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Coping with Life

on August 26, 2022

Life has its challenges, and these can be debilitating, or they can be invigorating. Choice is the way of life here. Choosing not to choose is still a choice. Often, we put ourselves in a position where we think there is no way out. Like being in a paper bag and we don’t realize with a little water the bag will dissolve. Are you seeing sunrises or sunsets? Both are a given here, and both can serve at various times in our lives. Life grows in spurts. It’s the plateaus we must learn to enjoy by going with the flow. The spurts can be painful, or they can be exciting, the choice is yours. Coping with either a spurt or a plateau really is the same. Row, row, your boat gently down the stream. When you reach the rapids relax into it. Hold on, yet not too tightly. Drunks who are in car accidents usually are not injured severely because they flex in the stress. Resistance is futile as the saying goes. A stiff tree breaks, while a limber tree bends and survives. Palm trees survive hurricanes because they bend and allow the storm to pass over them. My favorite motto from the Disney movie “Meet the Robinson’s” is “Keep Moving Forward”.

Shifting gears, yet still focusing on coping with life, consider taking more down time. Sitting quietly comes with choice. By setting your intention, the mind will silence with practice. Understanding the contributing sources of anxiety and discomfort will allow you to make informed conscious choices. In today’s society this comes from electronics mostly. Disconnecting daily for only a short time helps. Go for a walk without any electronics. Turn off the TV and Computer, lay aside your phone, read a book. Find a hands on project to work on. For me being creative calms my mind. We are, after all, made in our Creators image. So create!

While you are creating, know the difference between making and creating. People make things, God creates. Holy Spirit (The voice for God) works through us and thus the creation. Ego or Monkey mind can work through us also and this usually just makes a mess… literally. (LOL) The difference is both profound and subtle. Knowing this difference changes everything. The choice is a conscious one and we each have this privilege. With great power comes great responsibility. And this can be a gift or a burden. When used for others we grow together. When used for the self only, we all suffer. I invite you to notice the difference. Do your actions bring both you and others joy? Do your actions benefit more than yourself? The question of “how does this serve you” can be a powerful tool to guide your path. Our actions should serve both the self and other self (others).

Sequoia Elisabeth

Oneness Ministry

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