grouped around the larger city with open agricultural space still in use outside these areas, although many of the veggies are grown in high rise greenhouses right in the city.

Computers are integrated and connecting all aspects of life.  Cellphones now come in two types, the smart phone/mini-computer or the tiny phone which plugs into your ear and works by voice activation.  The cell tower system is now integrated into one big network with the banning of corporate profiteering so reception is no longer an issue, no matter where you live or travel.

Travel is now much easier as border restrictions are no longer in place and passports are a means of tracking a person’s travel and not as a means of restriction.  Visas are no longer required for any country because the United Nations now runs governing operations for the entire world.  Cooperation between regional areas has taken precedence as the border definitions between nations blur.

Oneness as a concept and philosophy has now become reality and happened quite rapidly once the power elite came to realize the benefit it offered everyone.  It was in fact the “everyone” who made it all possible.  The commoner realized there was no difference between the leaders, the workers, and everyone in between.  They demanded and supported the union of world leadership.  The era of “us vs. them” ended with little fanfare.

😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Ps. I trust you get the idea and for more please read “a Love Based Society” available free at the link above.  Now it is your turn, please share your comments.

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