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The Zeitgeist Movement as a Transition

on December 3, 2012

Let us consider today the shift in consciousness the Solar System is now undergoing.  The earth is aligning with the galactic center and a doorway to transformation is opening.  The reality of One has never been more apparent than right now.  As we each awaken to reality a feeling of connection pervades consciousness.  The relationship each person, place, and thing have binding them together is coming into view.  One could say the veil is being lifted.

Stepping back and looking at the big picture the interlocking nature of each and every system is becoming obvious to even the un-awakened individual.  Humanity has been in the teenage years these past 50yrs and it is now coming of age.  We are growing up and thus needing to take responsibility for our actions while acting as an adult with compassion and caring.

The short video “The Zeitgeist Movement – The Transition” explains this transition quite nicely.  Look closely at the evidence they present and consider your own life within the larger community at a whole.  We are but Child Gods playing with toys far greater than our demonstrated maturity.  So far we have managed not to destroy ourselves and so the prospects are looking very good that we are about to step into a Type I status.  We are becoming adults!

The Dec. 21, 2012 date is the ending of our teenage years and the 22nd is the first day of our Adult life as the Human race on Earth – Terrains.  Of all the transitions we have each been experiencing individually this one encompasses all life on Earth!  Even Mother Earth (Gaia), the Sun and planets are shifting.

The energy has been intense and it has been difficult to stay positive as these changes are bringing to the surface many issues which must be dealt with before the shift.  For those who are facing these challenges the shift will be smooth, and for those who have been ignoring them or actively suppressing them the shift will be sudden and violent.

It is in your best interest to stop and take a look around.  What is calling for your attention?  Do you understand where you stand and why?  Are you holding on by tooth and nail?  It is time to let go.  Fear not, instead have Faith all is well.  This is not a blind Faith, but a knowing loving Faith.  The kind God has!  You are made in her image and likeness so now is the time to act like it!

What would Love do now?  How can you offer compassion and caring in each thing you do?  Are you considering how your actions affect those around you including the plants and animals?  Consider your actions carefully and proceed with knowledge which harmonizes with your heart and not just your head.  If it doesn’t feel right simply don’t do it.  Research the Zeitgeist Movement, the Occupy Movement, a resource based economy, and a Love based society.  We are all changing, so look ahead with excitement!

Sequoia Elisabeth 🙂

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