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Second Half Of The Human Game

on April 18, 2013

This Blog is a sharing from a book I am reading now called Butterflies are Free to Fly, A New and Radical Approach To Spiritual Evolution by Stephen Davis.  I will not preface this much but to say in the book he explains The Holographic Universe and how it applies to us.  He divides life into two parts and calls them the Human Game.  Most of the people you know (probably yourself included, but not necessarily) are in the first half of the game and basically, the second half the Human Game is the opposite of the first half.  The following are the tenets of the second half.  (You are the Player)

1. The Player knows what it has been calling “reality” is not real at all, but a hologram created by its Infinite I to play the Human Game. This Game is being played by consciousness, in consciousness, and for consciousness; and in fact “there is no ‘out there’ out there,” no independent objective reality.

2. The Player knows once it has moved into the second half, all holograms experienced by the Player will be totally in support of its metamorphosis into a butterfly, rather than toward more limitation and restriction (first half of the game).

3. The Player knows it can never and will never experience anything in any hologram its Infinite I has not created and wanted to experience, and that its Infinite I has written and approved the script being used by anyone else appearing in the Player’s hologram. No one in the Player’s hologram can ever do or say anything its Infinite I has not requested.

4. The Player knows its focus changes from thinking to feeling. In the second half there is nothing to analyze, dissect, or understand – never any reason to ask “why?”  Thinking and studying are now only the results of an inner curiosity to expand one’s knowledge instead of being required to figure out the world or make a Player “better” or more “enlightened.”

5. The Player switches from “giving its power away” to make a hologram real, to “taking its power back” from it. When holograms appear that cause any kind of discomfort, it is an indication that the Player assigned some power to that hologram to make it real while playing in the first half of the game, and this is the opportunity to recognize the hologram was in fact not real at all and reclaim that power from it.

6. The Player leaves behind any and all judgment of anyone or anything in any hologram at any time, such as “good” and “bad,” or “right” and “wrong.” As Rudyard Kipling said in his poem, If: “If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster, and treat those two imposters just the same….”

7. The Player knows there is never anything that needs to be fixed or changed or improved in the holograms it experiences.

8. The Player changes from being “proactive” to being “reactive.” There is nothing the Player ever again needs to “make happen.” Being “reactive” means that when a holographic illusion that appears “out there” seems to require a decision, a response, or an action, the Player takes it (as long as it does not include discomfort). Or, when the Player feels an internal motivation or impulse to act, it does. In other words, the Player follows its inner excitement as long as it is fun and brings total joy.

9. The Player lives from moment to moment, one day at a time. There are no goals, no planning, no targets, no objectives, and no agendas. There is no past and no future –just “now.”

10. The Player develops a deep love and sincere appreciation for its Infinite I, for itself as the Player, and for all the first half holographic creations, even though at the time of the experience they may have seemed less than joyful. The Player marvels in awe at the beautiful, perfect, and miraculous job the Player did in the first half to convince itself it was real, and that the holographic world it saw around it was real.

11. The Player has the “knowing” and the complete trust its Infinite I will take care of all its needs (including money), and there is no reason to worry about anything. The Infinite I would not create a hologram it wanted the Player to experience if it did not also give it everything it needs for that experience.

12. The Player wakes up each day looking forward with curious anticipation to the experiences its Infinite I will create for it that day; and the Player buckles up, relaxes, and enjoys the ride.

(Stephen Davis, 2010

* * *

The eBook Butterflies are Free to Fly is free to download at the above website.  I recommend reading it to fully understand the list above.  My new passion is Quantum Physics and this book has been a big part of this most recent adventure.  Just like one reaches the beach before entering the sea, this is the next step on the Journey of Love.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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