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on January 3, 2010

The same ole boring temperature every day, can you imagine living in a world where the temperature is 72 degrees all the time?  What about a place that has temperatures down to 40 below 0 in the winter and summers where the temperatures top 100 degrees Fahrenheit?  Which appeals to you the most?  Really?  How many places on earth do you know of where the temperature does not vary?  Even our homes temperatures vary some and since we create the environment we desire to live in the answer is fairly obvious.  We desire contrast!

How many people do you know that have exactly the same skin color as people around them?  Even in the same family each member will have slightly different skin color.  How much variation is there?  I would suppose that if we did a very sensitive test of skin tones that every person on earth would vary some, heck our skin varies color even on our own bodies.  So do we desire similar skin tones or various?  The evidence shows that we desire contrast.  In a world where we have people of every shade of brown imaginable from no pigment, white skin to completely pigmented, black appearing skin. The contrast is impressive when we consider that we are all the same on the inside basically. 

The point here is that we desire contrast in our lives, and that is why we have so much diversity in the world.  For those of us who try to create a world of sameness they are simply fooling themselves and once we become honest with ourselves, we realize that diversity and variety truly are the spice of life.   Our minds are constantly telling us that we need to find someone like us in a world where they do not exist (this is insanity).  No one is exactly like you and that is our gift!  To honor diversity in life is to honor yourself. 

The next time you are doing something that displeases you, remember that you created it and can simply choose again till you find something that suits your desires.  It is the contrasts in life that seem to bring us joy, because we more fully experience it this way.  What is Joy without sadness? Can we know light without knowing darkness?  Think back and remember what Love feels like.  How do you know that is Love?  Yes, Contrast is how you know!  I am so grateful for all my experiences in life, because I know that they serve an important function in my Journey of Love (life).  🙂  Sequoia Elisabeth

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