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We Never Do Die

on January 1, 2010

The grandest Transition of all is one we have all experienced before but since no one remembers exactly how it goes, there is much debate about it. No one alive today is an expert on death and yet we all are. From the many books I have read on the subject of what happens after death, we can surmise certain truths. I recommend Neale Donald Walsh’s book on this subject, “Home with God: In a Life That Never Ends”. Death has been a subject that has fascinated me since a very young age, and I can say with certainty that I am not afraid to die.

The many movies, books and stories about death, transition and after life have certain consistencies that are either the truth or widely held misconceptions. On this I think we must trust our inner feelings since our soul communicates through feelings. The first profound truth is “we never do die!” This is truthful in that we are not our bodies and our souls are eternal. To the extent we are attached to our bodies is the level of pain we experience when we die. For those who are new to this experience it can be upsetting, however there is nothing to fear.

Guidance is available along the entire path and we can prepare for this transition just as we do for any other. For instance it is a good idea to release any resentment, blame or grudges you may have before the transition as this will affect the journey and the destination. If there is something you wish to do in this life, a feeling you wish to express, or a place you desire to visit, I suggest completing that as soon as possible. A bucket list is a fun thing, but only if you complete it. A last will and testament is a good idea if you have any assets whatsoever and include a letter explaining how you desire things distributed. Most importantly tell those who you Love how you feel, often. You cannot say “I Love you” too many times, but if you fail to say it that is another opportunity lost. Of course no harm comes from it, although in this Universe of energy checks and balances it is always a good idea to “store up your house in heaven”.

Love and forgiveness are tools that we use to bless others and in so doing bless ourselves. This life is a gift so make the most of it. Using the awareness that this life will end as motivation for living a good clean life has been the path to righteousness for centuries. Just as every video game comes to an end, we can start that game again and play till be are happy with the result, then we move on to the next.  The more we understand death the fuller our lives will be.

😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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