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Do you have Intrinsic Value?

on April 22, 2013

Intrinsic value, do you in and of yourself have value?  To whom?  Why?  This is our topic today because I am sure you have asked these questions before.  I know I have, and I am still working on a viable answer.  This question is also essential to a Natural Law/Resource Based Economy/Love Based Society.

A quick review of today’s society shows that value is based on what something or someone brings to the table.  How big the bank account is coupled with the amount of credit a person has denotes a person’s value in our present Capitalistic system.  There is much more to value than economics however.  Think about this carefully, because you may not be aware of the purpose certain people play in your life.  This exercise falls into the category of gratitude.  For instance the bus driver is there to get you where you are going but also to guide you or possibly share companionship.  Those who ride the same bus every day at the same time get to know the bus driver and the value of that relationship grows.  A person who is always smiling and laughing is of value to all whom they are around.  Someone who dresses nicely, feels good about themself, and radiates this energy everywhere they go is of value to society.  It matters not how much money they have in their pocket!

Have you thought of anyone with no intrinsic value yet?  How about the villain?  Make your choice carefully, because they are plentiful in our society.  I think you know without a villain there are no heroes.  Ok, so how about a homeless person?  Do they have any value?  What purpose do they serve?

The purpose we all serve is to our Higher Self/ Soul.  We are here for a purpose and the purpose itself has value to you if to no one else.  What makes a person homeless?  No home right!  It is of course a lot deeper than that.  The person is homeless because they have made choices that lead to their present situation.  It could be they lost a job, or are too unstable in mind to hold a job, or they simply do not wish to play the human game, which brings up another topic – jobs.

Does a person need a job to have worth/value?  Do they have to “contribute to society in monetary form” to have worth/value?  Do they have value just for being themselves?  What if you did nothing, would you still have value, or to state it another way, do you have intrinsic value?  Does a person in a vegetative state or coma have value?  The answer is blowing in the wind…life is a balance and needs both those in need and those to help.  It just depends on which role you decide to play. (This choice is usually made unconsciously or as some would say, it is made by a higher power)  Are you a hero or a villain; charity case or welfare worker?  It really matters not, because we all have intrinsic value or else we would not be here!  We are all a part of the story.

No matter what you do or don’t do, you have value to yourself at least, but probably to others you have no idea even exist.  Life is not hard although we often make it that way.  Be nice to yourself today and see the beauty in your existence!  “a Love Based Society” knows the value of each and every person while making sure they know it too!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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“Value is not intrinsic; it is not in things. It is within us; it is the way in which man reacts to the conditions of his environment.” — Ludwig von Mises, Austrian economist  Meaning value is not in things, but in people!  YOU!

One response to “Do you have Intrinsic Value?

  1. Nancy Markow says:

    Sequoia, Your blog post mirrors a basic in the Enneagram teaching. We each come with a gift. It has nothing to do with the “job” we might apply it to, it is an innate part of us, a purpose in the form of an aspect of our human being. We come into the human experience to share it and to also complete the “puzzle” per se, each piece creates the whole. I am sharing intro classes again in June. Please share the opportunity I offer, it is in alignment with what you share here! Thsnks

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