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We Are One Consciousness

on October 30, 2011

Transition as we know affects each of us in our own personal ways, so today I would like to look at this a little closer and point out the similarities of Human growth.  Transition is really a Universal Consciousness phenomenon.  While you may have very intimate personal experiences in your life, you are not alone in these experiences!

Everything your senses sense are recorded in the Akashic records for later soul review (after life review) and these experiences are linked to the greater race consciousness and Universal consciousness as well.  So thoughts and experiences can be shared.  Each chakra represents a level of consciousness and you may not be aware of all 12 at this time, however there are many more things in heaven and earth….

This sounds complex and indeed it is.  It is also a miraculous process as well.  Take gender transition for example, modern science as told us that the brain is wired female, while the body is constructed male (or vice versa) and this is the cause behind the human experience of being Transgender.  I submit that this is a gross oversimplification of a multi-dimensional phenomenon.  The dysphoria runs much deeper than gender or even sex.  From my experience it is something that spans many dimensional levels and not just one chakra level (gender/sex is the second chakra).

We have all been experiencing changes in life over the past few decades and in fact the entire Universe is experiencing these energetic shifts.  It is a proven fact that every planet in our solar system is experiencing global warming for instance.  Everyone I know is experiencing some sort of transition and some are experiencing multiple transitions!  By transition I mean major change in your life.  This can be change of career, moving to a new country, sex change, relationship changes, health changes, etc.

Now it is true that life here on earth is all about change, however I venture to say that these are affecting more of us than ever at one time, thus proving the inter-connection of everyone on earth.  What you do effects everyone else at some level and when we work together for a certain change, like Occupy Wall Street, or World Peace.  The change is even more rapid and profound.  Know that by embracing your life’s purpose or calling you empower others.  Just the simply act of following your dreams opens countless doors!  As you say YES, it echoes throughout the land (conscious mind).  We are One.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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