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Government in a LBE

The world of separation, borders, and nationalities is a thing of the past as the nations of the world follow the path of the Berlin wall.  Power is now in the hands of individuals who embrace the new earth with open hearts, keen minds and strong bodies.  Communities are emerging with a spirit of interdependence and cooperation for the highest and best good, because we all see now that there is only one.  Gaia is united. 

The world is now organized as a collection of metropolises with large ones being surrounded by smaller ones.  Many where built around old cities, but most were constructed on new ground, since it was too complicated, inefficient and unproductive to build on existing sites. 

The shift in consciousness came in 2010 and then swept the world within only a few short years.  The construction of new cities, communities and social structure followed the LBE imperative with government not really being important in these communities. 

All public service positions are volunteer, with a 2 term consecutive limit.  This includes all leadership positions at all levels.  The Highest and Best Good of everyone is kept as a central guiding principle, of which each person instinctively knows. 

Automation has taken over many of the tasks, so there are not many political positions to fill.  The few who do work in government do so in Joy and the spirit of serving their fellow citizens.  Each person is stepping up and helping out right where they are and this cooperative spirit proved to be more than enough to move the world into a new age. 

Physically the infrastructure has taken only 20 years to put into place and is evolving constantly.  The more systems which are automated the less demand there is for a central governing body and so they were abandoned. 

Now that each citizen understands their role in the LBE (do what you do best to serve the community) and that each is a reflection of God the need for medical care, crime prevention, and law enforcement has all but disappeared.

The need for Government in a LBE economy still exists but is no longer a position of power.  As it always was intended to be, it is a position of service and for this reason the positions are easy to fill.  With money, career advancement and personal gain removed from the picture, honesty and integrity have naturally returned.  Love is the way.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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Vocation in the LBE

In the new LBE where resources are equally shared technology takes over the hard labor and frees people to follow their dreams.  Jobs are voluntary because we celebrate our diversity and share our unique gifts with society.  This is a continuation of our series on a Love Based Ecomony/Society. 

People do what they do best, create.  Each person follows their inner guidance and meets the needs of not only themselves, but society as well.  Creation comes in many forms, from art to zeitgeist.  Art, music, performance art, and the like are popular as forms of self expression now and even more so in a LBE because people now understand that everything you create is Art/self expression.  You may have heard the expression, practicing the art of medicine.  All vocations are an art form whether you create music, care for the needy, or design power generators.    

Service is the major vocation throughout the world today and this will only grow in a LBE.  Since the grunt work is done by machines very few people are needed to keep things running.  When people come from the place of Love, they are more inclined to find the good in everything they experience.   It is a cup runneth over mentality!

In the LBE people are in tune with the soul and thus always come from a space of Joy whether they are happy or sad.  We still feel the gamut of emotions, only now we have mastered their use.  The past 2000 years has been about learning to master emotion so that we can move into the next level of existence.  

Congratulations, we have arrived!  It is time to let go and let God.  Celebrate all you have learned thus far and know that you are ready for the next step, a Love Based Society/Economy.  You begin right now by asking yourself one simple question in every situation, “What would Love do now?”  

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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Relationships in a LBE

Relationships in the LBE revert back to their only true purpose of sharing God’s Love.  In more recent times it seems the ego has hijacked relationships to create separation and further its cause in this world, to keep you stuck here.  For this discussion of a Love based economy, we are looking at society within the LBE, so it could be said that it is also a Love based society. 

The fundamental premise of a LBE is Love of God, not man.  When unconditional, omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent Love is embraced your Divine purpose is fulfilled.  In a LBE each citizen understands, accepts and acts from this Divine Love. 

Relationships are an expression of who you are, so that no matter who you meet they are a reflection of you, the Divine.  This is fully understood in a LBE and embraced.  Relationships are experienced awake and aware of all the dynamics of being human.  There are no victims, only volunteers.

Courage will still be necessary to nurture any relationship be it Love, friendship, or acquaintance.  Adversarial relationships are no longer necessary in LBE because each person sees the Divine in each person they meet.  Growth is occurring now as a conscious choice and not because another person pushes you. 

We have realized that lack and suffering are not necessary and are a thing of the past in a LBE.  Growth happens on all levels as a function of the expanding Universe.  Regardless of what we do, growth in consciousness carries us along like a bubble in an expanding sphere.  

Each person you meet in a LBE is family so the birth family is less important, although they still serve a function in the early years of life.  The birth mother and father may or may not be the ones raising the child, since we all embrace each other as family.  It will depend on the living situation, need and often there will be many who raise the child. 

The elderly have taken the role of being child care providers so that the children can learn from those who are the wisest.  It is no longer the young woman’s duty to raise the children.  They are strong and their skills are put to other uses which harmonize with the woman.  It may include child care or it may not.  The key is that everyone in the child’s life is supportive and helpful.  No longer can a child be lost or forgotten.

Dating is something done from the desire to share of one’s self, for the sharing of Joy.  Marriage is no longer the norm, because unions take place at a spiritual level and are not controlled by the church or government.  A person Loves a certain person or number of people for as long as they desire.  The innate desire to start a family and having children has become intimately tied into nature and the desires of Mother Earth.  Populations are controlled by need and availability of resources in an intuitive way, much like animals control their populations. 

Polyamorous, Pansexual relationships are the norm in a Love Based Society.  In fact it is anything goes because each person is Loving and supportive of others, the concept of ownership is long past and each person is only interested in expressing God’s Love.  Diversity is not only embraced it is celebrated! 

Sequoia Elisabeth

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Ownership in a LBE

Ownership as a concept in the LBE is abandoned because each person realizes the illusion inherent in ownership.  We as an enlightened society embrace honesty and truth to the point that it pervades each aspect of society. 

The idea of paying for the right to use something that was originally meant for all beings to share simply is no longer acceptable.  The present conditions we impose on each other where created so that an economic system would operate.  Think about it for a minute. 

You do work of some type and are paid for it, you then turn around and pay others for services you need to survive.  It is a contrived system that separates and stratifies society, and simply does not allow equality!  This system served its purpose and now it is time to move on to a cashless system where we no longer have to get something before we give of ourselves.  Each person in a LBE realizes the source of all love, accepts their role in this love, and acts with compassion. 

Gaia or Nature truly “owns” everything on earth as she provides the materials and can destroy anything we create.  The idea of ownership when you really think about it is absurd.  Even if you create something wonderful, it is not yours because you got the inspiration from Holy Spirit, and used materials from Gaia or Nature, all you did was put them together in your own unique way.  Now yes this is a great gift and makes the world a beautiful place to live, but it is not ownership.  It is giving. 

No ownership frees us to live a life of safety and security.  If citizens know they have food to eat, a warm place to sleep and other people to love and support them doesn’t this provide a powerful platform to live your life from?  There is no concern about who’s home you live in, or who’s food you eat or who’s clothing you wear, because you know in your heart that it is yours as much as anyone’s.  Each person in a LBE honors possession as the law, and at the same time each person only takes what they need at the moment always thinking about other’s needs above their own.  This is a compassionate and loving way to live, this is a LBE. 

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity    

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