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New Beginnings

on December 26, 2009

Today is a new day so start fresh.  Leave any thoughts that no longer serve you and move on to new pastures.  Animals realize this and we can learn from them.  If an area is over grazed and the food (thought) is not fresh and nourishing then they move to another area until they find what is nourishing and uplifting.

We are constantly given the choice to think and act from habit or transition to a new more satisfying pattern.  I was thinking about this the other day.  Our lives are like a movie with each moment a frame on the movie film.  As we go from moment to moment in our life the movie comes to life!  The movie can be spliced and edited too.  Take for instance a memory.  Each time you have a memory what happens is your movie is re-edited, the past is brought into the present and becomes “real” again.  No, not reel, real!  Oh, I know that nothing is “real” unless we make it so.  If we only knew how powerful we actually are. 

Would you still make the choices you make if you knew how powerful you are?  Is there something in your life that you would like to change?  OK, so choose again and again and again, until it is just the way you want.  What?  Oh you have been doing that already, lol.  Well then, now you know the nature of life.  Events happen based on all energies and actions, and sometimes it is difficult to predict things.  What I do when life is not going my way is stop making choices myself and instead ask Holy Spirit to help me.  Holy Spirit can see what I cannot and does not have the limitations I have created for myself so things improve rapidly this way.  Please don’t get tripped up on the word Holy Spirit, use a word that suits you, like maybe God, Yaweh, Allah, Buddha, Baha’u’llah, Great Spirit, or Universal Mind.  I will continue to use Holy Spirit since I follow The Course in Miracles

In a way when Holy Spirit is guiding our path we are simply actors in a movie, the movie of our life.  Getting back to editing the movie, let’s take a look and what happens when we splice the future into the present.  Oh yes this works too and in fact is a powerful tool that requires the use of our imagination.  Can you imagine the perfect life?  Have you ever seen a movie and wish it was you up there on the screen?  Then make it so, by dreaming a little dream, holding the desire close to your heart and putting it all in the hands of the Master Editor, Holy Spirit.   Blessed Be  🙂  Sequoia Elisabeth

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