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What Transitions Blog Is All About

on March 7, 2012

Transitions Blog is dedicated to assisting the Journey of Love called “transition”.  This journey can and does take many forms.  It can be multi-layered and dynamic, and often it is.  It often feels like a wave that picks you up and thrusts you forward.  It can feel outta control and scary, although it also can be fun like an amusement ride also.

The experience will be different every time, and unique to the individual experiencing it even though others are experiencing it with you.  They have their own interpretation and experience which they need to grow.  Yes, transition is ultimately about growth -emotional, physical, and spiritual.  There is no way to go through life with it!

“Transition: movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another; change: the transition from adolescence to adulthood.” (  There are always others on the journey with you to assist in your passage, whether you see them or not, so take comfort in this fact.  Even if you feel totally alone, you never are!  Ask and ye shall receive.

Unity in Gender Diversity is all about being there with you on the journey, offering techniques to deepen the experience, ways to cope, and smoothing out the ride.  Please read over the website, explore your feelings, and contemplate your “transition”, whether it is physical as in moving to a new place, or emotional as in falling in or out of Love, or Spiritual as in ascending in consciousness!  Yes, it could be all three at the same time!

Gender transition is about all three and often takes years if not an entire lifetime.  The physical is obvious and often takes center stage, esp. at the beginning.  The inner feelings need to express and they do, one way or another.  As the individual comes to terms with this expression they realize it goes deeper than a whimsical adventure.  The emotional shift is then allowed to take place.  This in turn begins the Spiritual shift.

The emotional feelings the person has felt, but denied or suppressed all their life come flooding out, sometimes explosive and sometimes a simple oooz.  Tremendous relief is felt as a balance and harmony is restored to the person’s life.  Like waves on the beach the feelings will come and go, and may never reach a total calm or balance, but then this is life on Earth.

Spiritual transition involves a change in the individual’s perceptions and beliefs or at least a deeper realization of these.  Once again this is often a lifelong journey and yet it can simply be a realization of what already exists.  Transition for most people is about discovering who they are and what can be more Spiritual than that?

Thank you for taking the Journey of Love with Unity in Gender Diversity, may your journey be a Joyous one.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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