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Tips For Shifting Into The Aquarian Age

on September 11, 2012

This blog is dedicated to assisting you on your transition by sharing some tips for shifting into the Aquarian Age.  Eric Rankin has dedicated a website to the Aquarian Age so I offer his guidelines for making the shift.  Before we get into these please keep in mind it is up to you to follow your inner guidance above all.  It cannot be overstressed that we are each individuals on a divine path, each taking unique journeys home.  Please see the previous blog as well as explore Eric’s website.  Knowledge is the future coupled with Understanding.   Now for those tips….

“First, keep in mind the vision of micro and macro – what you do on a personal level will eventually be mirrored in an ever-broadening scale. You are the only thing you have any control over anyway, so focus your attention on being the change you wish to see in others. Before long, you will recognize the way your exterior reality matches what’s going on inside you.

Quiet yourself. The optimum environment for healing to occur is an inner space of calm and quiet. Slow your breathing and, just for a minute or two, become aware of every breath going in and out of your body. If you’re hunching your shoulders up towards your neck, you’re not breathing deeply. Imagine a deflated balloon in your stomach, fill it with a slow, deep breath, and then let the breath flow out with a soft sigh. This act alone of conscious breathing (a valuable lesson from the dolphins!) will set the stage for healing in your body, mind, and spirit.

Remind yourself who you are. During healing sessions, I call this a “re-boot” and use the analogy of rebooting a computer with its original and uncorrupted software. I all but guarantee you the words you will use to describe yourself (or your most heartfelt desires) are the very words your busy, doubtful, mind needs to hear. Listen to yourself say you want to love and be loved, to give and be happy, to have purpose and be healthy. Listen to these amazing (and true) words pour out from your heart and make a promise to become more like this person.

Prompt yourself to “reboot” often. I cannot stress this enough, because it is so easy to fall out of your own good grace. And remember, it’s easy to trigger positive thoughts when everything is going well, but how often are things going well enough for you to consciously express gratitude and love? This alone should tell you that you can’t count on external events falling into place before you allow yourself to feel internal happiness. In fact, even though it seems counter-intuitive, let the UNDESIRABLE events in your life be the very things that trigger deep-breathing and a positive reboot. All of a sudden, you’ll be reminding yourself much more often of your higher principles and desires.

Stop watching the news. Don’t become uninformed, but do realize that fear-based titillation is not doing anything to enhance your sense of hope and expectancy for the good that life has to offer. At first, this might seem like you’ll be burying your head in the sand, but this is not the case, for by distancing yourself from the small negative truth (a plane crashed today/an innocent person was murdered) you’ll see the larger truth that tens of thousands of planes flew safely today and billions of people did not murder each other.

Let people do kind things for you. We all know how good it feels to give… so why would you deny someone this feeling? The flow of gifting is constantly changing direction, intensity and form, so be happy to just be in that flow no matter where you are at the moment. Some would call this gift-exchange being in a state of grace, and that’s a great place to be.

Fill yourself with what you love, and you will find there will be less room for what you dislike. We often focus much attention on what we don’t want in our lives, yet the law of attraction reminds us that whatever we think about most (either positive or negative) is what we are going to bring forth. Stay in a place of gratitude for the things and people you appreciate, and this sense will grow within you so there will be very little room to harbor feelings of lack.

Drop the pretense (which is another great lesson from our “transparent” dolphin friends). We may not have the ability to “see inside” each other the way dolphins do with ultrasonic echolocation, but we CAN choose to drop the façade we so often carry with us out into the world. And here’s the Zen lesson of how this will work for you: Rather than being exposed to ridicule and attack, you will often find the people around you have sensed it is safe to drop THEIR defenses, and a whole new type of relationship built on trust and honesty occurs.

Do good things. Every day offers the opportunity to do a kind act for a loved one, a stranger, an animal, your community or your planet, and I guarantee you the opportunity will come. The trick is to recognize these opportunities and act on them the instant they occur. Most will only be fleeting moments or chance encounters, so be prepared.

Remember that you are a minister. When you interact with people, you are in a sense “preaching” what you believe with your words, thoughts, and actions every day. If you do not want to be regarded as a minister of judgment, anger, false-pretense or worse, then quit acting like such a person!

Lastly, forgive, forgive, forgive. It has been said that when you can’t forgive someone, it’s like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. Ultimately, forgiveness is the gift you give yourself, and you should not wait another minute to find a way to forgive whoever has wronged you. Maybe you need to see, in a new way, why they did what they did. Was it out of self-doubt on their part? Was it because they didn’t do something the way you would have done it? Was it because of something you might have done to them first? When you look past the surface drama, a clear path of forgiveness will present itself… but it’s up to you to take the first step on that path.” (Rankin, Eric 2010)

In Blessed humility,

Sequoia Elisabeth 🙂

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