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Pain is your Friend

on October 11, 2013

Pain is your friend

Pain guides you and informs you of danger

All Pain is temporary

The system has a built in safety and if too much pain is received it will reboot so to speak.  The body/mind passes out and the system starts again.  No one ever died from pain.

Chronic pain is a malfunction of the system, so look for its source within and change your mind about this pain.  The mental or emotional body is most often the source.  Look here first.  Forgive the thought and replace it with one of health and vitality.

Working through chronic pain takes patience and courage.  Fear fuels pain so fear not, all pain is temporary.  Suffering is not necessary.  Stay positive and move forward by focusing on the Truth, you are healthy and perfect just as you were created.  Nothing is wrong with you.  See the perfection which has become hidden behind this pain.  It is just like turning a light on in a room, the darkness (pain) must leave.

Sacrifice is a dangerous tool, so only use it when you understand how it works.  Used improperly the pain will get out of control and become chronic.

Change can be painful, but does not have to be.  This pain is temporary as things change from one plateau/level/state to another.  No pain, no gain is a MYTH.  The Truth is gain is inevitable and the pain comes from forcing the change.  Resistance is futile.

As you grow your relationship with pain will deepen and you will know when to stop what you are doing and when to push through it.  Pain is a result of resistance so if you feel pain, ask yourself what you are resisting.  What change do you fear?  Many people fear being strong and powerful because they have seen the effect this can have on others.  Forgive the past and trust change to take you where you desire to be.  Be the Change!

Mastering the tools for living is just one reason we are born into a body, however it is an important one.  Pain is one of these tools.  Remember that tools are neutral and cannot harm you.  It is how you use the tool that can be dangerous and just like a hammer it can be used to create wonders or to tear them down.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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