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Transition is a Loving Action

on December 10, 2009

All transitions consist of change and change is about going from one state or condition to another.  So just how does this happen?  All change begins with thought, it is expressed through words and manifested with action.  Stated backwards it is Be, Do, Have.  Be that which you desire, such as peaceful, beautiful, smart, or abundant by doing things that reflect our state of being.  Before you know it you have everything you desire. 

Take being a famous musician for instance.  First we simply be a musician which means we do what it takes to get good at making music.  The more we do it and the better we get at being it the more we have of that life.  It sounds simple and it really is, but no one said it was easy or quick.  Transition can be simple though.  How do you feel?  Once you realize that you have always been a woman but were born with a male body the process of changing our bodies to match our minds is a step by step process, often completed rather quickly if one has all the resources necessary. 

As hard as many have tried we cannot change who we are.  It works best to change the body and not mess with the mind as that just does not work, which has been proven over the years by many researchers such as Dr. John Money.  I have tried for 30 years to be someone I am not and while I was very successful on the surface, I paid the price on the inside (3 peptic ulcers, 1 suicide attempt).  On my website I have a planning guide that was created to show you the path involved in transition from male to female.  The female to male journey is similar at first and changes drastically when it comes to hormones and surgery. 

We all desire to feel good about ourselves and to feel like we fit our bodies.  Most people never question their gender since it feels right to them.  The journey of transgender transition allows this feeling when we do the inner work of self acceptance as or before we transition physically.  I have been working on my self-worth, acceptance and image for the past 30 years.  Every experience we have contributes to how we see ourselves, behave and present ourselves to the world.  The hardest part of transition for me has been leaving the past in the past and simply being myself.  Habits can be hard to break and one of those is living in the past or the future while we ignore the present.  The transition involves breaking down, in MtoF case the male persona so the natural female can emerge.  This past year of living life my way has been a good feeling for me, but not always so good for others. 

When I look in the mirror now I see the person I feel like and that makes Loving me so much easier.  The transgender community is often accused of being self absorbed or narcissistic but that just is not the case even though it may appear that way.  Let me end today with this thought.  The world happens inside out, so we all must love ourselves first.  Ultimately, Loving ourselves is Loving others, because we are all one!  Oneness for those who are new to this concept is God is all there is – everything is God.  By Loving yourself you are Loving God.  By Loving another you are loving God.  By Loving life you are Loving God!  The same goes for your other emotions.  Please be easy on yourself though as much of our thoughts and actions are learned and can be unlearned which is what transition is all about!

Smile, God is watching you 😉  Sequoia Elisabeth

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