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To Thy Own Self Be True

on January 31, 2012

How does one go about this?  I mean, how does one be true to thy own self?  It really depends on how you view “self”.  The interpretation will be slightly different for each person, so this means trillions of ways!

I will share my viewpoint and you can integrate it into yours.  In the process we both will grow… how is that for divine beauty?   If you have been reading my blog over the years you know that I have a Unity Consciousness point of view, meaning we are all One.  God is all there is!  Once I started looking it showed up everywhere and all doubt was chased away.  The more I questioned the deeper my belief.  I see Oneness everywhere I look these days and the most significant portion of this is I know this means all is Divine!

Yes, this means that thy own self is Divine!  We are all God…Godding 😉  Simply put, we are each doing as we are guided to do as an expression of God (Universal Consciousness, Great Spirit, Allah, or whatever you like to call it).  Some follow the ego mind and this gets them in all sorts of predicaments, while the others are listening to the Divine guidance of Holy Spirit.  It is not hard once you know the difference to choose the Divine.  The still quiet voice, the loving, caring, compassionate guidance is of Divine Spirit.  If you choose to say hurtful words, take harmful action, or even entertain ill thoughts this is ego in action.

The choice is often unconscious, so I invite you to bring the Divine into consciousness!  The mind is under your control and by “your” I mean the Spirits control unless it is not, which means you have not claimed this control.  The ego will take control of your mind and use fear and pain to control you if you allow it, but it has no power unless you fail to claim your God given rights.  In order to make your claim simply state to the Universe and with God as your witness:

I release the past, and see myself in new light, the light of God as an equal to God.  If this is beyond my abilities at this time then I remain open to this possibility and ask that I be given the opportunity for this realization.  I hereby withdraw all power which I have given to other people or to situations which control my experiences.  I am in control of my experiences and I choose Love, Joy, and Peace!  In my sexual relationship with you dearly Beloved (all relationships I have ever experienced) I hereby release and forgive you for the blame which I placed falsely upon you.  I understand this was a mistake and not a sin, so I am simply correcting an error on my part.  The more I practice this and make this a part of my life the deeper will I experience this Truth.  Holy Spirit I ask for your help in making this so, so that I may know myself in my True form.  Help me in forgiving the past and in knowing the essence of my being.  I Love You!

Now that you have released ego mind, being “true to thy own self” is a no brainer!

😀 Sequoia Elisabeth

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