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Will Power

on February 7, 2010

Only two more tools of the mind to consider, so let us move on to the will.  Yes!  Our will is an important piece of the puzzle!  As I mention in my book “Livin’ Large – a Journey of Love” whatever you say is true – for you.  We are always right at least in our own mind, so the next time you hear otherwise, simply know that both of you can be right at the same time, in fact everyone on earth can be right at the same time!  Infinite possibility makes that true, since all possibilities are occurring at all times and as we will it so we experience it! 

So how do we use this mind tool of will to our benefit?  First we must be aware of the choices available and the power we have to will these choices.  Will is something that you set in motion and allow to work, it is not something that you force.  When you say “I will be there” what you are doing is creating a path for that to manifest and as long as you allow things to fall into place your words are true.  This allowing requires that you be aware, listen and take action.  There is an implied knowing involved that carries the power of our words forth and within our minds as we speak the words a path is already being worked out in the milli-second the thought comes to us.  When we become aware of this process it is easy to marvel in the beauty of the whole process!  The more we practice this and stay aware, the deeper our understanding goes and the more exciting the results. 

When we say “yes” to something we are using the power of our wills to agree and make manifest our desires.  Yes, I am happy today!  This is a simple act of will power.  😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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