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on September 15, 2012

On the Journey of Love some like to call life there are two basic paths.  Either you walk the service to self path or the service to other-self path.  Ultimately there is only one self so it makes little difference in the end which path you take.

The service to self path is the selfish one and it is a long painful road of deceit, manipulation, control and power.  Love is of the self only and seems like the best road home often times.  It is easier and more enjoyable in certain ways.

The service to other-self path is the direct path to Love itself.  It does not pass home and does not collect $200 like the service to self path.  It involves lots of hard work, sacrifice, and dedication.  The temptation to serve the self is constantly present and can in this earthly life throw you off course at times.  Now is the time to decide which path you choose.  Your actions make this self-evident.

Never has this been more important than right now as we approach harvest time and I am not speaking of crops.  The time of ascension or harvest to 4th or 5th density is at hand.  Everyone on earth has the opportunity to make this decision this time around.  My understanding is we have been given the choice to move directly from 3rd density to 5th density because of the unique nature of the Galactic Alignment, a choice which has never been offered before.  It seems this is some sort of an experiment.

Are you ready?  It is up to your higher self or oversoul which path you take, however the conscious mind can also be aware of this choice and make the path/choice more powerful.  The purpose of this blog is just so.  Be conscious of your choice.  Look closely and see which path you have chosen and if you are not happy, choose again.

Understand also in the end everyone arrives home with God/Great Spirit/One with Infinite Intelligence.  It is not possible to fail.  Love is all there is!!

😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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