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on August 23, 2011

We discussed a few days ago “Being in the world, but not of it” which applies directly to the topic today.  I recommend watching a few movies to get a good idea of what I speak.  Here is a list of movies that explain reality “What the Bleep do we know”, “Leap!”, What Dreams May Come” and many more.  The book “Disappearance of the Universe” is another great source of info. (See this Link)  Now that you have an idea of the Illusion I speak, let us move on.

Here is the best video I could find on 2012 Galactic Alignment and what it means.  There is much information out there now and from several different perspectives so it is good to explore this so you get a good feel for what is to come.  Another movie that is a must see is The Quickening – about the changes related to 2012 explaining the Mayan Calendar in terms that apply to everyone today.

Understand that what you believe is what you will experience or some facsimile of it.  Personally I am looking forward to the Astrological events in the coming days.  It is also important to understand that we are experiencing the shift right now and it will continue on till 2015 or later.  The Age of Aquarius is not supposed to appear until 2060 or so.  The important part of all these predictions is simply this.  (I do hope you have fun with 2012, not taking it too seriously)

God operates through each of us and as we think, speak, and do, reality is created.  The thoughts and ideas you embrace, think about and believe are the ones you experience.   What happens exactly remains to be seen, but you can be assured that if you enter into this time with fear in your heart it will not be pleasant.  On the other hand if you see a new age filled with Joy, Harmony, and Oneness then we all will experience Heaven on Earth.  I cannot over emphasize the importance of staying positive and focusing on your inner desires.  Envision the future you wish to experience and start walking in that direction.  Do things you believe will take you there.  Do not get side tracked with the illusion that the world is in chaos, people are suffering, or massive earth changes will destroy all life on earth.  It is all an Illusion created by fear and false Gods.

The point I wish to make here is this, we are a small portion of the greater whole and are being swept along by forces far greater than we can even imagine.  All of life is a representation of Divine Consciousness and your experience of it.  Your thoughts, words and actions are what propel you through this ocean of energy.  The coming days, including today are significant as your awareness broadens and you understand more deeply the Cosmic forces guiding your path.  It is all Good!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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