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The New World Order

on August 21, 2011

Daily jobs are very important to the workings of society, and our economic system is being rewritten out of necessity.  It no longer sustains us.  Jobs are changing accordingly.  New jobs are sprouting up like daisies while many old jobs are becoming obsolete.  The number of Americans who are self employed or working contract is sky rocketing.  We have seen this phenomena portrayed in movies such as “Robots” and others where technology takes over certain jobs creating other jobs in new fields such as machine maintenance and computer programming.  Corporations that thrive are the ones who embrace change and forge a niche for themselves in the new world, much as our founding fathers did when they came to this country some five centuries ago.

Many people believe that they came to find religious freedom and that was a small part of it, but mostly it was the corporations of Europe, mostly England who were looking for growth possibilities.  They found them at the expense of the native peoples of America and many other countries around the globe.  This transition was indeed bloody and painful for all involved, but I believe that nothing happens without our consent on some level.

The native people did not realize they had given consent for this kind of growth, but on a Spiritual level they knew.  It was part of the growth of consciousness which is inevitable.  So do not feel bad for either side in history because what was meant to be will be.  I hold the Native Americans in great esteem for the honor and wisdom in which they live life.   The same goes for the natives of Africa and Australia and all the other players we have in the world, they are all part of the larger expansion in human consciousness.

The role of the frequency holder, light worker, or peacemaker is to see beyond “reality” which is really illusion and hold a vision of peace, harmony and oneness (Divine Truth) out for all to see!  As we live the life of our dreams to the ideals we envision, and others do the same this realization of Truth or expansion of Human Consciousness reaches a tipping point, and the whole world transforms.

Can you envision an ideal world?  What would it be like?  I have written about this in the eBook “a Love Based Society” and in the article “A Perfect Society“.  Click the link to get your no cost copy.

I invite you to share your vision in the comments section, and with your partner, friends and family, because this is how we grow.  Hold a vision, share it all around, even write a book about it, and eventually your dream becomes reality.  As I have said a thousand times, be careful what you wish for – you might just get it!  Next issue will look at the illusions and perceived costs of this evolution.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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