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Change is how the ego mind distracts us from what really matters, Holy Spirit or simply Spirit. This is why they say, “be still and know God” or “Silence is the door to Heaven”. Meditation works to quiet the mind when one sticks to it and makes it a daily practice. It need not be a long time either. It does require mindfulness and intention. Faith enters the picture when it comes to maintaining this practice.

Our purpose here is not to ‘fuel the fire’ so to speak by focusing on change; either by encouraging it or by denying it. Where you place your energy and your thoughts guides your future. Much of life is destiny, though we do have choice in our path. The key is to learn to listen to His guidance and not confuse the ego mind with it. Change is neither good nor bad, lest thinking make it so. Keep moving forward! Don’t apologize for taking an action which feels right to you, yet yields and unexpected result. We are our own worst enemies. Be Kind, both to yourself and to others.

Ego mind leads us to do things which harms others or our self. Spirit, being love itself, knows nothing of pain, harm, or suffering. What is difficult for most of us is to remain focused on service to others even while feeling ego thoughts. Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Why is this true? Because it comes down to choice. A pebble in your shoe is painful, not removing it is suffering.

Recently I had a dream where these words came to me. “No Joy: Another goose wins the day.” No Joy meaning: In military aviation, a term indicating that no visual confirmation of another aircraft (especially an enemy) has yet been made; no information available at this time. Wild Goose Chase: A prolonged or chaotic search for something that is difficult to find (often because it does not exist). And a worthless hunt or chase; a futile pursuit. So, to me this means Life is a wild goose chase which brings us No Joy. Through my spiritual practice, I know Joy exists always, just as Love does. We don’t find it because we are looking for it in the wrong place, out there! The world around us does not hold any real answers. The answers lay within.

My eBook Livin’ Large, has a chapter on what Love is, actually the chapter is a poem. Please give it a look/see. It is available free online, Having been through two divorces, I can honestly say, Love exists everywhere, all the time. By learning what love is not, one can see it at will. In both these relationships, I felt deep love, though it only surfaced occasionally. I still love them, because God loves them, and we are One. Just because you love someone, doesn’t mean you have to live with them! Do you live with your parents? Siblings? At some point we all must go out in the world and learn what love is not and thus what it is. Blessings on your Journey of Love!

Sequoia Elisabeth

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Nature’s Trap

Here is another exercise in reasoning. Logic, wait, …no logic does not work in this world. Go with me here and put your thinking cap on. Have you ever considered the word Nature? What is your nature? Do you love the natural world? Do you revel in nature hikes and other activities in which you spend time in nature? How does it all relate back to your “Journey of Love”? (If you have read my eBook Livin’ Large, you know what I mean by that quote).

Ok, so there are several definitions of the word Nature and while they are different, they are also related. Humans have their own person nature or personality. The natural or non-man made world has its nature and is in fact simply called nature. Nature is full of mineral, plant, and animal life as well as death. See it is the later which gives it away. Death does not exist in heaven. If there is no death in heaven how can we equate the divine with nature?

Lord knows I watched more than my share of nature films growing up and the hardest part was watching the beautiful Cheetah stalk the antelope and eventually end its life. Or watch a wildfire wipe out an entire forest knowing all the plants are unable to run away and even the animals which can run often don’t make it. I love the quote from a heavy metal band call Tool. “Life feeds on Life”… in the song this line is repeated as a chant. It is quite chilling and provocative. It is also very true. Nature has nothing to do with God or the Divine. Remember the first commandment? Thou Shalt Not Kill. What you don’t read in the commandments is, What you do to another you do onto yourself or What you give, you receive.

Once we learn Universal Spiritual Law no untruths will slip by unnoticed. It will be easier to see the Truth or if you prefer, the Divine. I suppose these lessons are hard learned, at least they were for me. What benefit is there in seeing death all around us? I have learned we have a choice, we can see death or we can see life and not just ego temporary life, I mean Real Life. The world around us is dead, not in the usual sense, but in the sense of dreams are not real and thus dead. There is no guilt, shame, or fault in Reality, only in what I call the Ego world or as ACIM calls it, psycho planet. My message here is simple, Choose Real Life, Choose God, not Nature or all the feel good *&^% this world offers up. Sure we all sample the pie so to speak or we would not be here. Forget all that and forgive.

We all have a choice to see beyond this world to the Divine. Making the choice is simple, seeing the results of this choice not so much. It is my experience ego pulls the wool over our eyes constantly so even when we choose to see the divine our minds will not allow the experience. We are successful, yet we just don’t realize we are. This is where practice and faith come in. Have faith you see not the wonder of the ego, but rather of God. Feelings often betray in this regard, so instead trust in your practiced consistent choice for Love. (a reminder here, I equate Divine Love, Peace, and God) When I say, Love is the way… I mean Love is all there is and there ain’t no more! Except illusions and delusions of course.

Sequoia Elisabeth

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Stupidest Question Ever Asked

The human mind can reason anything. The tool used is the power of deduction or the rational mind. So follow along and see if this makes sense. If you follow my blog then you know I teach Oneness and what that means. If not, then perhaps more study is in order. It has taken many years (50+) for me to reach these conclusions (God Is and nothing else is). Now I share my wisdom with you – do with it what you will.

By choosing birth we have chosen death. Make no mistake, you did choose to be here. It may not have been a conscious choice, but a choice none the less. It is like walking though a door on the 50th floor which opens to the outside of the building, you may not want to fall, but it happens whether you chose to fall or not. You took the step. Some may say this is simple consequence and perhaps it is. What I am leading to here is if you can choose an action with a consequence then why not choose the consequence? We obviously chose Death! HERE WE ARE! We took that step!

Suicide is taboo in society, so have you ever questioned why? Why is it when we have already chosen death by being born we cannot choose when or how we die? The next question you may not have considered is who is making this choice? The small self/ego self or the Infinite God self? Since God self is infinite and immortal it is unlikely this is who is making the choice. Since the only aspect of our self which can die is Ego this is the more likely culprit! The ego is not alive though, it only thinks it is and it constantly manipulates our experience on this level (the world you see around you) to make you think that it is. It’s reasoning… If you can die then you must be alive… right?

If you doubt this world is unreal, then ask yourself would God create a world with pain and suffering the likes of what we have here? Does anything in this world really hold up to scrutiny? Does it last forever? Does anything here make sense? Not to me!! I can assure you. I believe we are here to “loose our minds” for this is the way out. Ego mind is the scene generator behind this reality. Perhaps you have heard the Cave parable written by Plato? The longer I “live” the less convinced I am anything matters at all. Shadows all around….

So if God is infinite and immortal then we are speaking here of Ego death. I have experienced it many times in my mind as well as my experience. The next question is what does the Ego consist of? The answer is everything you see! Btw, did you know the eyes don’t see, the mind does? Yes, it is the Ego mind which sees for us. What we see is a projection from our own minds. It’s all “fake news”. The real is infinite and immortal… never ending… it does not die and was not born.

Once again, why does it matter whether we seem to take our life or allow “life” to take it? Natural death is an Oxymoron! Is this about giving or taking? I have done both and I will say giving feels better. Is this really my life to give though? What does giving of life really mean anyway? The Native American stories I have heard say when hunting, animals give their lives (bodies) so that other bodies may live. This means there is a conscious choice being made. Perhaps it is the hunter who actually makes this choice and maybe it is the animal who sacrifices itself to gain in the Spiritual Realm. Whatever you believe is what you will experience. Twenty six years ago I sat with a gun in my mouth asking myself these same questions! Which is it?

I have found that writing about death & suicide and expressing these feelings really helps to alleviate any related distress. God exists outside of Space/Time and knows nothing of our experience here. God knows only Love for this is what God is. The part of me considering taking life is Ego and delusion, for it is not possible to take something that is not yours! Notice I did not say take my own life. It is not mine to take. Ultimately this is the reason “i” am still here. These dilemmas here in Space and Time are on a feedback loop, repeating ad nauseum. Enjoying the ride?

The stupidest question you’ll ever ask is:

Why?   Dictionary meaning:

1. for what reason or purpose. [Why do we need a reason or purpose?]

Suicide defined: “the act or an instance of taking one’s own life voluntarily and intentionally.”


So what again exactly are we “taking”? So you think you have “a life”? Is this real? What is real?

I believe this is where the whole game falls apart. We believe… we have a life, that others have a life, that anything we see or feel is real. Belief is where it all “becomes real” to us. It is literally, according to the dictionary, “an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.”

What if the belief in “reality” is what leads us astray? What if we choose not to believe? Is not believing a belief? Just as having no religion, still a belief? Atheists are still indoctrinated in denial! I mean how do we even know we are alive? Don’t even get me started on proof! All facts are in fact part of the construct. There are no facts… just as nothing is really alive! So again I ask, how could anyone ever die or commit suicide when we only exist in mind? Don’t forget, “what you think of an-other you think of yourself.”

I know now this is my life’s purpose, ROFL. I assume I learned about suicide from my dad who had patients commit suicide (he is a psychiatrist). I remember at least 3 friends who I personally knew in high school who “did the deed”, two of which were closet gay (another taboo worth questioning). Perhaps the other was too, but I am not sure about that. I have not gone long without thinking of the “deed”. Frankly, I have lived a very long time with these thoughts (or have I?), but they are catching up with me. I have heard every argument in the book both for and against. Do you believe in destiny? LOL, neither do I.

Blessings on Your “Journey of Love”,

Sequoia Elisabeth

for more on this topic, search keyword “Death” within Transitions Blog.


Like a Reversible Sweater

Human beings are like a reversible sweater.  They have both a man and a woman within each of them or if you prefer a feminine and a masculine.  This has nothing to do with sex which is nothing more than the physical aspect of the body.  It is time we started thinking of human life as multiphasic.  We each have many levels which shift and flow over time, some of us more than others of course.  Some never reverse their sweater and thus never get to know their full self.  Part of doing inner exploration is opening all the doors without fear and embracing what you find.  The spirit of acceptance without any preconceived ideas of what is proper or right is a must.  The idea of congruence must also be questioned.  Why do men have to have penises and women vaginas?  Like I said sex and reproduction is a whole other topic and at this stage of the game is becoming irrelevant with over 7 billion people on earth.  So let us move on beyond this primal need to replicate.  Instead let us get to know the self before we go about making more selves.

What I know is that there is much more to life than this concept of “me”.  I exist beyond this body and will always exist with or without the body I currently experience as “me”.  I am not “me”, nor am I “you”.  We are One.  The understanding of Oneness changes the entire game… it changes everything!  There is no “me” or “you”, only we.  Like a kaleidoscope of humanness we are constantly shifting and morphing, so to get stuck on one expression of this is a game ender.  The meaning we place on words is not fixed, but many think that it is.  You are not the “you” you believe yourself to be!!  Let it go.  And above all else stop trying to “fix” yourself.  We are here to discover (dis-cover) who we are, not to manipulate or manufacture a self (a false self).  Surgery, drugs, and other external methods just end up hiding the true self, the authentic self.  Please do not be drawn into this game of the “six-million dollar person”.  No other can make you better than you already are!  Love that which is the self.  In order to do this you must really get down and see yourself… look within, without expectations, fear, or limits.  Feel who you are… close your eyes and be not deceived.  Let the Journey begin… once again, for like all journeys they tend to repeat.

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Gossip Trap

Gossip is like a whirlpool in the ocean of consciousness, or it is like quicksand in the jungle of life. Whichever way of looking at it strikes a nerve, beware this most common enemy on the path to Joy.

Forgiveness is your protection from gossip, which basically means when someone starts to gossip you go into non-judgment mode.  You’re not agreeing with them or disagreeing; you don’t correct them, or disapprove.  You do your best to politely change the subject or walk away.  Sending them love is also appropriate, since what they really want is to feel better or to say that differently, it’s a cry for love.

Is there such a thing as positive gossip or inspirational gossip?  I believe there is.  Negativity comes wrapped in cute sheep skin, carrying pretty flowers, and covered in perfume.  Only later do you notice that you feel bad and in fact they have taken your energy.  Most of the purveyors of positive, inspirational gossip are well intentioned and do not even realize what they are doing.  Once again this is a cry for love, they are saying aren’t I cute, pretty, loveable?  And BAM, you come away feeling drained… because you were.

The bottom line here is how you are approaching life.  Are you looking for ways to give or ways to receive?  Do you look at life as “what’s in it for me?” or “what do I have to offer?”.  If it is the former you’ll be running into energy vampires all the time, because You are one!!  If instead you approach life saying “what do I have to offer?” or I have this to offer, how best can I do this, then you’ll attract positive and productive ways to contribute to the world.  Most importantly you’ll feel better.  The more you give the better you’ll feel too.  The only real way to know how you’re doing on the path is to notice how you feel.  Awareness is key on the Journey of Love (Joy, Peace, Love = God, Prime Creator, Great Spirit).

Sequoia Elisabeth 🙂

Unity in Gender Diversity


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Life is a Gift

Life is a gift.  What are you going to make of it?  It is not like you were only dealt five cards.  You have the entire deck in a certain order and it is up to you how you play them.  There is an order to life because it is built on past lives and inherited traits.  Think of it as a journey.  A Journey of Love.

The choices are endless.  You can go anywhere you like and do anything you choose.  The price (consequences) will vary.  By now you have discovered the ripple effects of your actions, so choose consciously.  This is like being careful but with added consideration of all factors.  Or at least as many as you can be aware of.

The transgender journey can be quite the challenge; however it is my belief that it is also a great gift.  Purpose lay behind every choice and every action.  Do you know the purpose of your journey?  I can only really speak of my journey because yours will be slightly different or possibly greatly different.  I am here to make the most of what I have been given.

I was born male with a woman’s brain.  My body is quite tall and large in the proper proportions for a giant.  These are my cards.  I still have the deck, but these are the cards showing.  For many years I played the male cards and lived a superficial life, what you see is what you get!  This all changed five years ago.  I dealt new cards from the deck and now I play the woman cards.  The male cards have been placed back in the deck.

The question many of us face is do we trade the male cards in for female cards.  Is surgery to create the facade of female a viable option?  Many believe it is, however I hesitate because it seems a denial of who I am.  I was given these cards for a reason.  Have I made the most of them?  When the time comes I can just deal again or even trade this deck in for a new one (ending this lifecycle).

It seems to me the purpose of it all is to accept yourself as you are, not to change the game!  It is about Loving all that you are no matter the cards dealt.  This is done through the actions you take and the choices you make.  I see people with no legs walking on prosthetics.  Are they not meant to stay in one place?  Or is it about doing what they do and not copying others just because they are walking. Do they deny their gift by using prosthetics?  It is like slipping a card up your sleeve or cheating fate.  Or is it?  They have made the choice to exceed their limitations and make new choices and we all have that privilege.  It can be done in Love and acceptance or in denial and disgust.  Without Love there is no progress and in fact it would be going backwards.

Ultimately the journey is yours and how you play the game is up to you.  Love and acceptance are necessary ingredients.  Remember that it is not about winning or losing but how you play that makes the difference.  Anything done from Love and acceptance is a win!  Just because others are doing things a certain way does not make it right for you.  The choice is yours.  We all are a part of the same puzzle, so there is no way not to fit in; this is the beauty of life.  Accept your place (card deck) and make it shine!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Multi-Dimensional Life

We live in more dimensions than simply the 3rd (the physical world you think is real).  Actually life is much more complex than we realize.  For simplicities sake we are only aware of one dimension at a time.  At this stage of the game the brain can only process data from one dimension at a time.  However this is changing, the human body is evolving.  Our minds are expanding and the body we need to process this information is growing to keep pace.

When you sleep your life is lived in another dimension.  It is where the 3rd dimensional life is constructed.  It is a realm of the Spirit because you feel no pain there and yet you do feel things just in a different way – sometime pleasurable, sometimes frightful.

Have you ever experienced Deja’vu?  You know the experience of already having lived a certain series of events.  This is the mind connecting the dots; remembering both the dream creation and the 3rd dimensional experience.  It means you are on the right track, doing precisely what you intended to do.  The dream world is quite fascinating and if you practice you can remember your dreams quite clearly.

Set your intention to remember your dream before going to sleep.  Keep a writing pad by the bed and when you awaken write down as much as you can.  Move slowly, and stay relaxed.  Focus on the dream and remembering.  Once the dream is written down you can process the dream.  Another important thing to do is ask yourself what the dream means, what is significant?  Pay attention to your feelings as messages are often conveyed in feelings.

The dream world is your life in another dimension.  If you intentionally meditate on other dimensions you can experience them as well.  Having a guide on these mediations is helpful.  Many good meditations exist online, youtube, etc. and certain aids can be helpful.  Binaural beat sound therapy is excellent at harmonizing the brain to function at full capacity.  There are natural chemicals that help you attain the experience of other dimensions such as Ayahuasca (ayawaska), Peyote, psilocybin mushrooms, etc.  (Artificial or man-made chemicals/drugs are both dangerous and harmful so stay away from these!)

Sacred Geometry is another great tool to assist in this journey.  The emissary wheel with its 12 pointed star is perfect to travel the twelve dimensions.  The Merkaba is another good tool for meditation.  These methods are offered for your research, so experiment with different techniques, but do not become attached to any one method.  Let go and let God, while always seeking to expand and deepen your experience.  Intention is so important in this Journey of Love!

😀 Sequoia Elisabeth

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What Transitions Blog Is All About

Transitions Blog is dedicated to assisting the Journey of Love called “transition”.  This journey can and does take many forms.  It can be multi-layered and dynamic, and often it is.  It often feels like a wave that picks you up and thrusts you forward.  It can feel outta control and scary, although it also can be fun like an amusement ride also.

The experience will be different every time, and unique to the individual experiencing it even though others are experiencing it with you.  They have their own interpretation and experience which they need to grow.  Yes, transition is ultimately about growth -emotional, physical, and spiritual.  There is no way to go through life with it!

“Transition: movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another; change: the transition from adolescence to adulthood.” (  There are always others on the journey with you to assist in your passage, whether you see them or not, so take comfort in this fact.  Even if you feel totally alone, you never are!  Ask and ye shall receive.

Unity in Gender Diversity is all about being there with you on the journey, offering techniques to deepen the experience, ways to cope, and smoothing out the ride.  Please read over the website, explore your feelings, and contemplate your “transition”, whether it is physical as in moving to a new place, or emotional as in falling in or out of Love, or Spiritual as in ascending in consciousness!  Yes, it could be all three at the same time!

Gender transition is about all three and often takes years if not an entire lifetime.  The physical is obvious and often takes center stage, esp. at the beginning.  The inner feelings need to express and they do, one way or another.  As the individual comes to terms with this expression they realize it goes deeper than a whimsical adventure.  The emotional shift is then allowed to take place.  This in turn begins the Spiritual shift.

The emotional feelings the person has felt, but denied or suppressed all their life come flooding out, sometimes explosive and sometimes a simple oooz.  Tremendous relief is felt as a balance and harmony is restored to the person’s life.  Like waves on the beach the feelings will come and go, and may never reach a total calm or balance, but then this is life on Earth.

Spiritual transition involves a change in the individual’s perceptions and beliefs or at least a deeper realization of these.  Once again this is often a lifelong journey and yet it can simply be a realization of what already exists.  Transition for most people is about discovering who they are and what can be more Spiritual than that?

Thank you for taking the Journey of Love with Unity in Gender Diversity, may your journey be a Joyous one.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Law of Cause and Effect

Tania Kotsos is the author of the following two paragraphs which can be found here at Mind your Reality.

“The Law of Cause and Effect: “Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause.” In accordance with this Law, every effect you see in your outside or physical world has a very specific cause which has its origin in your inner or mental world. This is the essence of thought power.  Every one of your thoughts, words or actions sets a specific effect in motion which will come to materialize over time. To become the master of your destiny, you must master your mind for everything in your reality is a mental creation. Know that there is nothing like chance or luck. They are simply terms used by humanity in ignorance of this Law.

Your Desires are Instantly Created: The Law of Cause and Effect applies on all three planes of existence – the spiritual, the mental and the physical. The difference is that on the spiritual plane cause and effect are instantaneous such that they appear inseparable, whereas on the other planes our concept of time and space creates a time lag between the cause and the eventual effect. Know that when you focus on your goals and desires using creative visualization,  that which you wish to create in the physical world is automatically manifested in the spiritual world, and with perseverance, practice and continued concentrated thought, it will also come to materialize in the physical world.” (Kotsos 2011)

I trust that you can see the value in this 6th Universal Law.  Transitions blog has discussed creative visualization several times and it also talks about mind power or the power of thought.  Carrying those discussions forward we now see why the mind has so much power.  Cause and Effect can be as simple as dropping a stone (cause) and experiencing the stone falling to the ground (effect).  The effect of gravity is a cause and effect because you mind is so fundamentally structured around this effect that it is creating it any hint of cause.  So it is not universal law that we have gravity here on earth, it is a universal law that we have cause and effect which our minds have created.  Gravity is very important on earth.  We could not live here without it.  Thus here is your cause.  We have gravity because we need it to survive!  (Without gravity everything on earth would float off)  At some level we need to trust what our minds create for us with this caveat, “All that I see, feel, taste, and otherwise experience are in the Highest and Best Good of me, my community, and the Everyone Everywhere”.  Without this caveat the ego mind sends experiences that ensure its survival and most of these are contrary to the above statement.   

Now that you know that every prayer is answered all you need do is stay focused on that prayer and know in your heart that all is well.  Use creative visualization to guide your life using your highest desires.  The Universe cares not what you create, but you do!  Whatever you are experiencing now is something that you have created either consciously or unconsciously.  Depending on where you are in your level of awareness, it may seem like things are happening to you and that other people or things caused them.  Understand the Law of Cause and Effect so that you can move forward in your Journey of Love! 

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Possible Challenges

The most difficult aspect of transition is probably going to be different for each person, however I will attempt to make a few generalizations here so that you will be aware of possible challenges along the road.   If you have an insight into possible challenges in transition feel free to comment below. 

The transition from one sex to the other can be a very emotional one fraught with trials and tribulations. Or it can be a simple process of shifting the physical body to better represent the inner gender identity.  It is important to realize here that gender is fixed in your brain before you are born.  The physical sex appears to be fixed but in fact can be altered to match the gender identity fairly easily. 

What happens to most transgender individuals is that they are conditioned by society to conform to the role determined by the organs between their legs.  Sex organs are for two purposes, procreation and enjoyment.  It is no accident that procreation is fun.  This assures the perpetuation of the species.  Whoopee 😉  The mental aspects of sexual attraction and role play are complex.  Sexual orientation like gender identity is fixed at birth, so it is the melding of society’s views with personal views that make this complex. 

The transition journey is one of releasing society’s views and living an authentic life which is true to your inner feelings and identity.  This begins with acceptance of both yourself and others.  If someone no longer wishes to be your friend then allow them that space and focus on accepting your natural self. 

In order to replace a glass of orange juice with apple juice you must first empty out all the orange juice.  This process creates a void which is to be filled by the apple juice.  The space is filled at all times, so as one leaves another fills the void.  Transition is much like this.  For a Male to Female transition as the male persona is released this creates a void for the natural persona to fill in.  Substituting another false persona, say of a certain female role is no better than the false male persona.  The point is to allow the natural persona to develop as it would have if the body parts had matched from birth. 

The best advice for allowing this process freedom to evolve is to let go and release any judgment.  Stop trying to please others and simply go with the flow.  Pay close attention to what brings you Joy.  This is best described as a feeling of contentment and gentle peace within your body, centered in your heart. 

For those with an overactive mind, release is a process of patience and persistence.  Make all thoughts OK while relaxing and focusing in the general moment.  If specific thoughts creep in and they likely will, consciously release them.  Say to yourself, “I release any thoughts of how my life should be.  I am open to my inner most gifts and allow them to express naturally.” 

I wish you Peace and Joy on your journey of Love.

😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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When did it all begin?

When does transition begin?  Does it have a beginning? Or an end?  Transition is a process of change, so it never really has a beginning or an end, because change is on-going.  Ever since the big bang the universe has been expanding and changing!  There is no end.

On a more personal level, your transition began the day you were conceived!  What we experience and often think of as a “transition” are cycles or phases of change.  These occur at many levels and often at the same time.  Our bodies are growing all the time no matter how old you are.  Even at the age of 100 your body is growing new cells to replace old ones and this continues till the old ones far outweigh the new ones, then that body dies and the cycle begins again, in a new lifetime.  This is all going on while we experience emotional changes, mental changes, and spiritual changes.  Transition is multi-dimensional.

For those of us on a gender transition journey, the word “transition” holds unique meaning.  For most of us this journey begins when we start on hormones, however I will state that the first stage or cycle is questioning.  On my website I have an eleven step transitioning guide that outlines the steps as I see them based on my research and experiences.  There could be more or less steps; however, each phase is a transition in itself.  Take the hormones for instance; this phase or transition cycle has a specific start and significant steps along the path.  For those who have the surgery, the post op regimen will differ greatly from the pre-op cycle and the end is not the same for everyone.  Some post op transwomen take hormones the rest of their lives and others will stop taking hormones once they reach a certain age. 

The cycles have certain similarities between people, but each person will have specific differences in their transition cycles or phases.  Our experiences define us to an extent, but they are not who we are. Life is made up of one experience after another like the layers of an onion, only far more complex.  So when does transition begin?  It depends on which one you are speaking of and who you are asking!  Blessings on your journey of Love 🙂    Sequoia Elisabeth

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Transitions take on many forms and serve many purposes.  Right now we are witnessing a great deal of change in the world all around us.  It may even be touching your life personally.  This is where we each must embrace the change and let go of what we think “should be” happening.

Pain is inevitable so attempting to avoid it is pointless.  Pain is essentially our attachment to an outcome or end result.  It is resistance to what is!   Let pain be your friend and guide you.  If you are feeling pain then this is a sign that something needs to changed or be released.  For instance if you are standing on a tack it is likely that you are feeling pain and the pain is telling you to get off the tack!  If the cold wind is chapping your face and causing pain on your cheeks, then get out of the cold wind.  If the person you think you Love is causing you pain in anyway, then it is not Love.  Take a good look at what is causing your pain and make the appropriate steps to relieve that pain. 

Pain is a distraction used by the ego mind to control your life and avert you from Divine Truth.  Sometimes we know we are on the right path and pain is simply a byproduct of the actions we know are necessary for our healing.  Elective surgery is one example of this.  Pain accompanies the changes we are making to our bodies and to our lives.  Our responsibility is to reduce this pain as much as possible by following the doctor’s orders, and talking about our pain with a compassionate person thereby releasing our attachment to it.  In your own mind accept the pain and instead of focusing on the pain, focus on the results or something that pleases you.  Occupy your mind with a task like planning on what you will do upon your recovery.  Focus on your desires!  What you focus on grows so will it be the pain or Joy filled moments of Peace and Love.  Don’t feel bad if you cannot get past the pain.  I have been there before and another technique is to face the pain head on.  Explore the pain fully, ask its purpose, feel it totally, show it you are not afraid! 

Transition may be painful, but it does not have to be beyond your control.  We have so many tools to assist us on the path!  Pain can be your friend on this journey of transition.  Know that you are Loved, beyond anything you can conceive, feel it and know it!  Blessings on your journey of Love.  😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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a Unique Journey

Today we are going to discuss the significance of gender transition. We are each on our own unique journey and after reading at least 4 books and many, many stories about transition I am amazed at the similarity of the journey. It is like each one of us is a Monarch Butterfly but just have different patterns on our wings. The differences are important but to my eyes they don’t even amount to different species, which might make one woman a Monarch and the next a Morpho butterfly. How could it be that we are so similar? Is it like riding a Cyclone Roller Coaster where each person has a slightly different experience but overall the ride is the same? Or is it simply that we are drawn to those who are like us?

It is a Universal Law that like attracts like, so if you want to see who you are simply look around! Two nights a week I sit in a room with other transgender people discussing the journey and whatever else comes up, so is this a coincidence? I think not! I am with those who are like me and I love it! Why do I love it? Because I love myself! Fifteen years ago I would not be caught dead in a room full of transgender persons, so I feel like I have come a long way.

This journey of Love is filled with miracles and this is one of them. Not that I am in a room of my peers, but that I can Love being in a room of my peers! I must say that I am proud of myself and so happy to have reached this point. Each day is another opportunity to further define who you are, so what will it be? For me it is Love, I am Love. All else I am letting go of and I am still finding out what this “Love” looks like. One thing I have discovered is that it is unconditional and if it is otherwise then it is not Love. It feels good too, in fact it feels so good that I smiling all the time now. If something does not put a smile on my face then I do not need it. Now that is the simple life!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Hello world!

Welcome to Transitions is an Awesome Blog!  The journey of Love is indeed a fantastic experience with gifts around every corner and exciting new adventures on each horizon.  Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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