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A Vision for Peace

on November 15, 2011

Today I share this vision of Peace because we each have our own vision of Peace.  Not sure what your version is?  Simply look around you, not at the TV or media, but around your personal space.  Is it full of drama?  Is there a war zone?  How about illicit activities?

I know most of you reading this today live in a world of Peace, one where we are deceived by the media into believing Peace does not exist.  All possible realities exist!  All ways and always!  And by your actions do they manifest into your life.  Bring your life to consciousness and look for the good joyful Peace.  Even in a war zone Peace exists.  Many have been witness to this – know it within your heart!

A Vision for Peace

“We see a world where peace is everywhere, where humanity has risen up and out of our old defensive mindset; where we all see, ever-so-clearly, that every time we bought into the idea that we needed to take a defensive stance or felt we had to defend ourselves against foreign enemies, unfriendly neighbors, dangerous criminals, the local militia, or anyone who appeared to threaten us, we were actually attracting an attack upon ourselves because we were holding the thought of being attacked – a thought which will manifest as easily as any other.

By the same token, we envision a world where mankind has risen up and out of our need to be in opposition to others because we have seen, ever-so-clearly, that when we oppose another, we become just like them.

With these two thought patterns having gone by the wayside, we now see a world where we no longer support anyone or any institution that advocates aggression, destruction, or harming others in any way. Now, we envision a world where people walk the sidewalks and roads of all lands freely and openly, where we smile at one another easily, work together in cooperation, and want only for the well-being and goodwill of everyone else; where all weapons are gone and we solve our challenges by negotiating, by compromising, and by helping one another to realize our dreams in an atmosphere of peace and unbridled creativity.

It is in this environment – an environment where everyone feels completely and utterly safe – that the peace in our hearts and minds has worked its way outward into our world as well; where all people enjoy their lives because peace – true peace – is both inside and outside of us at the same time.” (

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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