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Sequoia’s Philosophy for Living

on July 3, 2022

This is the basis I used to write my eBook, Livin’ Large. It was written way back in 2007, before my transition, the year I was ordained. The free eBook is available on this website.

What you focus on grows

Or in science language – an object in motion tends to stay in motion. The more you move in a certain direction the harder it is to change that direction or the more energy it takes to change. Remember thoughts are things!

Mind your own business

Your business is your life and affairs, stay positive about this and all will improve. When you help another, you help yourself, because we are all one. One Life, One Mind, One Love

Like attracts Like

Life is a mirror of your thoughts about who you believe you are. It is a reflection of your beliefs, so you will attract like you think. Positive feelings attract positive experiences.

Everything happens for a reason

The reason is you held this thought for whatever purpose. Often, we are not even aware of our thoughts. Awareness is the door to growth and enlightenment. Know that we are protected in ways we cannot even imagine and a foundational belief in Goodness is apparent wherever we look.

I am Ready

Yes is the attitude that brings your desires. Often when presented with an opportunity we reflex respond with no – thinking this will protect us, but from what? Be patient, know that you are ready for anything that my come your way. YOU CREATED IT.

What you say is True

Why would you say something that is not true? More importantly your beliefs make it true! In order to say something, the thought must come to you, if it came to you it was attracted by your beliefs and actions, which makes it TRUE to you. This is a personal experience, so mind your own business and observe the Truth all around you. Hold your dreams close and focus on that which you desire not that which you don’t. If a thought comes to you and you disagree, kick it out! And be mindful of your actions.

Everything you say is a prayer

Going along with the above, when you say it, you are expressing your thoughts and putting focus on it, moving it closer to reality or fixing it there. Express your truest desires not your fears. Share your dreams, so that they may be true.

Heaven is a state of mind

Our thoughts create our world, so why not think of your life as heaven. What would heaven be like? How would the experience feel? How would it appear? Once you realize that you have a choice to see heaven or hell, it is easy to make that choice.

Peace is always present, though not always apparent

We live in a world that seems discordant and fearful sometimes, however everything exists all the time, it is just where we focus our attention. Have you ever been watching a movie and had a blissful time only to emerge from the theatre to realize something awful happened right next door? You know what I mean. I hear stories of how awful something is all the time and then I go, and it is wonderful. How can this be? What do you believe? What are you focused on?

Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it simply changes form.

Energy makes up the universe and everything within it. What this means is nothing is ever lost, and everything is. The experience of a waterfall is just that, an experience. Each of us experiences it differently and it is there until it is not, when it changes form to be whatever it becomes. The butterfly is often used for this analogy. This is also what is meant when it is said that we never do die. We simply change form. The body is energy and the deeper or smaller we go we realize that everything is energy! We give this energy a name – Love, God, Ether…. I am that I am.

Love is the Answer

See love everywhere you go, in everything you do, and in everything you say. If perhaps this doesn’t happen every time, forgive yourself and others and move on. What you focus on will grow!

Sequoia Elisabeth

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