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Family In The Love Based Economy

on March 26, 2011

We begin an in depth look at each aspect of the Love Based Economy (LBE) starting with family, because family is central to most every society in the world today.  For our discussion relating family to the Love Based Economy we are speaking of birth family, those persons related by bloodlines.  Although many children are orphaned and are raised by loving souls who deserve the title of mother and father just as much as anyone does.  It has always been my belief that all humans are family.  Please know that those whom you consider family because they fit the role are by all means your family. 

Historically speaking the birth family is a unit that acts as one, each person supporting the others in one way or another, even if that means being the antagonist.  Family’s stick together and learn from each other in very deep ways.  The potential for spiritual growth is greatest with the birth family because the ties run deep and so many traits are shared between members. 

Your parents are closest to you because you are cut from the same mold so to speak. This close connection serves you by showing you who you are.  It is like having a blueprint to work from, or a starting point.  Where you go and what you do with your life as you grow is free will.  Your choice!   These choices were carefully made before you were born so that your life would have a guiding path.

What many couples fail to realize or at least heed is the influence of their relationship on the children.  The children learn to love by watching the parents!  So if your parents were not very good at loving each other, the children will look elsewhere for role models, the grandparents, neighbors, teachers, coaches, clergy, and public figures like movie stars, athletes and politicians. 

It is rare these days for anyone to actually teach how to love, what a good relationship is or the meaning of it all.  This role has traditionally been the parent’s job, although clergy and spiritual leaders do also teach love.  And there is no guarantee that they have it figured out!  If the child is paying attention life it-self will teach Love.  One of the most valuable gifts you can give your children is to have a healthy relationship with your partner so they can learn from you.  Telling someone facts or giving instructions means little unless it is backed up with experience, either direct or indirect. 

Siblings are also our teachers as they provide support and test us constantly to help us gauge where we stand in our understanding.  It is important to understand that one person’s mistakes can be another person’s perfect action.  Plus if your sibling does things one way, you have the freedom to do it your way or follow their lead.  We are indeed all in this together. 

The other point that needs be stressed here is that there is no right or wrong way to love!   Most of us learn by trial and error, as long as you keep on putting yourself out there and stay aware of what is working for you and what is not. 

In the new economy it is imperative to stay awake and aware.  The dynamics of the family will be similar, but the one thing that will change is our definition of family per se.  It will no longer be restricted to birth family and will encompass all other human beings.  Birthright will take on a wider more encompassing meaning.  A LBE depends on each member supporting each other, as family members do.  This means doing what you can to assist others and maintaining an open and welcoming policy in your home. 

Every human being is a reflection of the One and seeing them in that light is pivotal to a LBE.  Many stories have been written over the years that demonstrate this in both the positive (what to do), and in the negative (what not to do), however few of these stories actually have true unconditional love demonstrated.  We know it when we experience it because the feeling of Joy lifts us, literally en-lightening us, giving the feeling of floating and being energized from within. 

In the future I see the centralized birth family being de-emphasized and a more universal family approach taking center stage, because as we evolve the lessons we learn from family will be less prevalent.  Our learning will extend further from the doorway (Family).  As a higher evolved being the feeling of safety and security is extended out to include the community and beyond.  A loving being living in a loving world has no enemies.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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