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Jobs, Who made this big mess?

on December 4, 2009

Many of us are looking for jobs in this economy which seems to be very unforgiving.  How did this situation arise and why?  There are several ways to look at it, such as the whole world is changing through globalization and we must change with it.  In fact we should be leading the way if we truly are leaders in the world.  Incomes will be balancing with those around the world so that equality becomes the reality and not the goal.  Another way to look at it would be in cycles.  Our economy runs in cycles like most things do in this world.  Trends go up as far as possible and then CRASH, only to work themselves back up, although under the surface permanent changes have occurred in the form of overall growth.  It is sort of like blowing up a balloon, blow in and it expands, take a breath and it shrinks a bit, blow in and it expands further, but in our scenario there is no completion.  The cycle continues on and on into infinity.  Some liken this process to the breath of God and that certainly works for me, it is up to you what you believe.  On a deeper level the changes we are seeing could be the silence before the storm so to speak with the approaching 2012 shift and the Age of Aquarius.  This time is related to our inner growth as human beings and the expansion of consciousness itself.  What we are experiencing is evolution!  What grander Transition could there be!  Each of us is a cog in the wheel of time witnessing the greatest transformation our little blue ball has ever experienced. I really hope you hang around to see the show.  This is where things get interesting, because we each have a different perspective of life, each of us will experience this shift in a different way.  Some will be blown away, literally.  Some will experience it as the same ole, same ole, while others will see things as they are for the very first time in their lives. 

Let me get back to the job aspect of all this and say that we each have a role to play in the evolution of consciousness and as the larger part of life grows and expands so will we since we are this greater consciousness.  Some people like President Obama will be major players in the process while others like myself and possibly you (it is up to you to decide) will be frequency holders ( a term coined by Eckhart Tolle).  Others will be oblivious to the whole process since they are essentially sleeping through the whole event, like a person who fell asleep at the movies.  WAKE UP!  Tomorrow I will go further into each of these roles and where you fit in.  Have a Blessed day 😉  Sequoia Elisabeth

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