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The Simple Truth

Trans-gender is just that, changing gender identity from one to the other. The concept of a sex change has been promoted from the get go, way back in 1952, though what one really changes is gender, not sex. Our sex is determined by our DNA and as yet, is not changeable by man. The genitalia does not determine sex. Is a female who is post hysterectomy or mastectomy still female? Man or Woman are gender terms and thus determined through self identity with the assistance of social feedback. Eunuch is the term for a castrated male and as far as I can see applies perfectly to males post sexual reassignment surgery. Some have promoted the term Gender Reassignment Surgery and this is simply an attempt to justify their actions. I have met and known many people who identify as Trans* and it simply does not matter what their physical body says, their mind determines who they are. As feminine as I am, I am still male and I cannot run away from it.

Gender dysphoria has plague me since puberty, sometime being quite the burden and others where it did not matter at all. This is the pulse of Life itself. Purging is a natural function of the human mind. On again, off again seems so natural to me and I see it everywhere. Hobbies for instance often go through purging. We go all in with a hobby and 5-10yrs down the road we bore with it and change directions, only so many years later to come back to it. For me, gender identity is like this too. Hormone levels play a much bigger role in how feminine or masculine one feels, speaking purely from experience. Read my eBook if you wish to know more about hormones. I have been researching this topic now for over 40 years including personal experience.

You may believe otherwise from what I am presenting here and it really does not matter what you believe on the surface, it is your core beliefs (subconscious mind) which you experience. If you are Trans* (any identity other than conventional) then your inner self has emerged! Embrace it for what it is. Please do not judge it as either good or bad. It simply is what it is. Of course this depends on perception, so this is my attempt to live authentically, if that is even possible as a human being. I am awakening from the delusion that I can be anything other than what I was born to be.

Sequoia Elisabeth

Oneness Ministry

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Realizations of Truth

Welcome to the new ‘me’, I had a revealing dream last night, so I am reborn! My identity crisis slips away as I become more clear by the day. If you read my blog you know I follow the teachings of Jesus as told in A Course In Miracles (ACIM), so I do not identify with my body. Yet I seem to have one and as per the laws of this realm what you are born with is what you have to work with. I was born male so there ya go, I am male. (SURGERY DOES NOT CHANGE THIS) My desire to express as what this society deems feminine is not something that I can change. These desires do wax and wane… much like the moon. Thus my self identity as a male/woman. (How you identify me says more about who you are then who I am)  Sexual orientation leans towards females, however some males are also attractive so I suppose this makes me Pansexual since I know the binary simply no longer applies. The important thing is I am allowing myself to express Love (agape) to all aspects of the One. (Life is not about intercourse, nor propagation. It is merely one path to God if used properly) I love all of you, me, US.

So how does this apply to our ‘reality’? As long as I live here in Colorado I will continue to maintain the (F) on my identification, but I know that it is as much a facade as a (M) would be. They are labels created by man so he could discriminate. Jesus did not speak of such things that separate us. I will continue to dress as it pleases me, because my comfort is yours. Sometimes more feminine than others, and to quote the Sikh Prayer for Peace:

“God adjudges us according to our deeds, not the clothes that we wear;

That truth is above everything, but higher still is truthful living.

Know that we attain God when we love,

and only that victory endures in consequences of which no one is defeated.”

My goals here in this realm continue to be inspiring others and thus myself. Caring for ‘other self’ as I would my own self. Putting ‘other self’ first which means I am conscious of your needs. Free will is the Highest Law of the Universe (Truthful Living), so my decisions take this into consideration first. If you need my help you must ask! If you ask, my answer is Yes, to the best of my ability. Faith is the key word in my life now. To be is to have Faith.

Love and Light, Sequoia &

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We Are One Consciousness

Transition as we know affects each of us in our own personal ways, so today I would like to look at this a little closer and point out the similarities of Human growth.  Transition is really a Universal Consciousness phenomenon.  While you may have very intimate personal experiences in your life, you are not alone in these experiences!

Everything your senses sense are recorded in the Akashic records for later soul review (after life review) and these experiences are linked to the greater race consciousness and Universal consciousness as well.  So thoughts and experiences can be shared.  Each chakra represents a level of consciousness and you may not be aware of all 12 at this time, however there are many more things in heaven and earth….

This sounds complex and indeed it is.  It is also a miraculous process as well.  Take gender transition for example, modern science as told us that the brain is wired female, while the body is constructed male (or vice versa) and this is the cause behind the human experience of being Transgender.  I submit that this is a gross oversimplification of a multi-dimensional phenomenon.  The dysphoria runs much deeper than gender or even sex.  From my experience it is something that spans many dimensional levels and not just one chakra level (gender/sex is the second chakra).

We have all been experiencing changes in life over the past few decades and in fact the entire Universe is experiencing these energetic shifts.  It is a proven fact that every planet in our solar system is experiencing global warming for instance.  Everyone I know is experiencing some sort of transition and some are experiencing multiple transitions!  By transition I mean major change in your life.  This can be change of career, moving to a new country, sex change, relationship changes, health changes, etc.

Now it is true that life here on earth is all about change, however I venture to say that these are affecting more of us than ever at one time, thus proving the inter-connection of everyone on earth.  What you do effects everyone else at some level and when we work together for a certain change, like Occupy Wall Street, or World Peace.  The change is even more rapid and profound.  Know that by embracing your life’s purpose or calling you empower others.  Just the simply act of following your dreams opens countless doors!  As you say YES, it echoes throughout the land (conscious mind).  We are One.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Transition Journey

So what is transition really?  Ok, so it is a change, but what does that mean?  Yes, change is the most constant force in the Universe!  By transition do we mean a flower blooming?  Or a child growing to an adult?  Maybe, however to make this as simple as we can let’s go with a definition of changing from one state of being to another.  Now let’s get more specific and look at gender identity.  The transition I speak of today is gender transition. 

In a way the transition is not about change at all, but about awareness.  Just being aware of what already is.  The core does not change.  Instead the person moves from ones state of being to another.  Like peeling the layers of an onion the transition journey reveals the deeper realization of self.  This may take a lifetime or it can be done in a few years.  The fact is that individuals are born with a gender identity that is innate.  However it is easy to be mis-lead by appearances.  Getting caught up in societies expectations is so easy with all the roles we have thrust upon us.  

Authentic gender transition is about removing the false persona, male identity for MtoF or female persona for FtoM, which is created to “fit” into the world based on societies expectations.  Removing the veil and allowing our authentic self to emerge is what the journey is all about.  Growing up takes time so transition does not happen overnight, however transition does happen a lot faster than the first time around, unless you are one of the lucky ones who have not allowed the veil to be drawn.  When you start young the false persona is not created, but you still must be aware of your authentic self and make sure this is who you are expressing.  More and more kids are being allowed to transition now days which is a revolution of awakening in this authors opinion. 

Transition is a natural process that really needs no assistance other than deep awareness.  Are you aware of how you feel?  What makes you happy?  Have you walked down that road and deeply enjoyed the journey?  If you are male transitioning to female then dress up and see how it feels.  Know as much as you can about the journey. It is sort of like planning a trip from New York to Shangri-La. In order to get to Shangri-La one must leave New York.  

If you need a tour guide then by all means, please get help.  Discovering the aspects of you that are false can be a long road and not an obvious one.  The most important aspect of the transition journey is to be authentic and natural.  Authenticity involves following your bliss, and doing that which brings Joy to your heart.  Let go of any desire to play a role or attempt to fit other people’s expectations.  It is not about being black or white (male or female), but about showing your true colors!

🙂  Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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