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The Perfect Relationship

on June 22, 2010

Does it really exist?  Don’t be too quick to judge.  Of course it does, and I am going to show you, but first a few points and foundational comments to start with.  We have a relationship with everything in our life.  So this means that you have a relationship with your family, your pets, your Lover, and every object in your life.  What I am focused on here is the Love relationship with a partner.  Many of the principles will go with any relationship. 

The first thing to remember is that all relationships are about one thing, God expressing through you in self-awareness.  As you are aware of God, God experiences God.  Now, who or what is God.  Simply put God is all there is.  So how does an omnipotent, omnipresent, being know itself?   By creating you!  Of course the other thing to remember is that God knows all there is to know and so do you.  God wants nothing, because God is everything.  The word I think best describes God is LOVE. 

With this in mind, as I express Love, I am expressing GOD.  I am being the best “God” I can be.  The goal in any relationship is to express Love.  This expression leads to Peace and the experience of Peace will take us beyond all that is not God to a realization that we have been home with God all along.  Yes, there is “not God” in this dualistic world, and you probably know this better than you realize.  The easy way to tell the difference is “not God” separates, while God unifies. 

So as we go thru our life we will be doing things and we will have feelings while doing them.  As long as the feeling is positive you are on the right track, if you feel a sick feeling or negative one then something is not right and you need to change direction.  This takes practice and experimentation, but over the years you will learn to do this either, consciously or not.  The desire is to make this expression conscious and by observing your feelings, which are a combination of thoughts and emotions, you are being guided by Holy Spirit.  A heightened consciousness and a greater awareness of all that is will result. 

The next obvious question is how does one express Love.  And this is really what relationships are for, the practice of expressing Love so that we may experience ourselves in our highest glory and that we may know God as God.  Your partner is a witness to your life, your best friend, and your supporter.  In so doing they are experiencing God.  Conversely you are the same for them.  Thus the cycle of Love and relation moves, grows and cycles back where it started with God

The partner relationship has one main purpose, to Love and Be Loved.  How this looks is open for interpretation with infinite possibilities!  It is best experienced without judgment or expectations as to what it should be like.  Simply accept it all as an expression of Great Spirit or God. 

Similar interests helps to move things along,  so as we express ourselves your partner can understand more fully what you are doing and can help guide you by participating in the experience.  Of course we all have thoughts that are different than our partner and this is the real gift.  As we celebrate our differences, not trying to accentuate them, but by honoring them, our partner helps us grow.  The longer two people are together the closer aligned they become. 

Love your partner as they are, because it is up to them to change, if they even want to, so if you are not happy with something about them then step back and see if it is not something about you that is the real problem.  Remember the world is a reflection of who you are and I mean your personal world, not the world at large (that is a culmination of all that is).  As you celebrate your partner so you celebrate yourself, because we are all one. 

Criticize not, or you will be condemning yourself.  The more you become one with your partner the stronger the relationship becomes, but this need not be done by constantly standing by their side and melting into a shadow.  In fact, the more you express yourself and be the person you were meant to be the better.  Freedom to do this is important for a healthy relationship.  Balance is advised here.  Let me just say that we each have to learn on our own how this works, so doing what worked for someone else is no guarantee that it will work for you.  Your assets enhance your partner; your strength is theirs.  Forget about any short comings, they are soon to be history anyway.  In the process of growth be forgiving of any mistakes you or your partner makes.  A short memory when it comes to these things is a blessing.  Each day is a new day, a new opportunity for you to be the best “you” possible.  

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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