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Testing Testing…

on August 28, 2012

Testing, testing… this is a test to see if anyone reads this blog.  Please click like or make a comment if you have been reading this “Transitions Blog”.  I am also quite interested to hear any new topics for discussion.  Do you have any questions concerning Spirituality, Transitions, or Gender?  I usually go with what is popular in the news, however today I feel the need to get more direct or personal if you will.  How are you feeling?  Have you read the free eBooks available on the website?

Transitions Blog has helped me sort through many of the issues surrounding Gender Transition and I pray it has helped you too.  Please stay in touch for the next Transitions Blog which will feature the results of this little test.  Have a Blessed Day!

🙂  Sequoia Elisabeth

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One response to “Testing Testing…

  1. richelle says:

    Enjoyed reading the posts and found them very helpful. also liked the free ebooks! Thanks for being there

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