Oneness Ministry

We are One

Unity in Diversity and the One Mind

on December 23, 2009

“There is but one mind, the mind of God and that mind is my mind now!” Ernest Holmes.  The concept of Oneness is a growing movement in the world today and my ministry is all about expanding that awareness.  There is no greater feeling than the feeling of knowing we are all connected as one living organism.  Planet earth is one cell in the Universal Body of God! 

We are made up of planets, solar systems and galaxies!  Whether you are looking through a microscope or telescope all system are a reflection of the whole.  We are holograms; which means that we each contain the whole within, and no matter how much we are divided we still contain the whole.  This is a principle that makes up the entire Universe!  No matter how big or small we expand our view we are looking at the One – system within system, body within body, cell within cell.  As Dr. Bruce Lipton says, our bodies are living systems of organisms made up of billions of cells, which are each living organisms.  So each Human is a community onto themselves!  A healthy human body is a community in harmony that works together for the greater whole.  So maybe now you can see the larger hologram of Gaia which is made up of communities within communities within communities and in order for the communities to be in harmony, each of the communities which make up the larger community must be in harmony. 

So when we say that Peace starts at home or Love comes from within, maybe now you will have a deeper awareness of this Truth.  For those of you who know what homeostasis in the human body is you will know that this state is reached naturally when the body is left alone.  So using this model, there is nothing we need do but live and let live or as I like to say, Let go and Let God!          🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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