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Innocence Revealed

on June 19, 2010

Innocence is generally thought of as being free from guilt as in a crime or in a moral sense, however I feel that the meaning runs much deeper than that and I offer a difference perspective on what innocence is. 

The law is fairly straight forward.  Either a person is guilty or innocent.  Often only the individual truly knows the Truth.  If a person were to believe the material they read in the Christian bible it would have you believe that even a new born baby is guilty from the day they are born, because of the actions of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  All humans are guilty! …NOT.  Please do yourself a favor and see beyond the veil of this falsehood. 

Of course you are free to believe anything you like and the offering here is meant as a gift for further contemplation.  It is not likely that if you are reading this blog you actually believe in a literal translation of the bible anyway.  So does innocence have anything to do with religion or the bible?  I believe on a superficial level it does, but it also goes far beyond these worn out teachings. 

What if innocence was a state of consciousness or a state of being in which any human can operate.  What this means for the average individual is that innocence is available to every human being at any time in any place.  There is a purity to innocence that when accessed opens you to your soul and a very simple authentic expression. 

Innocence has a very high energy vibration that is coupled with source creator.  In order to access this state of consciousness or being one simply has to let go of any mental attachment to who they think they are and also to what they think they are doing.  Instead come from a place of being open to the flow of events in a non-judgmental way. 

Babies do this naturally, (despite what the bible teaches) as do animals.  Our pets are excellent at modeling innocence for us!  Of course this relationship often gets construed with our human behavior projections so that the pet becomes like us. 

The innocence I speak of is the one that comes from not knowing, genuine curiosity, and non-judgment.  The not-knowing I speak of is not ignorance as that implies apathy.  Innocence comes from a deep caring, sense of adventure and desire to explore.  It is that wild eyed look a child gets when they discover something new and exciting.  Watching dogs play in the park without human intervention is another demonstration of innocence.  Love can have an innocence to it when first embraced, and for those who are lifelong partners it is something that is never lost.    

Innocence is a place we all can operate from on a daily basis.  It does take an intention to do so and practice will make it into a habit, so that we are constantly coming from this divine place of freedom, authenticity, curiosity, open mindedness, and non-judgment.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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