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Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time there was a kingdom of Peace and Equality, where all peoples respected and honored each other as well as their environment.  Each person lived a life free to follow their dreams, and create any life they so choose.  The resources were abundant and anyone with the strength of character and body could attain as much as they desired.  Food was freely available all around in this place, and the more it was appreciated the more was available.

The greatest reward in this kingdom was the feeling of Love one felt when their actions where appreciated by another, whether they be person or animal (any intelligent being).  There was a connection anyone could feel when they gave this gift of love to another.  It could be as simple as looking another in the eyes and smiling!  This energy flows freely from one being to another and in all directions.  This energy of Love was the fabric that wove the entire kingdom together.

Those who knew of this energy and freely shared it where the rulers, and no one person or thing controlled it all.  There was no limit to the amount of love available to share and in fact the more one gave it away the more they had!

This kingdom is not a fairy tale but it is all around you this very moment.  The way you see the world is the way you will experience it.  What you expect to see is the beginning of the experience of it.  What is your story?  What part do you place in this grand drama called Life?  Take a moment and feel the love that exists within you, around you, and flowing through you this very moment.  Can you feel eternity?  It is right here!  And it is there too.  Know that you are the very Love you seek, the essence of all existence.  I love you, as you are Love.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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The possession of God is the silence of the heart. The thought of God is the silence of the mind. ~Mother Mary of St Austin

Chapter 6 from the eBook, Methods of Raising Our Energy, The following chapter discusses Silence as a tool for not only Spiritual Enlightenment but for daily practice.  For more on this topic please check out the free eBooks found on the website listed below.

A still soul is the pathway to God, for God resides in the silence in between reality.  The journey within begins with a desire to know God and is never finished.  When you sit in silence and hold nothing in your mind you are opening the door to the heart.  The heart is the seat of the soul thus connecting you to your higher self.  The next time you have a day off do nothing at all, and I do mean nothing!  This takes a lot of practice, but can lead to awesome shifts in perception of what is (Enlightenment).

Silence is the folding of the wings of the intellect to open the door of the heart. ~Catherine de Hueck Doherty

Meditation is the simple act of continuous and profound contemplation or musing on a subject or series of subjects of a deep or abstruse nature.  Many people use meditation as a method of clearing the mind and finding the nothingness we all are looking for.  The mind is a tool and it is always on.  Let me say it again, the mind is always on.  Meditation is focusing the mind on something, or nothing and since focusing on nothing is very challenging for the beginner start with something (a flame, spot on the wall, picture, or just about anything).  When using “nothing” as your focus for meditation, try imagining a white room with no furniture or anything. Mantras (an often repeated word, formula, or phrase) also work well, such as “I am Peace and Love”.  It is simply a statement that you resonate with as truth.  In your meditations focus on your desires in a positive way as if it is already true.

For Instance, say you desire Peace in your life, get comfortable, relax, let go, and focus on Peace.  Ask yourself questions such as these.  What does Peace mean?  What does it feel like?  Is it a place?  Is it temporary or permanent?  Where does it come from?  You get the point, to simply dwell deeper on the subject or object of focus.  It is also helpful to imagine Peace as a building and you are exploring its many levels starting with the grand front door.  See it in your mind!  Walking up will raise your consciousness and going into the basement will expose your fears which can be quite healing.

If another thought comes in, allow it to pass, and re-focus on the subject.  At first this will happen frequently, so just relax, and let it flow.  As you practice meditation it gets easier and easier, but the changes are not always apparent.  Not to worry, change is constant and with focus the change is in the order of increased energy!  If things appear to be going poorly that is OK too.  Whether you are experiencing this truth you meditation upon is due to many factors.  Some of which I discuss in my first book, Livin’ Large.

Suffice it to say that thoughts plus emotions equal feelings and let your feelings be your guide, not what you think you see.  Persistence and consistency always pay off.  Remember that meditation is a simple act and can last for a few seconds or hours, it can occur when you least expect it, like while cleaning, exercising, or working, or it can occur when you deliberately focus on it.  Without meditation in its purest form humans would perish!  So you do it already, and you can get much greater benefit by doing it on purpose.  Awareness is the path to freedom.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Are You Happy?

Are you Happy?  We seek Happiness in all that we do.  Our desire is to be happy at all times and this is simply not possible.  You see, happiness is an emotion and it has an opposite, sadness.  You are either happy or you are sad, but never both at the same time.

The emotion you are presently feeling may or may not be happy or sad, however what you can feel or experience at all times is Joy.  Joy is a state of being, like Peace and Love.  It exists always and in all ways, because it is your very nature!  If you could strip away all that you are not, what is left is your essence – Joy, Peace, Love.  God is an equivalent word because your very essence is God expressed.  There are an infinite number of Divine expressions!

One of the most delicious experiences is to feel sad as you allow Joy to express.  If you think you are sad and happy at the same time, in reality it is Joy that you feel.  Joy and happiness are often confused so let me explain the difference.  Happy is a short term, often invigorating and sometimes overwhelming feeling of elation; a high so to speak.  It comes quickly and often leaves just as quickly.  It feels good but is not always memorable.

Joy on the other hand is like a fountain of contentment.  An experience of bliss extended over a lifetime.  Joy runs deep and exists always whether you are experiencing it or not.  You may be experiencing Peace or Love instead because the three are interchangeable.  They are the well of your being!  Awareness is what allows you to experience them.  Simply choose to experience Joy and this will happen.  It sometimes takes a few minutes of relaxing and allowing this essence to surface.  The feeling is one of contentment, safety, and bliss.  It is not dependent on what is happening around you, and this is a key difference from happiness.

It is almost impossible to feel happy during a crisis or disaster, however you can feel Joy, Peace, Love.  We most often would describe this experience as Peace or calm within the storm.  It is a knowing that all is well and that you are safe despite the appearances.

Experiencing Joy on a regular basis takes conscious effort; an awareness.  It is like you are awakening to your inner essence and all this takes is a choice to do so.  State your choice in the form of an intention, like this.  I intend to be aware of Joy, Peace, or Love at all times no matter what is happening in my life.  I will share these experiences as the opportunity arises.  As my awareness grows so will the depth and breadth of the experience!  So be it and so it is.

These experiences come from within your heart and cannot be experienced with the mind or brain.  Emotions are regulated by the brain and thus are subject to the environment and to your thoughts.  However, because Joy comes through the heart from the soul it is a form of connection to Higher realms and cannot be lost.

As a warm sensation fills your heart and calms your entire body with Peace, contentment envelopes your entire being.  Break this connection and anxiety ensues.  True bliss is a connection to your Soul!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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A Vision for Peace

Today I share this vision of Peace because we each have our own vision of Peace.  Not sure what your version is?  Simply look around you, not at the TV or media, but around your personal space.  Is it full of drama?  Is there a war zone?  How about illicit activities?

I know most of you reading this today live in a world of Peace, one where we are deceived by the media into believing Peace does not exist.  All possible realities exist!  All ways and always!  And by your actions do they manifest into your life.  Bring your life to consciousness and look for the good joyful Peace.  Even in a war zone Peace exists.  Many have been witness to this – know it within your heart!

A Vision for Peace

“We see a world where peace is everywhere, where humanity has risen up and out of our old defensive mindset; where we all see, ever-so-clearly, that every time we bought into the idea that we needed to take a defensive stance or felt we had to defend ourselves against foreign enemies, unfriendly neighbors, dangerous criminals, the local militia, or anyone who appeared to threaten us, we were actually attracting an attack upon ourselves because we were holding the thought of being attacked – a thought which will manifest as easily as any other.

By the same token, we envision a world where mankind has risen up and out of our need to be in opposition to others because we have seen, ever-so-clearly, that when we oppose another, we become just like them.

With these two thought patterns having gone by the wayside, we now see a world where we no longer support anyone or any institution that advocates aggression, destruction, or harming others in any way. Now, we envision a world where people walk the sidewalks and roads of all lands freely and openly, where we smile at one another easily, work together in cooperation, and want only for the well-being and goodwill of everyone else; where all weapons are gone and we solve our challenges by negotiating, by compromising, and by helping one another to realize our dreams in an atmosphere of peace and unbridled creativity.

It is in this environment – an environment where everyone feels completely and utterly safe – that the peace in our hearts and minds has worked its way outward into our world as well; where all people enjoy their lives because peace – true peace – is both inside and outside of us at the same time.” (

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Peace Is Within

The blog has been less frequent lately because I am out living the dream!  I am sure you are as well in your own way.  As a Spiritual Peacemaker it is my calling to help others find Peace within.  It is important to realize that Peace is always and all ways present.  You may or may not be aware of it, but it exists as surely as the air you are breathing.  In fact air can be removed, while Peace cannot.  For instance Peace exists in outer space while air does not.

One of the best ways I have found to reach Peace is meditation.  Many people find meditation difficult and this is because you do not fully understand what meditation is.

First of all let us consider what Peace is.  Without dragging out the dictionary, think of Peace as the Spirit within you and all things.  It is a still, calm, quiet, serene place but can also be active, forceful, and dynamic.  Peace is quite simply the force of Great Spirit, Universal Consciousness or God.  We find it calming and comforting because this is our home, our natural state.  Finding Peace then is like finding yourself!

Meditation then is a state of thoughtless awareness.  Meaning the mind is clear of thought yet keenly aware.  It is possible to be aware of something without thinking about it.  For example you can be aware of someone without thinking about them.  You don’t have to be in a lotus position to meditate, and in fact we meditate all the time, but do not call it meditation.  Manual labor or repetitive tasks are the most common ways we slip into meditation.

Physiologically the mind works at various frequencies from 40 to 1.5 cycles per second and represent 4-5 stages of activity, Beta (40-15), Alpha (9-14), Theta (5-8), and Delta High (4-3)/Delta Deep (1.5-2).  Meditation usually occurs in the Theta range of 5-8 cycles per second, but can also be a bit higher in the Alpha.

The wee hours of the morning are easiest to reach this meditative state, because the rest of the ego world is sleeping and so the mental or psychic airwaves are calmer and with less disturbance.  Many people will rise at 4 or 5 am to do their daily meditation and while this does make the process easier it is certainly not required.  I would say if you are just starting the practice of daily meditation, creating the habit of rising early and doing the meditation in the private space of your room can be a great way to center yourself before the day begins.

Meditation can be as short as 10 seconds or can last for days.  Typically a person mediates for 30-60 minutes till they get good at it and then they can meditate literally at the drop of a hat.  It does take practice and discipline so set aside a few minutes a day at least and get started!  For more on meditation see the website, Unity in Gender Diversity.  The eBook “Methods of Raising Our Energy” is available there and covers different methods.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Finding Peace

As a Spiritual Peacemaker it is my calling to help others find the Peace within and in so doing create Peace within me.  One of the best ways I have found to reach this space of Peace is meditation.  Many people find meditation difficult and this is because you do not fully understand what meditation is. 

First of all let us consider what Peace is.  Without dragging out the dictionary, think of Peace as the Spirit within you and all things.  It is a still, calm, quiet, serene place but can also be active, forceful, and dynamic.  Peace is quite simply the force of Great Spirit, Universal Consciousness or God.  We find it calming and comforting because this is our home, our natural state.  Finding Peace then would be like finding yourself!  

The wee hours of the morning are easiest to reach this space.  Why?  Because the rest of the ego world is sleeping and so the airwaves are calmer and with less disturbance.  Many people will rise at 4 or 5 am to do their daily meditation and while this does make the process easier it is certainly not required.  I would say if you are just starting the practice of daily meditation, creating the habit of rising early and doing the meditation in the private space of your room can be a great way to center yourself before the day begins.

Start by getting comfortable, but not so comfortable that you are prone to fall asleep.  It is of course ok to fall asleep, this is simply not the brain wave pattern we are shooting for.  This space is just above the sleep realm.  Relaxed and calm, but not out of it.  Focus on a central point and relax.  Breathe slowly and feel your breathe move in and out of your body.  Move your stomach and not so much your diaphragm.  The Buddhists call this belly breathing.  The seat of your soul is located in the middle of your belly just above the navel.   And the doorway into the soul is through the heart located just above the belly near the xyphoid in the center of your chest.  Focus your attention to these locations and feel the sensations.  Imagine Light beaming from within you and radiating out in all directions.  As you relax into this feeling, Peace reveals itself. 

Peace is always present as this is your essence.  If you feel anxious, nervous, painful, fidgety, or distressed this is the ego and the message is false.  The mind is in control here and the purpose of meditation is to release this control and fall back on your essence.  Thinking is not necessary and should be avoided.  A busy mind can be released with intention and practice.  Focus on observation and feeling the space within.  After a while you will be able to simply move into a place of peace at any time, with a simple intention.  If at first you are only in this place for a second, you have still found it and you should congratulate yourself.   Use this tool often and in any situation, it will serve you well.  May your New Year be filled with Joy, Love and Peace!  namaste’

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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The Perfect Relationship

Does it really exist?  Don’t be too quick to judge.  Of course it does, and I am going to show you, but first a few points and foundational comments to start with.  We have a relationship with everything in our life.  So this means that you have a relationship with your family, your pets, your Lover, and every object in your life.  What I am focused on here is the Love relationship with a partner.  Many of the principles will go with any relationship. 

The first thing to remember is that all relationships are about one thing, God expressing through you in self-awareness.  As you are aware of God, God experiences God.  Now, who or what is God.  Simply put God is all there is.  So how does an omnipotent, omnipresent, being know itself?   By creating you!  Of course the other thing to remember is that God knows all there is to know and so do you.  God wants nothing, because God is everything.  The word I think best describes God is LOVE. 

With this in mind, as I express Love, I am expressing GOD.  I am being the best “God” I can be.  The goal in any relationship is to express Love.  This expression leads to Peace and the experience of Peace will take us beyond all that is not God to a realization that we have been home with God all along.  Yes, there is “not God” in this dualistic world, and you probably know this better than you realize.  The easy way to tell the difference is “not God” separates, while God unifies. 

So as we go thru our life we will be doing things and we will have feelings while doing them.  As long as the feeling is positive you are on the right track, if you feel a sick feeling or negative one then something is not right and you need to change direction.  This takes practice and experimentation, but over the years you will learn to do this either, consciously or not.  The desire is to make this expression conscious and by observing your feelings, which are a combination of thoughts and emotions, you are being guided by Holy Spirit.  A heightened consciousness and a greater awareness of all that is will result. 

The next obvious question is how does one express Love.  And this is really what relationships are for, the practice of expressing Love so that we may experience ourselves in our highest glory and that we may know God as God.  Your partner is a witness to your life, your best friend, and your supporter.  In so doing they are experiencing God.  Conversely you are the same for them.  Thus the cycle of Love and relation moves, grows and cycles back where it started with God

The partner relationship has one main purpose, to Love and Be Loved.  How this looks is open for interpretation with infinite possibilities!  It is best experienced without judgment or expectations as to what it should be like.  Simply accept it all as an expression of Great Spirit or God. 

Similar interests helps to move things along,  so as we express ourselves your partner can understand more fully what you are doing and can help guide you by participating in the experience.  Of course we all have thoughts that are different than our partner and this is the real gift.  As we celebrate our differences, not trying to accentuate them, but by honoring them, our partner helps us grow.  The longer two people are together the closer aligned they become. 

Love your partner as they are, because it is up to them to change, if they even want to, so if you are not happy with something about them then step back and see if it is not something about you that is the real problem.  Remember the world is a reflection of who you are and I mean your personal world, not the world at large (that is a culmination of all that is).  As you celebrate your partner so you celebrate yourself, because we are all one. 

Criticize not, or you will be condemning yourself.  The more you become one with your partner the stronger the relationship becomes, but this need not be done by constantly standing by their side and melting into a shadow.  In fact, the more you express yourself and be the person you were meant to be the better.  Freedom to do this is important for a healthy relationship.  Balance is advised here.  Let me just say that we each have to learn on our own how this works, so doing what worked for someone else is no guarantee that it will work for you.  Your assets enhance your partner; your strength is theirs.  Forget about any short comings, they are soon to be history anyway.  In the process of growth be forgiving of any mistakes you or your partner makes.  A short memory when it comes to these things is a blessing.  Each day is a new day, a new opportunity for you to be the best “you” possible.  

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Know Who Guides You

This is a continuation from yesterday. 

There are several aspects to this voice we hear in our heads that will tell you if you are listening to God or ego.  Some of the aspects of the ego are that it wants to be heard, so this voice is loud often taking front stage.  The other thing is that our minds never stop, even when we are sleeping, the ego does not sleep!  One reason people do not sleep well is they are listening to their ego.  Learning how to shut down your ego is what Buddhist monks work on all their lives, so do not expect to do this over night.  Once you understand what your ego mind is and how to detect it, making the conscious choice to not listen is much easier.  Resistance is Futile so do not oppose the ego, simply choose not to listen and instead focus on listening to the God Mind. 

The God Mind is quiet, consistent, and loving.  It never asks you to do anything that might harm you.  If it hurts or if pain is involved then God is not speaking.  God only speaks to you in your Highest and Best interest.  God does not yell or demand.  God will answer your questions a million times if necessary and never complain that you do not remember.  Any criticism you may hear is coming from ego mind since God never complains, criticizes, or demeans.  God speaks only inspiring, helpful, and loving thoughts.  Abundance is Gods nature so if you have any thoughts of lack you are listening to ego.  When our lives are given to Holy Spirit, which is the voice for God, Abundance becomes easy and second nature for us because we are allowing this energy to express through us. 

Crisis will occur in your life because this is an ego world, so just accept it and look instead for the gift hidden within the crisis.  Be grateful for all that presents itself to you whether you think you want it or not.  Gratitude has the power to heal and set things back into harmony.  It is time for me to share a prayer with you.  Look at these words as if it was the first time you have ever seen them, how do they apply in your life?

Christian Prayer for Peace

Blessed are the Peacemakers for they shall be known as the Children of God.
But I say to you that hear, love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you.
To those who strike you on the cheek offer the other also, and from those who take away your cloak, do not withhold your coat as well.
Give to everyone who begs from you, and of those who take away your goods, do not ask them again.  And as you wish that others would to do you, do so to them. 

Blessings on your Journey of Love  🙂   Sequoia Elisabeth

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Safety Cont.

The secret to safety is to focus on your desires to be healthy, happy and have fun!  Simply tell yourself, I am safe, I am happy, I am “whatever you desire”(fill in the blank).  The more you do this the more it is true, just think of the number of times you have fearful thoughts vs. the number of times you have safe thoughts, which is greater?  You are attracting what you think about the most. 

Many things contribute to your feeling safe and are in your direct control, like if your big brother/sister, boyfriend or girlfriend is with you, then you will feel more safe.  If you know that police officers who you trust patrol your neighborhood then you will feel more safe.  If you have a security system in your home you will feel more safe.  If you stay out of areas that are prone to violence, like back alleys at 2am, then you will feel more safe, if you avoid groups of men who look board, or are rowdy, then you will feel more safe, if you are awake and alert when you move around, esp. at night, then you will feel more safe.  If you feel safe then you ARE safe!

Additional suggestions to enhance your feeling of safety is to travel in a group or at least with one friend, do research on where you are going and know where you are at all times, have a cell phone with you to call for help, a whistle to blow attracts attention and can boost your feeling of being safe, tell someone where you are going and when you will return, stay in areas that are populated, and please do not carry a weapon.  Weapons say to the universe “I am vulnerable and scared for my safety”!  They actually attract danger to you, so please trust that you will be fine.  Remember feelings of safety attract safety, and if you have a weapon they often work against you either by accident or by the perpetrator. 

Other things that contribute to your safety like well lighted streets, and police patrols are not directly in our control, but can be helpful in enhancing our safety when you are aware of them.  Ultimately it is each of us who are responsible for our own safety.  Let me repeat that for emphasis, I am responsible for my own safety, just as you are responsible for yours.  The saying goes, “Protect and Serve”, and police officers are responsible for upholding the law and preventing crime when possible, but they are not responsible for your personal safety.  The point I would like to close with is that by our thoughts, words and actions we create our experiences!  We are Masters of our destiny and when we stay focused on our dreams and desires miracles are created.   🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Safety and the Law of Attraction

Safety is a feeling we have when we know that our bodies are not in danger.  A few key points here are that safety is a perception accompanied with a feeling and it concerns our physical bodies.  Whether you feel safe or not has nothing to do with reality and everything to do with how you perceive reality!  This is very important because if we look at the physical evidence such as stats and figures in a logical way the chance of actually being harmed are quite low when compared to actual occurrences.  Out of 7,621 incidents reported in 2007 only 16.6% or 1,265 were sexually oriented.   Let’s look deeper at those numbers, The USA population is an estimated 308, 751, 584 now we will assume the GLBT population to be approx. 20% of that or 61,750,316.8.  Now that is 1,265 out of 61,750,316 or 2 millionths of a % chance of being a statistic!!  Our minds play all sorts of tricks on us and frankly are not to be trusted. 

The Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like” and to fully understand this we need to think of like energies, not necessarily things that appear similar.  Everything is energy and each person has an energy field that surrounds them.  The point is that if we feel safe then we exude that energy and attract that reality to us, thus we experience being safe.  One the other hand if we are scared for any reason, founded or unfounded, we are attracting the very danger we wish to avoid.  So what makes us feel scared or threatened? 

Usually it involves the actions of another human being and can take forms, such as verbal abuse, aggressive physical behavior and actual attack.  However it can also be our imaginations, a scary movie, or a story from a well meaning friend.  A few things to keep in mind are, if you react with fear then you are feeding the flame, what you resist persists, and resistance is futile and while these may be cliché they are true.  The question now rests on what can we do to feel safe at all times and if fear creeps in how can we release it? 

There are several things we can do to avoid this feeling of fear.  First and foremost is to focus on Peace.  The more we focus on peace the more we attract it, since what you focus on grows.  Notice how often you feel safe.  Do you feel safe right now?  How about this morning? Or last night?  Peace is always present!  Only our awareness shifts!  More tomorrow….  😉  Sequoia Elisabeth

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Resistance is Futile

As the decade draws to a close let us give thanks for all the wonderful things that happened while forgiving those tragedies that tested our resolve.  I for one can think of many milestones in my life and I am sure you will come up with a long list as well.  Life for all of us has change drastically and if it has not then get prepared because it is about to.  We could think of this past decade as the calm before the storm, but most of us have been in the storm so I think most of us would agree that the storm is about over.  Depending on how far back you choose to look, the past 300 yrs have been a storm of change and growth for our world.  The point here is that we have had enough storm and it is time for peace.

Peace and Prosperity is here now if we are only willing to open our eyes and see.  I get the feeling though that many of us are doing that very thing as we reflect on the changes in the economy, environment and society in general. The one thing we must do is prepare to lose it all!  Not until you are willing to give up what you think you have will you truly enjoy it!  This seems like a paradox and in a way it is.  I only know that it is truth I have experienced firsthand.  Anyone who has had a near death experience will know what I mean.  Or you may have heard the saying, “You don’t appreciate something till it is gone.”  This does not have to be the case.  We can appreciate our lives right now and in doing so truly experience them.  We do this by giving of ourselves to others, so just give up!  Giving up is a powerful action that often works better than trying to force things; “resistance is futile” anyway!

Turn your life over to Holy Spirit and all is well.  It is a matter of willingness and we have a twelve step process that we go through in The Spiritual Peacemaker ministry which was adopted from the Emissaries of Light.  James Twyman put it all into words or I should say poetry as “The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking” is the most beautiful book I have read.  The wisdom runs deep like the waters of an ocean and yet it lifts you up in ways that cannot be spoken.  Please visit my website on The Twelve Attributes if you wish to learn more, or get James’s book and take a deep swim in warm waters. 

🙂  Sequoia Elisabeth

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