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The Galactic Alignment

Are you feeling it?  What? …The Galactic Alignment of course.  Depending on who you are listing to this is either an event of monumental significance or simply another galactic event which will pass with many being unaware.  NASA is down playing the significance of this event as no more important than an eclipse or meteor shower.  While others namely the Mayans, Hopi, and Peruvians are predicting major changes on the order of magnetic pole shifts, and other earthly changes.  (Interesting video on this topic)

The most important aspect of this shift is it correlates to the end of the zodiac cycle and the beginning of a new one.  We are actually between two ages and thus the conflict of different energies is “stirring the pot” so to speak.  The Age of Pisces is ending and the Age of Aquarius is beginning.  Precise dates have not been agreed upon so we will use a range of dates and let the individual decide for themselves.  Suffice it to say we will be definitely in the Age of Aquarius by 2060, although Dec, 21 2012 is very significant as a tipping point in the shift.

Here is an explanation of the galactic alignment which I feel describes it very well.  Written by John Major Jenkins

“It is important to define what the Galactic Alignment is in precise astronomical terms. The Galactic Alignment is the alignment of the December solstice sun with the Galactic equator. This alignment occurs as a result of the precession of the equinoxes. Precession is caused by the earth wobbling very slowly on its axis and shifts the position of the equinoxes and solstices one degree every 71.5 years. Because the sun is one-half of a degree wide, it will take the December solstice sun 36 years to precess through the Galactic equator. The precise alignment of the solstice point (the precise center-point of the body of the sun as viewed from earth) with the Galactic equator was calculated to occur in 1998 (Jean Meeus, Mathematical Astronomy Morsels, 1997). Thus, the Galactic Alignment “zone” is 1998 +/- 18 years = 1980 – 2016. This is “era-2012.” This Galactic Alignment occurs only once every 26,000 years, and was what the ancient Maya were pointing to with the 2012 end-date of their Long Count calendar.

Position A is where the December solstice sun was in relation to the Milky Way some 3,000 years ago. Position B is 1,500 years ago. And position C is “era-2012”, when the December solstice sun has converged, as a result of the precession of the equinoxes, with the exact center-line of the Milky Way (the Galactic equator). Notice that the place of alignment is where the ‘nuclear bulge’ of the Galactic Center is located.” (Jenkins 2012)

The event is like a border zone between two countries of which we are passing from one to another.  We are swimming the Rio Grande, coming into the promise land.  The meaning of this is up to the individual, however on a grander scale the opportunity is for a realization of Peace on Earth and Good Will to Man. Some may consider it Heaven on Earth or an Enlightened Age.  The next 26,000 year cycle is beginning, so say good-bye to Pisces and hello Aquarius!

Sequoia Elisabeth 🙂

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For more about this shift search my other blogs, as it has been a popular theme in my writing.  Mainly because I feel it to be my very reason for existing in this time and space!

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Livin Large

This year of 2012 is the year of coming out and living large!  There is no time like the present, so why not make your dreams be true right now?  You think there is something to lose?  Do you think living someone else’s dream, following their path, or obeying their rules will make you happy or fulfill you in any way?

I am not suggesting that you get in anyone’s business, only that you take care of your own!  YES, take care of yourself.  Listen to your heart (soul) and follow your own compass.  The brain is logical and we have been taught to follow it’s guidance and that has gotten us to where we are now.  What I suggest is to let go of logic and rational thinking, in fact let go of all thinking.  Of course you cannot do this completely…unless you do.

Limits are created by you for you.  They are intended to direct your path and protect you from danger.  What they have become though is a walled off room with no exits.  Even a maze has exits!  Get out the “metaphorical” dynamite and create an exit…  Listen to your heart and you will know what to do.  There are no mistakes, only scenic routes and direct paths.  It is your choice which path you travel.

Unity in Gender Diversity is here to help you in this Journey!  The words of wisdom offered on its pages are intended to motivate, inspire, and guide you to reach for the stars!  Just as this blog does.  If you have not read previous blogs, please look them over and read the ones your heart guides you to read.  Be not afraid, the answer lies within!  Within your heart, within the pictures you see, the words you read, and the feelings you experience.  “Life is simple; easy is up to you!”

Transitions Blog is packed with psychological coping techniques, spiritual principles, and metaphysical musings.  If you have a specific question, please write the author and make it known.  Or simply leave a comment on this blog or another one.

Unity in Gender Diversity wishes you a most Joyous New Year!

Make what you will of it


😀 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Time and The Use of Calendars

Many people do not know that the Mayan Calendar is a chart that tracks consciousness and not necessarily time.  So calendars are not just for keeping track of what day it is.  They serve a very valuable function in society and in fact are the core of every society.

Even our Gregorian calendar serves the function of coordinating societies events.  Christmas is on Dec. 25th and society shifts around this time to celebrate giving, and honor the Christ.  July 4th is Independence Day here in the USA but means nothing to the other societies around the world.  They celebrate their independence days on their appropriate days.  If a country is majorly one religion or another the whole country will celebrate these holy days on certain days of the year which are tracked by their calendar.

The Hebrew calendar tracks Jewish holidays, and the Chinese calendar or Yin calendar tracks Asian holidays.  It is interesting to note that the Chinese refer to the Gregorian calendar as the Yang calendar, which simply tracks days and allows them to be in tune with the rest of the world.  2011 is the year of the rabbit which began on Feb. 3rd and ends on Jan. 22, 2012.  The year has certain traits and/or energies that are inherit to that time period.  This has been the way of almost all cultures for the past 5,000 years.  Time is a cycle and can be used to forecast the future.

“Numerology is any study of the purported mystical relationship between a count or measurement and life.”  It has been used in various forms for thousands of years and has validity when it is fully understood and believed.  A website that I use is  Just remember that nothing has meaning till you give it meaning.  This is profound in its implications, so think about that a minute.  Then follow numerology or not.  As an example, Christmas has no meaning till you give it meaning.  Someone from a tribe in the Amazon who has never heard of Christ does not have the slightest idea what Christmas is.

We have been hearing much about the date Dec. 21, 2012 and other dates because they are significant to someone’s calendar, namely ours and the Mayan calendar.  The Dec. 21st date is the equinox and the alignment of the Galactic Convergence.  (Some claim it to be the end of the Mayan Calendar)  It is also supposed to be the end of the Piscean age and the beginning of Aquarius, although I have discovered these changes are not a daily event, meaning they occur over many years.  Starting sometime around 1987 and ending sometime around 2060.

The more significant date is the end of the Mayan Calendar on Oct. 28th, 2011.  Dr. Carl Calleman has done significant research into the Mayan calendar and provides empirical proof that this date is the one we should be focusing on.  He explains why, “The understanding of Mayan time as quantized also provides a meaningful way of looking at the so-called end date where it is not even potentially a preset end of the world. (This is why no one embracing the October 28, 2011 date has fallen to claim that it is a preset end of the world). The end date simply reflects the point in time when the Cosmic Tree of Life attains its highest quantum state. This also implies that it is not the beginning of a new cycle and it is only on this basis that it is rationally understandable that this state would serve to create a millennium of peace in the “New Jerusalem” as the new world is called in the Book of Revelation. To instead use a Hindu metaphor it becomes logical that the attainment of this highest state means liberation from the wheels (cycles) of Karma. As the student of the evidence-based Mayan calendar will know almost all conflicts and warfare in the history of mankind actually originate in quantum shifts between cosmic energies and only as those come to an end is there any serious reason to hope for the emergence of a world in harmony. Hence, in this interpretation of the Mayan calendar there is absolutely no reason to think that the end date means the end of life or a “doomsday” when the world is predetermined to come to an end.

What the end date does mean however is that on October 28, 2011 the shifts between energies will come to an end and it is thus no wonder that many intuitively sense that the year that follow upon this, 2012, is very special. The processes that have been driving cosmic evolution until now will no longer be operating and after some time for things to settle the human beings will be left to create evolution themselves. What this means is in my view that the end date is not just another shift. Instead it constitutes the end of the shifts that have been caused by alternations in the quantum states of the Tree of Life up until that point,…” (Calleman, 2009)

Be sure to read the entire article for the full explanation.  To further this discussion on Mayan calendar, the Mayan people used the calendar to determine what kind of day they would have.  If the calendar said it was to be a day of compassion then they would live with compassion that day and if it said they were to be hateful, get married, to fight, etc., then they would.  The calendar made choices for them and each person followed it like the letter of the law.  This is the process that is ending, which we have been feeling the effects of in the liberation movements of the recent past.

It is important to be in tune with your deepest inner desires in this time of liberation, because the door is being flung open and literally anything is possible.  I invite you to take a tour of your inner self (through the power of imagination and introspection) and really get clear on your desires.  Those who do not decide are allowing others that privilege.  Blessings on your Journey of Love!!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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We discussed a few days ago “Being in the world, but not of it” which applies directly to the topic today.  I recommend watching a few movies to get a good idea of what I speak.  Here is a list of movies that explain reality “What the Bleep do we know”, “Leap!”, What Dreams May Come” and many more.  The book “Disappearance of the Universe” is another great source of info. (See this Link)  Now that you have an idea of the Illusion I speak, let us move on.

Here is the best video I could find on 2012 Galactic Alignment and what it means.  There is much information out there now and from several different perspectives so it is good to explore this so you get a good feel for what is to come.  Another movie that is a must see is The Quickening – about the changes related to 2012 explaining the Mayan Calendar in terms that apply to everyone today.

Understand that what you believe is what you will experience or some facsimile of it.  Personally I am looking forward to the Astrological events in the coming days.  It is also important to understand that we are experiencing the shift right now and it will continue on till 2015 or later.  The Age of Aquarius is not supposed to appear until 2060 or so.  The important part of all these predictions is simply this.  (I do hope you have fun with 2012, not taking it too seriously)

God operates through each of us and as we think, speak, and do, reality is created.  The thoughts and ideas you embrace, think about and believe are the ones you experience.   What happens exactly remains to be seen, but you can be assured that if you enter into this time with fear in your heart it will not be pleasant.  On the other hand if you see a new age filled with Joy, Harmony, and Oneness then we all will experience Heaven on Earth.  I cannot over emphasize the importance of staying positive and focusing on your inner desires.  Envision the future you wish to experience and start walking in that direction.  Do things you believe will take you there.  Do not get side tracked with the illusion that the world is in chaos, people are suffering, or massive earth changes will destroy all life on earth.  It is all an Illusion created by fear and false Gods.

The point I wish to make here is this, we are a small portion of the greater whole and are being swept along by forces far greater than we can even imagine.  All of life is a representation of Divine Consciousness and your experience of it.  Your thoughts, words and actions are what propel you through this ocean of energy.  The coming days, including today are significant as your awareness broadens and you understand more deeply the Cosmic forces guiding your path.  It is all Good!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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A Changing World

“What the end date does mean however is that on October 28, 2011 the shifts between energies will come to an end and it is thus no wonder that many intuitively sense that the year that follow upon this, 2012, is very special. The processes that have been driving cosmic evolution until now will no longer be operating and after some time for things to settle the human beings will be left to create evolution themselves. What this means is in my view that the end date is not just another shift. Instead it constitutes the end of the shifts that have been caused by alternations in the quantum states of the Tree of Life up until that point, exemplified by the above mentioned quantum shift that led to the decline of the economy as the fifth night began. Such a vision of a new Garden of Eden (albeit on a higher level) obviously lacks any rational basis among those advocating that we look upon the Mayan calendar as based on mechanical astronomical cycles, where a new cycle will then begin. To understand the liberation of mankind and a future return to the Garden of Eden however simply mandates quantized time. This illustrates an important principle, namely that even if the evidence-based Mayan calendar is not difficult to understand, it is not trivial. It is not something that you can thoughtlessly put in your old box of thinking. The Mayan calendar is fundamentally different from all other calendar and how and why that is is something that needs to be deeply honored and respected.” (Calleman 2009)  For the full article please click on the link here.

What does all this mean for you?  Quite simply it means that any limitations that existed before are being lifted and it really is up to you now.  I really feel like we have a lot of miracles to look forward to.  The door has been opened to infinite possibilities. 

Beware the temptation to fall back on old habits and routines that do not serve you.  I feel myself being drawn in two directions now, so I must always make decisions on which way I will go.  Moving back and forth is a lot of work for no gain, so to avoid the fate of Sisyphus stay focused on your dreams and ask “how does this action serve my Highest and Best Good?”

Our physical bodies are changing due to the galactic alignments and forces far beyond this world.  The changes are the future for mankind and are a wonderful leap up the evolutionary spiral.   The specifics of these changes are not completely clear to me now as I hear several reports.  Let me summarize these changes in one major difference, Light.  The human body is becoming more attuned to the light which is raising our overall vibrational frequency and making us feel strange at times.  If you are having periods of dizziness, sore throat, transient pains, and flashes from your past or other lives this is part of this shift.  You may feel other effects as well, so be careful what you “blame” for how you feel.  Better to just acknowledge it and if you need symptom relief then get that help, but do not think that you are sick or that anything is wrong, it is not. 

It will not quite be like the Hulk or Spiderman as our bodies change, however we will be gaining new abilities and increasing the ease of others.  Some of the changes to be aware of is telepathy, precognition, visions or apparitions, increased sensitivity to other energies, and periods of intense inner peace.  If you are unaware of what inner peace feels like you may misinterpret this to be something it is not.  Do not resist as this could make life more painful.  You are a child seeing fireworks for the first time, enjoy!

There is much about these changes on the internet recently and justifiably so.  Many are confused by the shifts in energy they are feeling and if they are not in tune with how the body works or how energy fields work then it can get overwhelming.  Do your research for the simple reason to ease your mind.  Otherwise there is not much you can do besides embracing the changes and making the best use of them.  Some will feel these changes more than others and sooner than others, but eventually we will all shift frequencies.  One of the sources of information on this shift can be found by clicking here. (New Body Electrics ~ Beacons of Light ~ Jan 2011)

If you would like more info on this please write to me and ask a specific question, I am happy to assist.  Blessings on your Journey of Love ♥♥♥

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Tis the Season to Be Jolly

Christmas is not the only reason to be jolly this year.  We just experienced a Lunar Eclipse, Solstice convergence last night that was last seen 372 years ago and will not occur again for 84 years.  It is possible that some will see this occurrence again; however the significance of this particular eclipse is compounded by several factors!

We all know that heavenly bodies shift energies here on earth in a cosmic dance called the Universe.  The energies surrounding this event are ones of change, release of old thought patterns and karmas.  Energies are being reflected now with greater intensity than we have ever felt, so many people are reacting to this change in different ways.  Notice how you feel right now and know this is an opportunity to take a leap forward on your journey of Spiritual Growth.  Stay positive so this is the energy that is magnified, if you allow yourself to be frustrated, angered or depressed this is the energy that will be magnified.  I know that many of my friends have been struggling through depression lately and understandably so.  These are life altering changes we are experiencing.  Stay Positive and know it gets better!  The energies today after the eclipse are much more positive than I was feeling before.  But it does not end here.

The next big Spiritual event we can look forward to is 1-1-11 (No I did not forget Christmas, see blog Dec 12th).  This is New Years day and it symbolizes Oneness.  Since I am not an astrologer I do not know the planet influences here, but I do know that numerologically speaking this is a time of opportunity and hope.  It is a time to celebrate Oneness!  The interdependence with all life and all beings rules this day.  Know that you are one with all people, all animals, all plants, all minerals, and even the very earth which is vibrant life, we call her Gaia.  We are One.  Through this realization we are all empowered 😉

“Four partial solar and two total lunar eclipses take place in 2011. This 4:2 combination of solar and lunar eclipses in a single year is rather rare with only six cases during the 21st Century (2011, 2029, 2047, 2065, 2076 and 2094). The first and last eclipses always occur in January and December.” (NASA 2010)

January 4, 2010 will be our first solar eclipse of 2011 and only 14 days after the lunar eclipse last night.  These are indeed dynamic times!  In the summer we have three solar eclipses in a 30 day period, every two weeks!  So the shifts occurring will continue to be dynamic throughout the year, again with changes coming Oct. 28th with the end of the Mayan Calendar.  I interpret this to be the end of this cycle of consciousness which has lasted ~25,000 years and begins a new cycle.  Many souls will choose to leave earth at this time or near to it.    

Many are looking at this time as a Spiritual graduation ceremony, and it certainly could be that for many people.  Graduations are joyous times and when you focus on Joy and the good that is present in your life, you get more of it.  Blessings on your journey of Love 😉

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Conscious Convergence

The concept of oneness is growing in acceptance and yet many still do not understand the full meaning of the word. Let me shed some light on this for all of us.  At the end of this section I pasted an article on the coming conscious convergence on July 17 and beyond.  Those who are aware can take full advantage of this awesome time in history.  Are you AWAKE? 

Oneness is all inclusive and very simple in concept, but the reality in this ego world is that separation is struggling to maintain a hold on your life. This shows up in turmoil, conflict and loneliness. The only way to move beyond the illusion of separation is to embrace it and see it for what it is; an illusion. When something comes up that you recognize as separation, simply acknowledge it, see beyond it and then just leave separation behind as a concept. Ignore it, it has no power. Instead focus on the Truth. The Truth is that we are One, unified and whole being. We are Gaia! Oneness is Unity expressed, it is ‘love thy neighbor as thy loves oneself’, it is making decisions with the consideration of seven generations to come, it is knowing we are all made of ‘Starstuff’, and it is so much more. Oneness is the realization that everyone you meet is a part of Great Spirit, Universal Intelligence, or God, just like you are, and that you have that in common with everything as well as everyone you meet. Each person is individual and connected at the same time. What you give, you give to yourself, since we are all one. What you deny for another, you deny yourself. When you heal yourself, you heal the world! You are using the same mind as Albert Einstein, Mother Theresa or anyone else.   You are ONE with GOD, in a word you are GOD, expressing as the individual that you are. Each form or “thing” you see is unique onto itself. This means that no two snowflakes are the same and yet a snowflake is like all other snowflakes, but not identical. This goes for all other forms as well. This is why when you meet someone new they are unique and yet they are YOU.  

The only constant in this universe is change, so embrace change and honor each form you meet. When life is lived from a place of Oneness we become aware of the bond that connects all of life. 

“What is arising now is not a new belief system, a new religion, spiritual ideology, or mythology. We are coming to the end not only of mythologies but also of ideologies and belief systems.  The change goes deeper than the content of your mind, deeper than your thoughts.  In fact, at the heart of the new consciousness lies the transcendence of thought, a newfound ability of rising above thought, of realizing a dimension within yourself that is infinitely more vast than thought.” (Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth, Page 21-22).

This dimension is the Oneness I speak of. It is something that must be experienced to truly know what it is, but once that connection is made it is a part of you and cannot be lost. In fact it is constantly growing. This is so much larger than “you”! Can you feel it?  We are witnessing our own evolution! Like the Renaissance Age of the 14th to 17th centuries this last 300 yrs or so could be remembered as the Age of Awakening!   This age is culminating Dec 21, 2012, and is a doorway to the beginning of a new age, the age of Infinite Possibilities. This is according to Ian Xel Lungold in his “Mayan 2012 secrets reveled.” We need not rely on one person’s interpretation here however, because we are all ONE. As we become more aware of this dimension beyond thought it is easy to see that Ian is right on the mark! Ian speaks of the mind as a tool that we use to experience our world. This tool can shape our future or it can trap us. By simply being aware of this we are shining light on the shadows and allowing ourselves to move beyond thought.

One of the leading scholars studying the Mayan calendar, Carl Johan Calleman, (Ian Lungold’s mentor) has called for a time of worldwide unity in resonance with the coming energies predicted by the Mayan calendar. Most people still think these energies won’t influence us until December of 2012. But Dr. Calleman argues that this wave of consciousness, called the Universal wave, will begin making an impact in March of 2011. Not only that, we can come into resonance with this coming energy now, in a harmonic-like convergence occurring on July 17, 2010.The preparations to facilitate the Conscious Convergence, July 17‐18, 2010 have now begun. Even if it will need the support and active collaboration of a large number of people the snowball has started rolling. Very possibly, this will become an event that influences the course of our civilization by setting the intention to manifest unity consciousness on a large scale with the ninth wave of the Maya calendars. I would then now like to share my own vision of the Conscious Convergence, and what it may accomplish, in an article that does not have too much technical detail.

Over the time period since the Harmonic Convergence in August of 1987, and maybe even earlier than that, an increasing number of people, and not just a few select mystics, have come to directly experience states of unity with all things and a purposeful direction in their own lives. Yet, although sometimes such experiences may have been enlightening or blissful, they have not come to alter the way our world at large operates. While this fact may not surprise us there is really no reason that this should be taken as a given. Such experiences, sometimes resulting from spiritual practices, have clearly been at odds with both the predominating materialist worldview and the one that sees the divine as something separate from us. An increasing number of people have thus come to directly experience that some “energies” greater than themselves are working to provide guidance for them. In everyday parlance we talk about certain things having been “meant to happen” and other things “not meant to happen.” This direct experience of guiding energies is a relatively recent undercurrent of our civilization. It also intensifies as the frequency of shifts between calendrical energies increases as we approach the completion of the Mayan calendars. It is as if, through this frequency increase, the cosmic plan is now calling us to wake up and realize that we are here for a reason and that the universe has a plan. This ongoing awakening has generated a fairly widespread perception that the end of the Mayan calendars will bring a “shift in consciousness”.

Such experiences are of course made sense of in a multitude of different ways, sometimes in terms of divine intervention or astrology, depending on the individual. Yet, they always seem to imply that the universe has a higher purpose. The perception of such a purposeful direction may be the least common denominator for those that will chose to participate in the Conscious Convergence. On my own part I have come to understand what is “meant” and “not meant” to happen primarily from the broad perspective of the Mayan calendars, simply because of the vast body of scientific evidence showing that the energies these describe have been driving evolution in all of its aspects from the beginning of time.

In parallel with the increase in individual experiences of guidance there have also been a number of initiatives to organize meditations or other global spiritual events on special days that often focus on a positive cause such as peace. What I feel we need to realize however is that despite these experiences of individual or collective unity, those that embody them still remain largely fragmented. As yet, the intention to manifest unity consciousness has thus not been firmly anchored in our world. Someone who meditates is perceived as doing so as a private act and as part of his or her individual path. A meditation to heal the earth is seen as a basically uncommitted event of a day or two before things go back to “business as usual”. In society at large and its media it is relegated to a fringe phenomenon, despite the large number of people embracing it. I however feel that the Conscious Convergence will be, and has to be, a unique event that is something more than just another global meditation. It is about anchoring an intention to manifest unity consciousness on an ongoing basis.

The current fragmentation of both individuals and groups is a critical point. It is here I believe the Conscious Convergence will enter into the picture to give hope and visions for the future. Part of the reason that the intention towards unity consciousness has not been anchored in the consensus reality is that events may not have gathered a critical mass. I feel however that a more important factor has been that individual experiences and events have not always been perceived as steps in a cosmic time plan that has a clear direction towards unity consciousness. This absence of a context in time has probably had much more far reaching consequences than most people recognize. It has affected not only the role of those that have become awakened, but also a broad range of grass root movements focusing on progressive socioeconomic change. If such movements are unable to see how their aspirations are part of a cosmic time plan for the planet they too will be fragmented and their fruits often be temporary or incorporated in the already existing dualist civilization.

The fragmentation of the experiences of unity consciousness, and the absence of a collectively existing intention to manifest this, thus have consequences that go farther, much farther, than most people would tend to believe. It influences a very high number of organizations and projects that are potentially healthy to our planet because these, and the social movements they give rise to, exist without a context in time. All such movements that intend to manifest a world of unity consciousness may thus benefit from their participation in the Conscious Convergence exactly because this provides such a temporal framework. From this also follows an interest of the powers that be to suppress information about the Mayan calendar that may serve as inspiration and encouragement for those desiring a new course for our civilization.

The big media, including but not limited to Hollywood, have thus touted a distorted view of the Mayan calendar as simply a date in the future when something dramatic is supposed to happen. It is here almost irrelevant whether this change is seen as positive or negative, since such a view is so totally at odds with the Mayan calendar to begin with. The message of the media has thus been: “Do not take responsibility for co-creating the future! Just wait and see!” Nothing could be further from a Mayan perspective, and the truth, than an obsession with a singular date in the future, when something is supposed to just fall down on us from the sky. The Mayan calendar describes processes, processes that have been going on from the beginning of time and step by step have been lifting human beings to higher frames of consciousness. As part of this, humanity is now heading towards the initiation of a new process, the ninth wave that is meant to take us to a place of unity consciousness where we have never been before. Hence, the solutions of the past are not particularly likely to be applicable and so we are now called to develop a new level of creativity.

The Mayan calendars have thus come to be perceived in a disempowering way, rather than as guiding tools for positive social and spiritual transformation. The reason for this is mainly that it is not generally known that there is not merely one, but in fact nine, calendars that are about to be completed. Each of these calendars describes a wave movement of evolution and it is the ninth of these that is designed to bring the unity consciousness that represents the current hope of mankind as it provides a necessary starting point for the birth of a new world. Yet, unless there is a conscious collective intention to affirm this ninth wave what is the likelihood that this will manifest? One might even ask whether without such an intention to manifest unity consciousness, anyone has reason to complain if it is not brought forth? To have this happen we need to align with this calendar in time, otherwise I believe we will lose our power to influence the course of events. The Conscious Convergence is thus set so that we will be able to prepare ourselves for the coming energies in advance and so be able to align with them. Unlike the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 that was a relatively spontaneous event, I, for one, believe that the Conscious Convergence in 2010, due to the current high speed of time, will need to be unified by a common intention in order to make a difference. As we approach the simultaneous manifestation of the nine waves there will be complicated overlapping of waves that may be difficult to surf without such a shared intention.

My vision for the Conscious Convergence is that it will be an event that helps people break out of the current constraints and fragmentation and facilitates for us to co‐create our future especially as now many of the established structures of society may be falling apart. With the impending unity consciousness many things that are not consistent with this are in fact becoming visible in the new light. An increasing number of people are losing faith in churches (Ireland and US), mosques (Iran) as well as bankers and politicians (all over), and so much of the previous functioning of the world may be overturned. It then becomes all the more important to establish an intention of manifesting unity consciousness as a basis for novel solutions. I however do not think that the Conscious Convergence is for those that contend themselves by pointing out and criticizing all the negative aspects of our current world and its system of rule. Rather it is for those that want to create a more positive intention, anchor this broadly and manifest it in the world.

An intention to manifest unity consciousness thus does not only serve to guide ourselves or our individual development, but here it also refers to the possibility that it may guide our civilization at large. Such a collectively shared intention held by a critical mass of people may start to live a life of its own and give a direction to a wide variety of projects. If this is to happen it is however critical that the intention is authentically held and not coming from a desire to look good in our own eyes, or in those of our friends, teachers or gurus. Only an intention authentically shared by a critical mass of sovereign individuals may play a positive role for co‐creating our future. Conscious Convergence then means that it is for people who are conscious of their intentions.

Unity consciousness does not mean conformism or that everyone is shaped in the same mold to think or look alike. Rather, unity consciousness will generate a world that is the very opposite to conformist. Because unity consciousness is about transcending the judgmental dualities and inherent dominance mentality generated by lower waves it allows for a much wider variety of viewpoints and life styles than previously. Thus, the Conscious Convergence refers to the coming together, convergence, of people from many different walks of life with very different backgrounds and viewpoints to express and experience a shared intention for the future.

The two initial days, July 17‐18, 2010, may be days for individual experiences of awakening as well as a collective expression of a new commitment to climb to the highest level of the Mayan calendar and co‐create a world truly based on peace. I for one however do not believe that the continued climb will be easy and no one knows exactly how long time it will take until the new world based on this new consciousness stabilizes. Yet, I also know that it is only through a shared intention aligned with the cosmic plan that there is any reasonable hope for a future. The Conscious Convergence is thus also about retrieving the Mayan calendar to its rightful place as a guide on the common path towards a world based on unity consciousness. In a time of dramatic change it becomes all the more important to have a firmly anchored intention to relate to as we approach the full completion of all nine calendars. I believe that only such an intention, existing on the level of our civilization, may serve to give us guidance in a time when the old social structures will very possibly disintegrate. The Hopi prophecy for instance urges us to gather ourselves and be good to each other. They warn that the time of the lone wolf is over. We can only survive if we cooperate on achieving common goals. This is obvious to any faithful Christian as well.

Many people realize that there will be a need to recreate our civilization in the time ahead and if nothing else a series of natural disasters have told people that this may now have reached a dead end. To get out of this dead end, many are suggesting profound changes of our current economic and social system in order for humanity to survive into a better world. This points to the Conscious Convergence also as an event for networking in a very broad sense. If the Conscious Convergence can gather people that are seeking this new direction and experience that they have the energies of the cosmic plan on their back then I would say that my vision of this event will have been fulfilled. It is however also part of my vision that millions will share their own visions based on this common intention of manifesting unity consciousness. The preparations for the ninth wave would allow many positive aspirations to be anchored in a purposeful process. When millions are taking the stand that there is a higher purpose to this planet than just to end in a series of disasters then I believe providence will move. When millions are showing each other that they too see a higher purpose to life, and intend to manifest it together, then a significant step towards the fulfillment of the cosmic plan will have been taken.

Carl Johan Calleman, 5 Jaguar.
Stockholm, March 27, 2010, 5 Ahau

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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Growth Can Be Violent

Transition is all about growth and this growth comes at a price, so it is important to know how this growth works.  During transition it can appear there’s no growth and that all is falling apart.  When you get to this point all is well because you are leaping to the next level!

The way growth or evolution happens is that life gets ever more complicated and stressful to a point where you can no longer stand it and you POP or breakdown.  This breakdown is the no man’s land between levels of growth and while it may be scary it is not a bad thing, and in fact it is a very good thing!  After the breakdown our minds re-order in such a fashion as you can now handle the increased stress and complexity and it may appear that you have stepped back, but you have not.  Your perception has moved forward.  (This is sort of like when your computer locks up and you have to re-boot.) 

Resistance is futile!  Cro-Magnon man resisted this change and therefore perished.  It was not because Cro-Magnon man did anything wrong though,  it was destiny with the evolution of Homo-sapiens.  Consciousness took the most expanded path, Cro-Magnon collapsed and Homo-sapiens took over as a more evolved species.  I believe we are going through similar changes now, and will continue going through for years to come.  The leap will occur in 2012. 

The computer is a good example of this growth or evolutional phenomenon.  When we first get our computer it runs really fast and can do so many things, WOW.  We are impressed with all the capabilities and then after about a year or two the computer seems to be running slower and doing less, but it has not changed, YOU have.  What do you do to remedy the situation?  Either you must not change or you must get a computer that can keep up with your mind, because your mind has expanded beyond the level of the computer’s abilities.  You can think of your computer as an extension of your mind and use it to grow. 

This is why we need to update our software so frequently and get new hardware every few years, we are growing at a phenomenal rate right now and this rate will be increasing too!  I have already noticed changes in my perception and an expansion of my abilities.  Just knowing this has made my transition so much easier.  When I hit a wall now, I just laugh and say great I am ready for a Leap!  We will be making many leaps in the time to come, so hold on for the ride. 

😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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Dream a Little Dream

Transitions are always a part of our lives, it just depends on which one takes front stage at the time.  Many of us are transitioning jobs, homes and families these days and the reasons for this are many and complex, however on the larger scale I would say the whole world is transitioning! 

As is predicted with the 2012, Age of Aquarius, we are going through a time of great change which is touching each of us deeply.  This opportunity to experience something that only happens every 25,000 years is quite remarkable.  I am not sure you grasp the significance of this, and I am not sure I do completely.  What I do know is that life is changing and will never be the same again.

Stay awake and aware of your role in this process.  Know that your choices do matter, literally.  Have you noticed that it is easier to manifest your desires?  That your wishes are coming true faster and with greater accuracy?  As the days go by to the quickly approaching Age of Aquarius the possibilities will turn into probabilities and the probabilities will turn into certainty.  Now is the time to become a believer if you were not before.  Hold on to your dreams now more than ever! 

I cannot stress how important it is that you stay focused on your dreams and that you think about what works for you.  What do you really want?  Notice how you feel after you get it.  It is human nature to yearn for something better, more or greater.  So let’s put our sights on perfection.  This is where many of us loose our way.  Life already is perfect for this moment, and each moment is expanding, so it is the nature of the Universe to grow, improve, expand, gain complexity, be perfect in that moment.  Your life cannot help but improve! 

Your thoughts are directing the flow, so are you staying positive?  Focusing on your desires, wants and needs?  Or are you getting side tracked with saving the world or building an empire?  It is important to set your priorities in this time of drastic and quickened change.  Think not only of yourself but what is best for everyone on earth.  As you wish for yourself, so will others experiences be.  We are all in this together!

A personal observation has been that what I desire I see other people experiencing.  For instance, I buy a lottery ticket and I pick up the newspaper to read an article about a homeless man who won the jackpot.  Or I say a prayer that I get a new car and a friend is talking about her new car she just got.  It is all in divine order!  We truly are One, so you see why it is important to be positive and dream wonderful dreams for all the world.  We are all in this together, and it is not about you, but about them!

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We are Consciousness

This is a continuation from yesterday.  If you are consciousness and not your body, then can you extend your consciousness to experience more than your personal life? Oh, Yes! It is time for us to understand that there is so much more to life than what you see around you.

We can see through the eyes of a bird, or experience the joy of a dolphin swimming along with a boat. We can feel the pain of a person who we just watched crashing into a wall. We can share thoughts with anyone, plant, animal, human or other. Why haven’t we done this already? Some have, but most are not ready for the intense feelings and emotions that accompany experiences such as these. So if you having difficulty reaching this level, do not be concerned, it takes practice and clear intent. Our consciousness is about to break free from the constraints of this world and this is what 2012 is all about, the end of the Mayan calendar (which is a calendar of consciousness evolution along a timeline).

What lays beyond the end? We will soon see! The one thing I do know is we will have Infinite Possibilities to choose from. I hope you can feel the urgency that I do, because our experience here on Earth is about over!

Does this mean we are all going to die? Of course not, unless you want it too. This means that whatever you desire is possible. We each choose our experiences and I can feel that mine is about to transform totally. I will never end, because I am energy and energy can neither be created nor destroyed!

Our bodies are changing constantly; no more permanent than a good TV show! Being born, dying, reborn, dying again, and in fact we die every night when we go to sleep and are reborn in the morning, it is only the experience of it all that changes. If someone has “died” in your life it just means that you will see them later, after you are done with your journey here. We create these experiences to feel separation, or I should the ego mind creates these experiences, because then the ego is proving itself correct. The ego mind is the window with which we view this world and experience it. Through conscious choice we can see through the “eyes” of God and leave the ego world behind.

So yes, my friends this is the ultimate answer to the question yesterday, I am conscious energy or to put that in terms we are familiar with, I am God, Infinite Intellegence, Great Spirit, (choose your deity). The answer is the same for all of us. You are God, I am God, all is God expressing in a fashion that reflects our energy at the time. So what is the ego? It is the false belief that you (we) are separate from God.  Blessings on your Journey.

 😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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2012, Infinite Possibility

2012 is coming, it is only 2 years away.  Are you ready to die?  The predictions are for an apocalypse to occur during the wondrous alignment of our sun with the galactic thread in the center of our Milky Way.  The popular media are jumping at this chance to sensationalize yet another event in our vast history, but do not get discourage by it all.  Let me suggest the deeper meaning of this time. 

First of all let me clear up something concerning the Mayan calendar.  The actual end date of the calendar is on Oct 28th 2011!  What happens on Dec 21th of 2012 is that the sun moves into alignment with the center of the galaxy, this happens only once every 26,000 years give or take a few days.  Is this time significant?  That is up to you to decide, literally! 

The period between Oct. 28, 2011 and Dec. 21, 2012 is going to be interesting to say the least because this is the period in-between.  What George Leonard says about this period which he calls “the plateau” is that this is when we grow the most.  It is the resting period or calm before the storm where we prepare for the actual expression of our creation.  Yes, I said creation. 

We create our own lives though our thought, words and actions.  What is so significant about this plateau period between the end of the Mayan calendar and Dec. 21, 2012 is that this period is a time of infinite possibilities.  This is the message the Mayan left for us and as deciphered by Ian Lungold.  The Mayan Calender is not about time anyway although that is part of it.  The calendar is really about tracking consciousness and it comes to an end on Oct. 28th 2011! 

Does this mean we all die?  Of course not, it means that the door is opened on this day and we will find that our dreams and desires come to us without effort.  Our conscious mind is what is ending and instead we move into full use of the One consciousness of eternal being. 

The exact events are not set and as you believe so it will be.  What will you create?  More accurately, what are you creating at this very moment?   This is important because we are accelerating to this point where possibility becomes probability exponentially!  😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Jobs, Who made this big mess?

Many of us are looking for jobs in this economy which seems to be very unforgiving.  How did this situation arise and why?  There are several ways to look at it, such as the whole world is changing through globalization and we must change with it.  In fact we should be leading the way if we truly are leaders in the world.  Incomes will be balancing with those around the world so that equality becomes the reality and not the goal.  Another way to look at it would be in cycles.  Our economy runs in cycles like most things do in this world.  Trends go up as far as possible and then CRASH, only to work themselves back up, although under the surface permanent changes have occurred in the form of overall growth.  It is sort of like blowing up a balloon, blow in and it expands, take a breath and it shrinks a bit, blow in and it expands further, but in our scenario there is no completion.  The cycle continues on and on into infinity.  Some liken this process to the breath of God and that certainly works for me, it is up to you what you believe.  On a deeper level the changes we are seeing could be the silence before the storm so to speak with the approaching 2012 shift and the Age of Aquarius.  This time is related to our inner growth as human beings and the expansion of consciousness itself.  What we are experiencing is evolution!  What grander Transition could there be!  Each of us is a cog in the wheel of time witnessing the greatest transformation our little blue ball has ever experienced. I really hope you hang around to see the show.  This is where things get interesting, because we each have a different perspective of life, each of us will experience this shift in a different way.  Some will be blown away, literally.  Some will experience it as the same ole, same ole, while others will see things as they are for the very first time in their lives. 

Let me get back to the job aspect of all this and say that we each have a role to play in the evolution of consciousness and as the larger part of life grows and expands so will we since we are this greater consciousness.  Some people like President Obama will be major players in the process while others like myself and possibly you (it is up to you to decide) will be frequency holders ( a term coined by Eckhart Tolle).  Others will be oblivious to the whole process since they are essentially sleeping through the whole event, like a person who fell asleep at the movies.  WAKE UP!  Tomorrow I will go further into each of these roles and where you fit in.  Have a Blessed day 😉  Sequoia Elisabeth

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