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Growth Can Be Violent

on April 19, 2010

Transition is all about growth and this growth comes at a price, so it is important to know how this growth works.  During transition it can appear there’s no growth and that all is falling apart.  When you get to this point all is well because you are leaping to the next level!

The way growth or evolution happens is that life gets ever more complicated and stressful to a point where you can no longer stand it and you POP or breakdown.  This breakdown is the no man’s land between levels of growth and while it may be scary it is not a bad thing, and in fact it is a very good thing!  After the breakdown our minds re-order in such a fashion as you can now handle the increased stress and complexity and it may appear that you have stepped back, but you have not.  Your perception has moved forward.  (This is sort of like when your computer locks up and you have to re-boot.) 

Resistance is futile!  Cro-Magnon man resisted this change and therefore perished.  It was not because Cro-Magnon man did anything wrong though,  it was destiny with the evolution of Homo-sapiens.  Consciousness took the most expanded path, Cro-Magnon collapsed and Homo-sapiens took over as a more evolved species.  I believe we are going through similar changes now, and will continue going through for years to come.  The leap will occur in 2012. 

The computer is a good example of this growth or evolutional phenomenon.  When we first get our computer it runs really fast and can do so many things, WOW.  We are impressed with all the capabilities and then after about a year or two the computer seems to be running slower and doing less, but it has not changed, YOU have.  What do you do to remedy the situation?  Either you must not change or you must get a computer that can keep up with your mind, because your mind has expanded beyond the level of the computer’s abilities.  You can think of your computer as an extension of your mind and use it to grow. 

This is why we need to update our software so frequently and get new hardware every few years, we are growing at a phenomenal rate right now and this rate will be increasing too!  I have already noticed changes in my perception and an expansion of my abilities.  Just knowing this has made my transition so much easier.  When I hit a wall now, I just laugh and say great I am ready for a Leap!  We will be making many leaps in the time to come, so hold on for the ride. 

😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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