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Safety and the Law of Attraction

on February 26, 2010

Safety is a feeling we have when we know that our bodies are not in danger.  A few key points here are that safety is a perception accompanied with a feeling and it concerns our physical bodies.  Whether you feel safe or not has nothing to do with reality and everything to do with how you perceive reality!  This is very important because if we look at the physical evidence such as stats and figures in a logical way the chance of actually being harmed are quite low when compared to actual occurrences.  Out of 7,621 incidents reported in 2007 only 16.6% or 1,265 were sexually oriented.   Let’s look deeper at those numbers, The USA population is an estimated 308, 751, 584 now we will assume the GLBT population to be approx. 20% of that or 61,750,316.8.  Now that is 1,265 out of 61,750,316 or 2 millionths of a % chance of being a statistic!!  Our minds play all sorts of tricks on us and frankly are not to be trusted. 

The Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like” and to fully understand this we need to think of like energies, not necessarily things that appear similar.  Everything is energy and each person has an energy field that surrounds them.  The point is that if we feel safe then we exude that energy and attract that reality to us, thus we experience being safe.  One the other hand if we are scared for any reason, founded or unfounded, we are attracting the very danger we wish to avoid.  So what makes us feel scared or threatened? 

Usually it involves the actions of another human being and can take forms, such as verbal abuse, aggressive physical behavior and actual attack.  However it can also be our imaginations, a scary movie, or a story from a well meaning friend.  A few things to keep in mind are, if you react with fear then you are feeding the flame, what you resist persists, and resistance is futile and while these may be cliché they are true.  The question now rests on what can we do to feel safe at all times and if fear creeps in how can we release it? 

There are several things we can do to avoid this feeling of fear.  First and foremost is to focus on Peace.  The more we focus on peace the more we attract it, since what you focus on grows.  Notice how often you feel safe.  Do you feel safe right now?  How about this morning? Or last night?  Peace is always present!  Only our awareness shifts!  More tomorrow….  😉  Sequoia Elisabeth

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