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Discipline, a tool for better living

on February 12, 2012

Discipline is key to success in just about anything you do in life.  Now there will be serendipitous successes, however in the larger picture a person must be disciplined to achieve anything of greatness.  Think back through your life and notice the big successes.  Did they take planning and fortitude to complete?

Building a career, a house, completing a gender transition, making a move to a different country, etc. all take discipline, because they are major undertakings.  Even small tasks such as cooking dinner or washing laundry benefit from forethought and planning.  We have all tried to do things without planning and ended up doing the task over and over before it was done correctly.  Research pays off!

Thought, word, action is the process in any transition. First you visualize the goal or the end product and then you write down a plan and/or discuss the plan with someone you respect and trust.  Once the vision has been created and the process is firm within your mind and those helping, action is the next step.  It is important to believe in yourself and actually take action or it will simply be a pipe dream.  Un-acted on dreams tend to morph into resentment and become destructive, so this brings us back to discipline.

Building discipline takes time and effort, but with determination and the power of intention there is nothing you cannot achieve.  Martial arts are a good way to practice discipline as is any sport.  Arts and crafts are also a way to build discipline.  Any activity that requires repeated practice to perfect is an exercise in discipline.  Little do you realize learning an instrument or foreign language is actually building a skill that serves in many ways.

When you are faced with a major transition the discipline you developed in our younger years will pay off in spades!  This is the point behind 12+ years of school, years of sports, or music lessons.  It all leads up to greater consciousness.  This is what education is all about anyway, growth of the soul, and spiritual consciousness.

Discipline is a tool used on the path, the better your discipline the stronger the growth.  So don’t get caught up in the details and the seemingly menial tasks along the way.  Discipline develops over time and when used consciously it empowers you to manifest all your dreams!

😀 Sequoia Elisabeth

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