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Change is how the ego mind distracts us from what really matters, Holy Spirit or simply Spirit. This is why they say, “be still and know God” or “Silence is the door to Heaven”. Meditation works to quiet the mind when one sticks to it and makes it a daily practice. It need not be a long time either. It does require mindfulness and intention. Faith enters the picture when it comes to maintaining this practice.

Our purpose here is not to ‘fuel the fire’ so to speak by focusing on change; either by encouraging it or by denying it. Where you place your energy and your thoughts guides your future. Much of life is destiny, though we do have choice in our path. The key is to learn to listen to His guidance and not confuse the ego mind with it. Change is neither good nor bad, lest thinking make it so. Keep moving forward! Don’t apologize for taking an action which feels right to you, yet yields and unexpected result. We are our own worst enemies. Be Kind, both to yourself and to others.

Ego mind leads us to do things which harms others or our self. Spirit, being love itself, knows nothing of pain, harm, or suffering. What is difficult for most of us is to remain focused on service to others even while feeling ego thoughts. Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Why is this true? Because it comes down to choice. A pebble in your shoe is painful, not removing it is suffering.

Recently I had a dream where these words came to me. “No Joy: Another goose wins the day.” No Joy meaning: In military aviation, a term indicating that no visual confirmation of another aircraft (especially an enemy) has yet been made; no information available at this time. Wild Goose Chase: A prolonged or chaotic search for something that is difficult to find (often because it does not exist). And a worthless hunt or chase; a futile pursuit. So, to me this means Life is a wild goose chase which brings us No Joy. Through my spiritual practice, I know Joy exists always, just as Love does. We don’t find it because we are looking for it in the wrong place, out there! The world around us does not hold any real answers. The answers lay within.

My eBook Livin’ Large, has a chapter on what Love is, actually the chapter is a poem. Please give it a look/see. It is available free online, Having been through two divorces, I can honestly say, Love exists everywhere, all the time. By learning what love is not, one can see it at will. In both these relationships, I felt deep love, though it only surfaced occasionally. I still love them, because God loves them, and we are One. Just because you love someone, doesn’t mean you have to live with them! Do you live with your parents? Siblings? At some point we all must go out in the world and learn what love is not and thus what it is. Blessings on your Journey of Love!

Sequoia Elisabeth

Oneness Ministry

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Second Life Possibilities

This post comes from my eBook Sex and Sexuality.  I edited it out of the 2020 version because most of my friends now simply do not indulge in virtual reality.  I have updated and expanded on it and post it here for posterity.

Second Life Possibilities

If you could have a chance to start your life over, would you? What if you could live all your dreams to the fullest without limitation? There is a virtual chat reality that can allow you to experience much of what you are too afraid to experience in “real” life. It is called When I found SL in 2008 I thought to myself, “I can’t handle one life, what would I do with two?” Curiosity got the better of me though, so I checked it out and I was hooked immediately. There are many reasons why I was so taken by SL though the thing which really got me is friends. On SL I had more friends than I did in first life (1L), which is either a sad note or a hopeful one depending on how you look at it. SL led to having more friends in 1L. Why? Because I learned not to fear my inner self, my transgender self. I surrounded myself with people who would accept me through non judgment. The internet has truly opened the door for so many possibilities and Linden Labs, the creator of SL, has taken those possibilities and run with them. For which I am very grateful.

Those possibilities include using SL for discovering your sexual side and expressing your identity by trying on different roles, avatars, and relationships. It also is good for finding your Spiritual self since in the spiritual realms we have no body. The way each person sees SL is different and I am sure it serves many purposes for many people, but I will share my point of view and you can make of it what you will.

Second Life is a 3D virtual world that the residents create.  Sort of like first life (1L).  Neither 1L nor SL is to be confused with “real” life.  Some call SL a game and we have all heard of the game of Life (not the board game).  As A Course in Miracles (ACIM) teaches us, ‘our life, what we see with our body’s eyes, is all illusion’.  Both 1L and SL are of our creation with a little help from Holy Spirit. 

Look deep enough and you will find the real value in this virtual world of SecondLife. Why I initially got into SL is the power of imagination to create reality.  As I mentioned earlier we are constantly creating our reality (in our dreams, both consciously and unconsciously). In SL we can let go of many of first life’s limitations.  SL allows you to see reality as you choose it, sort of like practice.  You create the avatar of your choice, which includes choosing your clothing, skin color, race, size, shape, hair, gender, everything. It is possible to be objects, animals, or invisible. Ever wonder what it is like to be a dog? How about the Kool-Aid man? It is great fun and you can experience things beyond the 1L world. Create your life just the way you desire and share this with others; get to know yourself.

Basil holding Sequoia

The fun part for me is visiting other people’s creations to see their vision and dreams.  Many people get caught up in the financial aspects of life and SL is no different. The great thing about SL is there are many “freebies” therefore you can live without money! Of course having money makes things easier as it does in 1L. SL allows you to be rich very easily, since the exchange rate is something like 270 Lindens to $1. Money is there for the making. The money is digital which is the same for SL as in 1L. Money is energy! Though for me life’s not about money but about relationships!

Brainstorm and Sequoia dancing

Some of the things that work best in SL are music, both live and recorded, dancing (any style you can imagine), relationships (both voice chat and typed), sexual encounters (as real as your imagination), education, lectures, meetings, and even movies. A comment on SL sex, you are meeting actual people and interacting with them in ways you probably would not do in first life, so just be careful and courteous. Most behavior in SL is mature, but like 1L, sometimes it gets out of hand. I remember being attacked by penises one time when I was in a sand box (used for programming and building). And another time a guy tried to rape me (more like a dog trying to hump your leg). It was scary and then I remembered we have teleportation, so I just got outta there. It happened on the landing deck while my friend and I were sky diving. Unlike 1L nothing can harm you there, just remember, it is like practice. And by practice I mean learning to forgive, our greatest skill in 1L. Use SL as a way of extending the possibilities in your life and experiencing things you have been curious about but could not do in 1L. For me I have experienced things I never thought possible. Life really is about getting to know yourself better and this is done through relationships as I have pointed out throughout this text.

In SL you can have relationships you never thought possible and experience feelings you did not know you even had! Another word of caution here, it may appear that your 1L and SL are separate but I can assure you that they are not. Everything is connected in some way which can be both good and bad. If you do something in SL to hurt another person emotionally then the ramifications are both in 1L and SL. It works the other way too, if you meet someone special and you get to know this person well, romance in SL will affect your 1L. Several of my single friends have found life partners on SL and are now very happily living together in 1L. The other side of the coin is marriages have been broken up when new relationships started in SL that extended into 1L. In SL we call it a partnership and in 1L we call it marriage, but it is the same thing really. You can be partnered in SL to one person and married to someone else in 1L, or it can be the same person or no one. I have several friends who can attest to this, and in fact I have personal experience. Let me share my experience here now, 12 yrs later. I got so into SL that I brought my 1L wife into SL. My avatar is female, pictured above with my boyfriend Basil. Our relationships were open and we had many of the same friends. I loved hanging out with this guy from Europe and unknown to me, so did my wife. The picture below to the left is her and him together. In 1L I traveled a lot and our 1L relationship was failing, so I cannot blame her for falling for this guy, because I really liked him too. Two years later I discovered she was serious about him and we ended up getting divorced and they married. By this time I had transitioned in 1L and attended their wedding as a bridesmaid! Fortunately, I am conscious enough to see that I created the situation that transpired and I have no regrets. In case you don’t know yet, I am transgender and began the SL experience as a man, transitioned in 1L and now live as a woman. My avatar in SL has almost always been female (hey it is fun to experiment with different avatars) and the experiences I had there greatly enhanced my transition. The intentions you go in with will determine your experience, so try to keep an open mind and have fun!

Brainstorm and Nita

For those who are interested in exploring sex in a safe environment, SL is perfect. Use SL like training wheels and while having fun, remember love is the way (I mean agape love, because all relationships are with God and sex is a way of expressing our love for God). I say safe because sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) are not possible and neither is pregnancy, unless you choose that.

It is possible to have babies in SL which is a path you choose and create as you go. I had a friend who had a dragon avatar who had a baby dragon with her 1L partner who also had a dragon avatar, because she was unable to have children in 1L. If you choose to take this path then please take it seriously, even though this is virtual world the energy is very real. (a side note, having babies is always a choice whether in SL or 1L, though in 1L it is often a choice made unconsciously, meaning this lifetime has a path laid out and we either embrace it or we resist and suffer)

The bonds you build in SL are strong and if you are not careful it is easy to have your feelings hurt. Be honest with everyone you meet, however if you elect not to share your life with others then do not be upset if they do not take you seriously. I will also ask that you stay as aware as possible to the feelings of others as well as your own. The experience in SL is rich and vibrant, however just like in 1L you get back what you put into it!

Blessed Island, My home in SL 2009

Aquahouse, my current home.

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Relationships in a LBE

Relationships in the LBE revert back to their only true purpose of sharing God’s Love.  In more recent times it seems the ego has hijacked relationships to create separation and further its cause in this world, to keep you stuck here.  For this discussion of a Love based economy, we are looking at society within the LBE, so it could be said that it is also a Love based society. 

The fundamental premise of a LBE is Love of God, not man.  When unconditional, omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent Love is embraced your Divine purpose is fulfilled.  In a LBE each citizen understands, accepts and acts from this Divine Love. 

Relationships are an expression of who you are, so that no matter who you meet they are a reflection of you, the Divine.  This is fully understood in a LBE and embraced.  Relationships are experienced awake and aware of all the dynamics of being human.  There are no victims, only volunteers.

Courage will still be necessary to nurture any relationship be it Love, friendship, or acquaintance.  Adversarial relationships are no longer necessary in LBE because each person sees the Divine in each person they meet.  Growth is occurring now as a conscious choice and not because another person pushes you. 

We have realized that lack and suffering are not necessary and are a thing of the past in a LBE.  Growth happens on all levels as a function of the expanding Universe.  Regardless of what we do, growth in consciousness carries us along like a bubble in an expanding sphere.  

Each person you meet in a LBE is family so the birth family is less important, although they still serve a function in the early years of life.  The birth mother and father may or may not be the ones raising the child, since we all embrace each other as family.  It will depend on the living situation, need and often there will be many who raise the child. 

The elderly have taken the role of being child care providers so that the children can learn from those who are the wisest.  It is no longer the young woman’s duty to raise the children.  They are strong and their skills are put to other uses which harmonize with the woman.  It may include child care or it may not.  The key is that everyone in the child’s life is supportive and helpful.  No longer can a child be lost or forgotten.

Dating is something done from the desire to share of one’s self, for the sharing of Joy.  Marriage is no longer the norm, because unions take place at a spiritual level and are not controlled by the church or government.  A person Loves a certain person or number of people for as long as they desire.  The innate desire to start a family and having children has become intimately tied into nature and the desires of Mother Earth.  Populations are controlled by need and availability of resources in an intuitive way, much like animals control their populations. 

Polyamorous, Pansexual relationships are the norm in a Love Based Society.  In fact it is anything goes because each person is Loving and supportive of others, the concept of ownership is long past and each person is only interested in expressing God’s Love.  Diversity is not only embraced it is celebrated! 

Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity     Discover Sex and Sexuality click here

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Sex Acts and Partners

 The following is a section of chapter five in Sex and Sexuality.  Life begins in relationship with Mother and quickly you are thrust into a world of relationships.  Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and every other person in your life, including the doctor who brought you into the world have a relationship with you.  Even the people you pass on the street are a potential interaction and thus a relationship.  You don’t even have to know them for an interaction to occur.  So in reality you have some sort of relationship with everyone and everything on earth and beyond, although often a distant relationship.   Once the probabilities are considered you quickly realize that relationships are what life is all about. 

Take this investigation of relationships to the pinnacle, and it becomes clear that all relationships are with God.  How so?  Simply in the fact that God is All There Is!  Even you are God expressing, so you are always and all ways in a relationship with God.  How you experience this relationship is up to you by the actions you choose to take and the events you choose to participate in.  When you stop and think about this it could be the most profound understanding in your life.  I Am God, you are God, and we are all expressing God! 

The food you eat, the clothes you wear, and the homes you live in are all a part of this Divine Relationship.  The beauty of the whole system is humbling.  Just take a minute, sit back and appreciate every little thing in your life.  Each part of the whole feeds another part and thus the whole is sustained this is why it is called the cycle of life.

As human beings we have relationships with each other that take many forms and serve many functions.  Close personal relationships are often the most profound because they are so intimate.  Who we love and who we allow to love us is an integral aspect of the human life experience.  When we enter puberty our bodies begin to mature and hormones start surging through us. Relationships thus begin to take on a whole new aspect!  No longer are we mainly concerned with family and friends.  Romance becomes the most important relationship in life. 

How you interact with others is an expression of who you feel yourself to be.  Since every relationship is with God, this divine relationship can take on many different faces.  It is up to you to decide how you choose to express yourself, who you partner with, and who you have sex with. 

My intention here is to help you more fully appreciate your life and live it to the fullest.  For now just know that when you make love to your partner, God is connecting to God! 

Our bodies are a learning tool and we use them to communicate with others.  We see, touch, hear, taste and smell with our bodies all of which are forms of communication.  A hand shake, a hug and kiss on the cheek are messages of love with increasing levels of intimacy.  Touching is one of the most pervasive forms of communication we have in our society.  Who are you Loving today?

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity  To purchase the eBook click here

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The Perfect Relationship

Does it really exist?  Don’t be too quick to judge.  Of course it does, and I am going to show you, but first a few points and foundational comments to start with.  We have a relationship with everything in our life.  So this means that you have a relationship with your family, your pets, your Lover, and every object in your life.  What I am focused on here is the Love relationship with a partner.  Many of the principles will go with any relationship. 

The first thing to remember is that all relationships are about one thing, God expressing through you in self-awareness.  As you are aware of God, God experiences God.  Now, who or what is God.  Simply put God is all there is.  So how does an omnipotent, omnipresent, being know itself?   By creating you!  Of course the other thing to remember is that God knows all there is to know and so do you.  God wants nothing, because God is everything.  The word I think best describes God is LOVE. 

With this in mind, as I express Love, I am expressing GOD.  I am being the best “God” I can be.  The goal in any relationship is to express Love.  This expression leads to Peace and the experience of Peace will take us beyond all that is not God to a realization that we have been home with God all along.  Yes, there is “not God” in this dualistic world, and you probably know this better than you realize.  The easy way to tell the difference is “not God” separates, while God unifies. 

So as we go thru our life we will be doing things and we will have feelings while doing them.  As long as the feeling is positive you are on the right track, if you feel a sick feeling or negative one then something is not right and you need to change direction.  This takes practice and experimentation, but over the years you will learn to do this either, consciously or not.  The desire is to make this expression conscious and by observing your feelings, which are a combination of thoughts and emotions, you are being guided by Holy Spirit.  A heightened consciousness and a greater awareness of all that is will result. 

The next obvious question is how does one express Love.  And this is really what relationships are for, the practice of expressing Love so that we may experience ourselves in our highest glory and that we may know God as God.  Your partner is a witness to your life, your best friend, and your supporter.  In so doing they are experiencing God.  Conversely you are the same for them.  Thus the cycle of Love and relation moves, grows and cycles back where it started with God

The partner relationship has one main purpose, to Love and Be Loved.  How this looks is open for interpretation with infinite possibilities!  It is best experienced without judgment or expectations as to what it should be like.  Simply accept it all as an expression of Great Spirit or God. 

Similar interests helps to move things along,  so as we express ourselves your partner can understand more fully what you are doing and can help guide you by participating in the experience.  Of course we all have thoughts that are different than our partner and this is the real gift.  As we celebrate our differences, not trying to accentuate them, but by honoring them, our partner helps us grow.  The longer two people are together the closer aligned they become. 

Love your partner as they are, because it is up to them to change, if they even want to, so if you are not happy with something about them then step back and see if it is not something about you that is the real problem.  Remember the world is a reflection of who you are and I mean your personal world, not the world at large (that is a culmination of all that is).  As you celebrate your partner so you celebrate yourself, because we are all one. 

Criticize not, or you will be condemning yourself.  The more you become one with your partner the stronger the relationship becomes, but this need not be done by constantly standing by their side and melting into a shadow.  In fact, the more you express yourself and be the person you were meant to be the better.  Freedom to do this is important for a healthy relationship.  Balance is advised here.  Let me just say that we each have to learn on our own how this works, so doing what worked for someone else is no guarantee that it will work for you.  Your assets enhance your partner; your strength is theirs.  Forget about any short comings, they are soon to be history anyway.  In the process of growth be forgiving of any mistakes you or your partner makes.  A short memory when it comes to these things is a blessing.  Each day is a new day, a new opportunity for you to be the best “you” possible.  

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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Polyamorous Relationships

There is nothing more important than having Loving relationships in your life.  Just exactly how you express your love is up to you and is highly personal.  This blog is one possible way to express Love along with a few things to keep in mind when developing your Love life. 

Love is our nature or more specifically Love is who we are.  If you were to strip off every layer of your life; the appearances, the behaviors, and the thoughts, the only thing that would be left is Love or Agape.  Not only is Love the way, it is the essence of your being.  This Love is interchangeable with Joy, Peace and God.  This is in stark contrast to ego love which is possessive, limited, weak and jealous.

If you have any experience with ego love in a relationship then simply understand the difference between ego love and Spiritual Love (love and Love).  Love is based on surrender, trust and gratitude, while love is based on fear, manipulation, and ego centric behavior.  To be in a polyamorous relationship it requires that you be coming from Love. 

Polyamorous simply means multiple Loving intimate relationships with the consent of each and every person involved.  These relationships are more than a one night stand, although they could include those also.  Love is not meant to be limited and when allowed to flow freely keeping it focused in one monogamous direction is like trying to hold a handful of water; the harder you try the less water is left. 

Love as a paradigm and lifestyle emerging now in our society as the new relationship, so I will share my vision of where this is going.  I see the end of marriage as an institution.  Instead there will be soul bonds or spiritual unions which may be two people or more and their gender, race, national origin, etc. will not matter.  The government will not have any say in these bonds and offer no coercion in their formation. (licenses, financial benefits, etc.)  The Church no longer offers judgment as to whether relationships are right or wrong.   They simply support and Love their members.  They will still conduct ceremonies if the Polyamorous partners choose this, although I do not see this as being necessary any longer.   

The Polyamorous paradigm is a world based on Love instead of fear.  It is a world based on oneness, trust and free will.  No one can harm you in this world, and no one would want to.  Relationships are based on sharing loving experience and have no limits.  The relationships are all about gaining a deeper understanding of who you are and experiencing that through your partner. (Which is true today, but comes coupled with all sorts of fears)  If a polyamorous relationship is dissolved it is done in a loving and accepting manner because the relationship is based on goodness and sharing, not attachment.

Relationships are open and consenting because we each come from a place of Love and a desire to express Love.  Children are embraced and raised by the community, not only the parents.  The community is totally symbiotic and each person knows that in Loving and supporting others they are in effect doing so to themselves.  This is what Jesus meant by “Do onto others as you would have done onto you”.  

The Polyamorous paradigm is emerging now because it is time.  The world is ready for this kind of Love.  We have seen ego love enough now to know that it is not who we are.  Now that we know we are Love, let’s express this in all that we do!

😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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I Love You! So now what?

The fact that love is the way is sort of obvious, but what is not so obvious is a question I have pursued since way back in 7th grade.  I asked my father “what is Love!”  His answer was, “you will know it when you see it”, and I stared back at him and said “huh”? 

Love is such a dynamic subject that thousands of books have been written about it and we still want more!  So what is it about Love that we desire?  As I have shared in my previous blogs relationships are what life is all about whether they be relationships that are intimate, casual, family or friends every relationship you have is a relationship with God.  Don’t run!  God loves you and if this bugs you then maybe you should take a step back and examine why. 

It could be the word “God”, there is so much stigma attached that it has almost lost its meaning.  Feel free to use whatever word feels best for you since they are equal, Universal Mind, Buddha, Allah, Jesus, Goddess or Great Spirit.  The point here is that you are Loved and to accept that Love is not as easy as it would seem.  In order to fully accept Great Spirit’s Love we must accept the Love we are offered in every relationship we have.  Every time you reject someone, be they friend or foe, you are rejecting Love.  Yes, this means that your ex that you hate so much is God and so is that sexy person at the coffee shop that you admire so much.  Every person we meet has a gift for us and that is an opportunity to Love.  Simple isn’t it?  Love and be Loved! 

I suppose we need to look at what love is and isn’t.  This is where it gets tricky and I suggest trusting only your heart.  We have all been hurt at some time or another, that is a given, however what we do with that hurt is the key to our Spiritual growth.  The phrase “forgive and forget” rings loud in my mind right now. 

This is something that comes easily for me because I have practiced it so many times.  How did I have the opportunity to practice so often you ask?  Being so tall (6’11”), it matters little if I am a woman or a man, I got stares and was treated like a freak more times than I care to remember.  In the early years I did get angry and rebel with smart remarks and such, but I quickly noticed that it just made me feel worse, so I stopped.  Instead I decided to “do onto others as I would have done onto me”, I complimented them.  The advice your Mom gave you about, “if you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say anything at all” is great advice. 

Con’t next time…  😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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