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Relationships in a LBE

on March 30, 2011

Relationships in the LBE revert back to their only true purpose of sharing God’s Love.  In more recent times it seems the ego has hijacked relationships to create separation and further its cause in this world, to keep you stuck here.  For this discussion of a Love based economy, we are looking at society within the LBE, so it could be said that it is also a Love based society. 

The fundamental premise of a LBE is Love of God, not man.  When unconditional, omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent Love is embraced your Divine purpose is fulfilled.  In a LBE each citizen understands, accepts and acts from this Divine Love. 

Relationships are an expression of who you are, so that no matter who you meet they are a reflection of you, the Divine.  This is fully understood in a LBE and embraced.  Relationships are experienced awake and aware of all the dynamics of being human.  There are no victims, only volunteers.

Courage will still be necessary to nurture any relationship be it Love, friendship, or acquaintance.  Adversarial relationships are no longer necessary in LBE because each person sees the Divine in each person they meet.  Growth is occurring now as a conscious choice and not because another person pushes you. 

We have realized that lack and suffering are not necessary and are a thing of the past in a LBE.  Growth happens on all levels as a function of the expanding Universe.  Regardless of what we do, growth in consciousness carries us along like a bubble in an expanding sphere.  

Each person you meet in a LBE is family so the birth family is less important, although they still serve a function in the early years of life.  The birth mother and father may or may not be the ones raising the child, since we all embrace each other as family.  It will depend on the living situation, need and often there will be many who raise the child. 

The elderly have taken the role of being child care providers so that the children can learn from those who are the wisest.  It is no longer the young woman’s duty to raise the children.  They are strong and their skills are put to other uses which harmonize with the woman.  It may include child care or it may not.  The key is that everyone in the child’s life is supportive and helpful.  No longer can a child be lost or forgotten.

Dating is something done from the desire to share of one’s self, for the sharing of Joy.  Marriage is no longer the norm, because unions take place at a spiritual level and are not controlled by the church or government.  A person Loves a certain person or number of people for as long as they desire.  The innate desire to start a family and having children has become intimately tied into nature and the desires of Mother Earth.  Populations are controlled by need and availability of resources in an intuitive way, much like animals control their populations. 

Polyamorous, Pansexual relationships are the norm in a Love Based Society.  In fact it is anything goes because each person is Loving and supportive of others, the concept of ownership is long past and each person is only interested in expressing God’s Love.  Diversity is not only embraced it is celebrated! 

Sequoia Elisabeth

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