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Being the Observer

The best advice I ever heard was to become the observer, to actually listen to what I say and observe my actions, then ask why.  Is this the person I desire to be?  This may be who I am now, but do I really wish to be this person?  Discovering who you are is a constant evolution, because you are constantly changing.  As you expand there is a give and take or an ebb and flow to the process.  The more you learn and discover about life in general and about how this relates to you the more you expand, the more you become more!

Think about this carefully.  Who am I?  Who are you in relation to who I am?  You do know this is all relative? Don’t you?  You do realize everything is connected in some way? Once you realize there is no separation; only the illusion of separation, your world changes for the better.  If this is still not apparent right now this is OK.  Keep asking questions and it will come to you.

On to some more practical applications and exercises you can use right now to facilitate your growth and expansion.  First of all open up.  Open your mind, open your heart, open your eyes and see, feel, and think with no limits (or at least let the limits go as you can, it is a process after all).  Listen to the words you use and notice how they make you feel, also notice how they make others feel, so if both of you are not feeling good then perhaps you could choose different words to express yourself.  In expressing yourself how does this affect the world around you?  Is it positive or negative, constructive or destructive?  Not to say this is good or bad, don’t fall for this trap.  Things are how they are, and you are the way you are, no good or bad to it, however you do have a choice in the matter.  Question everything, especially your motive for being the way you are.  Avoid judgment here.  Remember, we all desire Love, this is who we are and sometimes the loving thing to do is destructive or negative depending on the situation.  In order for the old to be replaced it must be destroyed first.  To build a new building the old one is removed to clear the way for the new one.  As humans we can only see a small fraction of the picture or situation so each choice we make is the best we can do given the information we have at the time.

Moving on, consider having a friend video you during an activity or perhaps you could set up a camera in your home to video the daily goings on, later reviewing the tape is incredibly insightful.  Be compassionate with yourself and seek only to understand who you are and decide if this is who you desire to be.  Recording your voice and word choice is also very insightful.  The language you use is very powerful or destructive depending on your word choice.  Curse words for instance are weak and destructive to the person using them, not necessarily to the one hearing them.  The person hearing these words can decide in advance to forgive the user and thus discharge any negative energy the words carry.  It is like Hate is a poison for the person hating, not the target of the hate.  Negative emotions are necessary at times, but must be used carefully to balance energy or to diffuse a situation, never for attacking.  Lashing out is a re-action not a deliberate action taken for a specific purpose.  Think before you act, wait a day and then respond.  Negative emotion can be transformed to the positive when you have this intention.

Another practice which is ingrained in the mass psyche is the use of the word “try or trying”.  To try is to fail.  The word implies doubt and this in itself is disempowering.  State your intentions and then proceed with them.  “Trying” is a word we use to protect our self from being “wrong or failing” and in the process it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Perhaps you can say I attempted XYZ but it did not work out that way.  I will make another attempt.  Or I will succeed eventually.  There is nothing wrong with failing; it always leads to success as long as you keep at it.  The error lies in the need to be right!

Remember to always question reality and your place in it, while being forgiving and loving to both yourself and others.  If you wish to learn more about word usage, I suggest doing your own research and testing your findings.  Learning is doing!  The website below as well as the free eBooks are another great source of musings.   Blessings on your Journey of Love ♥

Sequoia Elisabeth 🙂

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Pain is your Friend

Pain is your friend

Pain guides you and informs you of danger

All Pain is temporary

The system has a built in safety and if too much pain is received it will reboot so to speak.  The body/mind passes out and the system starts again.  No one ever died from pain.

Chronic pain is a malfunction of the system, so look for its source within and change your mind about this pain.  The mental or emotional body is most often the source.  Look here first.  Forgive the thought and replace it with one of health and vitality.

Working through chronic pain takes patience and courage.  Fear fuels pain so fear not, all pain is temporary.  Suffering is not necessary.  Stay positive and move forward by focusing on the Truth, you are healthy and perfect just as you were created.  Nothing is wrong with you.  See the perfection which has become hidden behind this pain.  It is just like turning a light on in a room, the darkness (pain) must leave.

Sacrifice is a dangerous tool, so only use it when you understand how it works.  Used improperly the pain will get out of control and become chronic.

Change can be painful, but does not have to be.  This pain is temporary as things change from one plateau/level/state to another.  No pain, no gain is a MYTH.  The Truth is gain is inevitable and the pain comes from forcing the change.  Resistance is futile.

As you grow your relationship with pain will deepen and you will know when to stop what you are doing and when to push through it.  Pain is a result of resistance so if you feel pain, ask yourself what you are resisting.  What change do you fear?  Many people fear being strong and powerful because they have seen the effect this can have on others.  Forgive the past and trust change to take you where you desire to be.  Be the Change!

Mastering the tools for living is just one reason we are born into a body, however it is an important one.  Pain is one of these tools.  Remember that tools are neutral and cannot harm you.  It is how you use the tool that can be dangerous and just like a hammer it can be used to create wonders or to tear them down.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Growth Can Be Violent

Transition is all about growth and this growth comes at a price, so it is important to know how this growth works.  During transition it can appear there’s no growth and that all is falling apart.  When you get to this point all is well because you are leaping to the next level!

The way growth or evolution happens is that life gets ever more complicated and stressful to a point where you can no longer stand it and you POP or breakdown.  This breakdown is the no man’s land between levels of growth and while it may be scary it is not a bad thing, and in fact it is a very good thing!  After the breakdown our minds re-order in such a fashion as you can now handle the increased stress and complexity and it may appear that you have stepped back, but you have not.  Your perception has moved forward.  (This is sort of like when your computer locks up and you have to re-boot.) 

Resistance is futile!  Cro-Magnon man resisted this change and therefore perished.  It was not because Cro-Magnon man did anything wrong though,  it was destiny with the evolution of Homo-sapiens.  Consciousness took the most expanded path, Cro-Magnon collapsed and Homo-sapiens took over as a more evolved species.  I believe we are going through similar changes now, and will continue going through for years to come.  The leap will occur in 2012. 

The computer is a good example of this growth or evolutional phenomenon.  When we first get our computer it runs really fast and can do so many things, WOW.  We are impressed with all the capabilities and then after about a year or two the computer seems to be running slower and doing less, but it has not changed, YOU have.  What do you do to remedy the situation?  Either you must not change or you must get a computer that can keep up with your mind, because your mind has expanded beyond the level of the computer’s abilities.  You can think of your computer as an extension of your mind and use it to grow. 

This is why we need to update our software so frequently and get new hardware every few years, we are growing at a phenomenal rate right now and this rate will be increasing too!  I have already noticed changes in my perception and an expansion of my abilities.  Just knowing this has made my transition so much easier.  When I hit a wall now, I just laugh and say great I am ready for a Leap!  We will be making many leaps in the time to come, so hold on for the ride. 

😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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Jobs, Who made this big mess?

Many of us are looking for jobs in this economy which seems to be very unforgiving.  How did this situation arise and why?  There are several ways to look at it, such as the whole world is changing through globalization and we must change with it.  In fact we should be leading the way if we truly are leaders in the world.  Incomes will be balancing with those around the world so that equality becomes the reality and not the goal.  Another way to look at it would be in cycles.  Our economy runs in cycles like most things do in this world.  Trends go up as far as possible and then CRASH, only to work themselves back up, although under the surface permanent changes have occurred in the form of overall growth.  It is sort of like blowing up a balloon, blow in and it expands, take a breath and it shrinks a bit, blow in and it expands further, but in our scenario there is no completion.  The cycle continues on and on into infinity.  Some liken this process to the breath of God and that certainly works for me, it is up to you what you believe.  On a deeper level the changes we are seeing could be the silence before the storm so to speak with the approaching 2012 shift and the Age of Aquarius.  This time is related to our inner growth as human beings and the expansion of consciousness itself.  What we are experiencing is evolution!  What grander Transition could there be!  Each of us is a cog in the wheel of time witnessing the greatest transformation our little blue ball has ever experienced. I really hope you hang around to see the show.  This is where things get interesting, because we each have a different perspective of life, each of us will experience this shift in a different way.  Some will be blown away, literally.  Some will experience it as the same ole, same ole, while others will see things as they are for the very first time in their lives. 

Let me get back to the job aspect of all this and say that we each have a role to play in the evolution of consciousness and as the larger part of life grows and expands so will we since we are this greater consciousness.  Some people like President Obama will be major players in the process while others like myself and possibly you (it is up to you to decide) will be frequency holders ( a term coined by Eckhart Tolle).  Others will be oblivious to the whole process since they are essentially sleeping through the whole event, like a person who fell asleep at the movies.  WAKE UP!  Tomorrow I will go further into each of these roles and where you fit in.  Have a Blessed day 😉  Sequoia Elisabeth

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