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No News is Good News

on September 30, 2022

No News is Good News…. So, what exactly does this mean? On the surface it would mean not listening to the news means you can only focus on your personal world and keep things positive. However, this is not quite how things work. It is true you are the center of your world, and all things radiate from this biased center. Your own personal beliefs feed your experience of the world. Take the recent Pandemic for instance. How did that go for you? For me it was no biggie other than being stuck at home more than usual. I have 25yrs in the health care industry, so wearing a mask is ordinary. Of course, I am retired now, so staying home is also kind of normal for me. My family all got vaccinated and eventually we all got Covid. We were sick for a few days and felt bad for a few weeks and slowly life returned to normal. Way back in the day I had an AIDS exposure (needle stick), though I never got it. What is my armor? Positive thinking and loving action, simply put. Thoughts are things, so it is important to weed your garden so to speak. Getting back to the news, I remember reading Lao Tzu’s advice about this and have followed it to the best of my ability. Be the observer on the mountain, looking down on the valley where the armies battle. They will do what they do and all you need do is observe, think loving thoughts, and go about your business. Starving children in Africa? I bless them on their journey! Floods in Kentucky… I bless them their journey. Even when it hits home, like when my mom had a car crash and went to the hospital with severe lacerations. I bless her and her journey! All I can do is be supportive and helpful as appropriate. It is her journey after all. I play my role and do my best not to feed the fire. All is well.

The other side of “No News is Good News” comes down to trusting in life and not worrying when a loved one is traveling or working in a dangerous job, etc. Not hearing from the ER or Coroner is a good thing! My roommate had this unfortunate experience the exact same weekend, my mom passed. This is before I met her by the way. The coroner showed up at her door with news of her partner being killed in an accident. I worked in the ER for over 5 years, and I can definitely tell you, no news is good news! All this being said, here is the way I look at news. With Love, Agape Love, by my side I can handle anything. I am not looking for sad news, however I am prepared for it. I am the lighthouse! I am a beacon of Love! In all my time in health care I had the opportunity to practice compassion daily. This is what I loved about it most really. This helped me learn to be supportive without taking things personally. As Jesus tells us, be in the world, not of it. If you take things personally, your road will be most difficult. If you do that while in the service industry you will implode.

I remember taking a class on spiritual prayer and they covered watching the news. They taught us that the news is neutral until you react to it. It has no power without your energy. Take a deep breath here and let this soak in. Like the tree falling in the forest, the news makes no sound until someone hears it and makes it real. There is no forest (or news) until your mind makes it real. The more minds feeding the news the stronger it gets. No News is Good News! Quantum physicists tell us there is no “out there” out there. Or as my Dad would say, “its all in your head”. What I like to ask is “How does this serve me”? Everything that happens in your life serves you in some way. It is either a distraction or a lesson to learn from. Or as ACIM teaches, it is a forgiveness lesson. Forgive, forget, and move on!

Sequoia Elisabeth

Oneness Ministry

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