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Makeup Questions

on November 17, 2011

Let’s do something fun for a change!  There are six questions below that I have answered and I am asking you to answer as well.  You can post the answers in comments section.  The question is in Hot Pink, the answer is in Neon Green.  Think not only of the answer, but why that is the answer…why do you use that product or why do you use make-up in the first place?  We can get to know each other, but most important you will get to know yourself.

1. What Brand of Make-up do you use and what types, like Foundation: Powders, Creams, Airbrush, Liquids, or stick on?

I use different Brands depending on the purpose, so for basic use I prefer Mary Kay and have both liquid foundation and mineral powder.   For a more dramatic effect I have Mac foundation with a complete brush set, blush, concealer and cream foundation. 

2. What brands, colors, & styles of eye shadows do you like? Example: Smoky, Natural, Animal, Punk, Classic, Trends 1930’s—1970’ and so on… YOU have Gothic, Drag Queens, Move stars, you get the point. (three part question)

I used to sell Mary Kay so I have lots of their product, so that is the brand.  The colors accent my reddish hair and light skin tone, so I use a lot of earth tones, browns, reds, & greens.  As a natural type girl I do not dress up very often, but when I do I like the Egyptian Goddess look, or Mayan/Amazon Princess. 

3. Do you wear False Eyelashes? If so, what brand and types.

I do not wear falsies usually, but have when I had make overs done by a professional.  So I am not sure what the brand or type was.  My latest mascara is “The Falsies” by Mabelline which I like very much, especially the curved and angled brush because it lifts and separates the lashes making them fuller.   

4. What brands, types, colors, of Blushes do you use?  For example creams, powders etc… you get the point.

I also do not normally wear blush, but when I do it is Mac cream in a natural medium shade skin color or I simply use lipstick so it matches the color scheme I am using.

5. Lipsticks: What is your color…. Brand, or flavor?

Lipstick is by far my favorite and I used to wear it even as a boy.  I no longer do boy mode, and continue to wear lipstick at all times.  At the very least I have Chapstick on.  My favorite brand of lipstick so far is Avon, My Lip Miracle Lipcolor.  I also have Mary Kay, L’Oreal, Revlon, Maybelline, and some off brands which I chose for the unusual colors.  The colors I prefer are Corals, Pinks, Purples and Lavender.  I used to have light blue but that is gone.  I would love to have the entire rainbow!  The lips are our sensual window to the soul – feeling!  Nothing more sensual than a juicy lesbian lipstick kiss!  However, guys kiss pretty good too 😉

6. When was the first time you ever put on Make-up?

Around the age of 9-10 with my Mom’s makeup I dressed up.  It felt good, but I was also very afraid of being caught, so I did not do this very often.  Now I wear make-up, at least mascara and lipstick, every day.  It is something I enjoy, because I like feeling pretty.   On a deeper level I think it connects me to the women I most love, my Mom, Grandmother, and Aunts.  I cannot imagine not wearing make-up! 


🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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